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How to Disconnect Apple Watch? Apple Watch Users Must Understand the Un-Pairing Techniques


The apple watches are the most trending piece of tech, comprising many advanced features available on a single tab. Apple is not coming slow to adjust many lucrative features in hand band devices, including Apple watches. This blog will focus on how to disconnect Apple watch after this features table.

Apple new features  Description
Temperature Sensing An innovative new sensor provides insights into your overall wellness and enables advanced Cycle Tracking features
Crash Detection Detects if you’ve been in a severe car crash, automatically connects you to emergency services, and notifies your emergency contacts
Enhanced Workout AppElevate your training with new advanced metrics, custom workouts, and multisport functionality 
Advanced Health FeaturesTake an (ECG) anytime, anywhere. Measure your blood oxygen level with a sensor and app

No matter If you are buying a new apple watch or already using the apple smart watch, you have to go through the process of pairing and disconnect the Apple watch with the Phone to access and operate many functions of the Apple watch by installing applications on your smartphone

Now let’s explore how we can connect and disconnect the Apple watch

Sometimes when we already connected an Apple watch with the Phone, when you upgrade the Phone or Apple watch, then you need to disconnect with the old Phone to pair it with the new one. The process of disconnecting the Apple watch could be a sweet sorrow if you don’t know the process.

Here Techywired writer provides a tested and most authentic guideline to disconnect the Apple watch. As you can’t avoid or not all the time, it is easy to ask someone else to do the job of disconnect the Apple watch from your Phone.

Here are simple steps to follow and disconnect the Apple watch from your Phone

Step one: Open your Phone and tap on the Apple watch app 

Step two: Press the option all watches at the top of “my screen.”

Step three: Press the “info button” on the right side of your connected watch

Step four: Tab the option “unpaired Apple watch.”

Step five: You can press confirm to option unpaired of your current watch

Step six: If you are using cellular service, you can choose to keep or remove the plan

Step Seven:  Disable the activation lock through your Apple ID and password by tabbing on “unpaired.”

How can we disconnect the Apple watches from phones by using the Apple watch?

You can also disconnect the Apple watch by using Apple itself by following simple guidelines. By disconnecting the Apple watch by itself, you cannot remove the activation lock. In order to remove the activation lock, you have to follow the above-prescribed steps. You can use the method to disconnect the Apple watch by using the watch only if you want to use the Apple with another Apple phone.

The shortest way to disconnect the Apple watch from the Phone and by the watch itself

1. Open Iphone> Open Apple watch app> All watch’s>Press Info> Unpaired watch> Enter required password> Press unpaired>.

2. On watch> Press crown > go to setting> General> Press Reset option> Erase all settings and content> Erase all. 

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Lost your iPhone. How can you disconnect your Apple watch without having a phone in your hand?

Unfortunately, you lost your Phone, and you no longer have access to your Phone. Don’t worry. Techywired had listed the method to disconnect your Apple watch even when you lost your iPhone. An Apple watch version above OS2 automatically turns the activation lock on for your Apple watch. Apple watches users when disconnect the watch using a paired Apple phone.

The disconnecting or un-pairing process watch from a connected but lost iPhone turns the activation lock off and removes it from your Apple I cloud account. However, when you don’t pair a Phone with an Apple watch, then you have to apply the manual method from the Activation lock.

Follow the listed steps to disconnect Apple.

Step one: Open Apple watch, press the setting tab, and go to general> Reset> Erase all contents and settings. 

Step two:  Erase all and keep the plan

Step Three: What until Apple erases your watch

Step Four: When data is erased, turn the Apple watch off. 

Step Five: You can use “Find my app” on a device or desktop near you with the same I cloud ID and Apple ID.   

Step Six: If you are using the website, then choose an app with the “find my iPhone app.”

Step seven: Select devices or all devices

Step Eight: Select your Apple Watch, which you want to disconnect

Step Nine:  Tab the disconnect to disconnect the Apple watch.    

Final verdicts

When you get a new Apple watch or lose the connected Apple watch or Apple iPhone, in all cases, you have to disconnect the watch from the Phone. Techywired has listed all possible ways to do that, as you can follow the method according to the scenario to disconnect Apple watch from the Phone.

For instance, when you lose your Apple watch and try to disconnect it from the Phone when you update the watch or intentionally want to disconnect for some reason, then follow the first procedure explained in this article. There was another scenario when you lost your iPhone, and then you could try to disconnect the watch by using the watch itself.


To disconnect an Apple watch from an Apple phone could be a great hassle. However, we can follow some technical steps to get it done nicely. If you are selling, upgrading, or facing connectivity issues with your wearable and want to disconnect it from your Phone, then techywired may be the right place for you to follow easy steps and disconnect your Apple watch from the Phone.


How do you unpaired or disconnect an Apple watch from your Phone?

Apple also suggests many ways to disconnect Apple watch from phones when needed. For instance, you can keep closing the watch to the Phone. And open the watch app on the iPhone screen. Then Choose the option my watch then presses all watches in the left side corner.
Tab on the circle where you can see “i” and then press the Unpaired you will ask to enter a password. Upon complete unpairing, you will see the message start pairing again.

What do you have to do when you are unable to pair the Apple watch with the Phone?

If you are feeling difficulty pairing an Apple watch with the Phone, then you must first check the connection. And make sure the Bluetooth on both sides is ready to pair. If the connectivity problem still continues, you may need to reboot the watch and app, and mobile phone to ensure connectivity.
You must also check the iPhone network setting for some time network connectivity problems there. Techywired lists an article to rectify the issue of network settings on your Apple device. Visit the How to Reset iPhone Network Settings: Simple & Easy Techniques.

How to disconnect an Apple watch from my iPhone without entering a passcode?

It is problematic and a little bit tricky to disconnect an Apple watch without entering passwords or passcode. First of all, you need to put an Apple watch on charge. Long press the side button just like when turning off the device. Tab and hold the digital crown as long as when a dialogue “Erase all contents and setting” appears. Lastly, tap the resetting option to reset your watch without a passcode.

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