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How To Clear The iPhone Cache? Regular Cache Clearing Makes Your iPhone Like Brand New


It is interesting to know that when we use smartphones for a while, they become slow and get clogged up with heap or unnecessary files when we use smartphones over time. Here in this article, we are talking specifically about the iPhone cache. Techywried Apple devices testing team tried its best to list out more than one ways to clear the iPhone cache.

It is more like a room to remove or clean unwanted stuff to make space for necessary things. Similarly, phones like iPhones come up with limited storage or ram when we keep stuffing phones with files, applications, and music. 

They occupied some space. Even when we delete files, music, and applications, their leftovers remain on the phone and pile up over time. Heap or cache makes iPhones slow and, ultimately, performance compromised. The smartphone comes with built-in cleaning features. When unused apps remain there cleaners let you know to delete apps or files to free up space.

Often smartphone users visit any website first time after clearing the cache, the loading time increases, or it takes a little longer to load contents.

The reason is that when you open any website the first time, some of its items remain in your iPhone in the form of a cache which is why loading time reduces significantly when you visit the same site for the second or third time. The most straightforward way to understand how to clear the iPhone cache is from iPhone settings. 

Best Five Apps To Clear IPhone Cache

Best Apps to Clear iPhone CacheAvailable At App Store
Smart Cleaner Clean-Up Storage
Cleanfox: The best app to clear iPhone cache 
Clean Doctor
Phone Cleaner for iPhone, iPad
Cleaner pro 

There are thousands of apps at the Apple store to clear the iPhone cache. Apps mechanism is automated to find out the files, music, apps, pictures, videos, and other apps clear iPhone caches. There are also many apps for PC and MacBook where you can connect your iPhone or iPad, and apps will clear your iPhone cache. 

Most of the iPhone cache-clearing app trials are free, and premium features can be purchased if you like them. So, the worth of apps to clear iPhone caches cannot be neglected because apps are specifically coded to navigate cache in the form of heap memory from unused apps, media, music, and files and clear all unwanted stuff in no time. 

Smart Cleaner Clean-Up Storage

The Smart Cleaner Clean-Up Storage is an end-to-end best app. The app helps you to clear your iPhone cache in the form of photos, music, contacts, and files. Duplicate files can be merged, and extra copies can be deleted. App also will inform you about your phone storage status. Moreover, the app can organize photos,  videos, and contacts.  

Cleanfox: The best app to clear iPhone cache 

Suppose you are facing a problem like short storage, slow phone performance, and hanging issues. Cleanfox will help you to clear your iPhone cache without any effort. The app itself locates the emails, duplicate files, and virus and delete them.

Clean Doctor is another high-end app to clear iPhone cache

Clean Doctor provides you with more than one way to clear your iPhone cache to create more space for files, music, and documents. The app performs the cleaning process of files, photos, videos, past reminders, and overdue events to clear them from iPhone. The app is available for three days as a trial, and then afterward, you have to pay an annual subscription. App also uses to test speakers, batteries, browser cache, and many more.

Phone Cleaner for iPhone, iPad

Phone Cleaner for iPhone, iPad is a premium featured iPhone app on the apple store to help you clear your iPhone cache. The app is free, but you have to bear ads. Unlock the premium features and enjoy the best cleaning app by buying its subscription.

Cleaner Pro

Clean Pro app available on the Apple store to clean contacts and emails. The process of clearing the iPhone cache helps used to emanate the storage shortage issues and enjoy an optimal level of smartphone performance. The main intent of the Cleaner app is to find duplicate emails and contacts. Users can clear the iPhone cache by merging duplication and unused files.

Step-by-Step Guide to clear iPhone cache

Step One: First, open the iPhone grounds. 

Step Two: Scroll to the bottom and find the Safari tab on it and open the following menu.

Step Three: You will see a popup with clear history and data to confirm.

After following the steps above, your iPhone becomes fast because the cache has been cleared on your iPhone. Now the phone can breathe well and be capable of storing more information. Removing the iPhone cache should be regular to keep the iPhone productive and superfast.

Another approach to clear the iPhone cache is by deleting unwanted app data. Nowadays, we are using multiple apps, some of which we use frequently and others more or less when we need them. So, to keep the iPhone cache free, it is necessary to apply processes to clear it.

step-by-step guide to clearing iPhone cache by deleting unwanted apps.

Step one: Go to settings and then general setting.

Step Two: Locate storage with the label “iPhone storage”

Step Three: At the bottom, next to recommendations. You can see apps listed with the value of occupied storage. You can tap on applications that are taking up more space.

Step Four: Check the same for documents, data, pictures, songs, and games.

In some cases, the file size could be more significant than the app size.

Step Five: Figure out the data-consuming apps and documents and tap on the delete option.

Step Six: Once you uninstall applications, you can download them again from the apple store. This time installed apps will be smaller in size. 

Important note: Why is it necessary to clear the iPhone cache

Chache is a temporary memory that occupies some files, including media, music, cookies, and images. Sometimes we visit websites, and websites load and leave some data in cache memory. That’s why every Smartphone user must know how to clear the iPhone cache. When users clear the cache and memory phone becomes superfast and available for new files, media, and music. 

Clear the iPhone cache by restarting the phone

Suppose your phone is getting slower than before, deleting apps and removing files to clear the cache. Please take a classic step to restart iPhone would be a beneficial and easy way to make a memory or clear the iPhone cache. For the most part, iPhone operating system iOS is the most trusted source to manage the memory of your phone.  

If your iPhone has a home button, you can use the home button, and if it has Face ID, then you need to apply the method given below 

Step-by-step guide to discuss restarting iPhone no home button

Step One: Press the volume up button. Press the volume down button

Step Two: Press the power button 

Step Three: Swipe to turn your phone off

Step Four: Your phone will shut down when you press and hold the power button. Apple logo will appear, and after a few time device is rebooted. It is one of the best ways to clear the iPhone cache 

Step by step guide to discuss restarting the iPhone home button

Step One: Use the iPhone and iPad with the power button. You only need to hold the power button and slider  

Step Two: iPhone or iPad will be powered down

Step Three:  Just press the power button to get the job done. You can use this method on a regular basis.

Techywired Final Verdicts

It is vital for smartphone users to understand the process of clearing the iPhone cache.  When we keep using iPhones for a long haul. There are many apps, files, kinds of music, and other documents on our phones contains many files. 

Even when apples are deleted, the residuals or leftovers remain there in iPhone to slow the performance and occupy space. The techywired tried hard to prescribe the best ways to clear the iPhone cache. The best five apps also have been listed to clear the iPhone cache. 


Why is it necessary for smartphone users to clear their iPhone cache? Well, the answer is Yes.  Unused apps, documents, files, spam emails, and no longer used contacts remain there in the phone to occupy space. 

Data in the form of cache slow the phone, so it is vital for the user to clear the iPhone cache. In this article, we listed more than one way to get rid of cache from iPhone. The cache can be cleared from the iPhone setting or by using external parties apps available on Apple Store. Read more about how to connect iPhone to screen mirroring.


Why is iPhone performance slow after long use?

It is the natural process when any smartphone or laptop is used. We load many files, apps, and documents. Frequently we also use the internet, cookies, and websites to save pages that remain there in the cache to slow the phone. So, it should be a regular cleanup to clear the iPhone cache out of your phone.

How can we clear the iPhone cache when using chrome?

When using chrome, we can easily clear the iPhone cache. When users prefer chrome over safari browsers, it may store pages, site cookies, and many other website leftovers, which all let the iPhone speed down. First of all, open the setting, go to privacy, and clear browsing data. You can select an item and then tab to confirm the deletion.

Does blocking cookies prevent cache accumulation?

When we visit any website using safari or chrome browser on iPhone, most of the time, websites start saving cookies on our devices. To track user preferences, these cookies are tiny tye files occupying memory. 
So blocking cookies definitely, save your memory. Moreover, only cookies are not only there to occupy memory, but many other sources, like many social media apps, documents, and photos in the form of duplication, remain there. So, it is unnecessary to clear iPhone caches regularly so that your device can breathe well and space would be made available for new files.

Does the process to clear the iPhone cache help to enhance battery life?

Yes, it is possible; you can save or enhance battery life when you keep a clear iPhone cache on a regular basis.  When we install apps, there are many additional files have been stored in phone storage. 
Even after a certain use, when apps have been uninstalled or deleted, the files or documents of that particular app remain there, occupying phone storage so navigating those files and clearing them makes the battery life longer.

Does cache clear optimize iPhone?

The method to clear the iPhone cache helps the users to optimize iPhone performance and enjoy enough space for new material like apps, music, and emails. 
Over the long haul, the use of the iPhone lets the speed or performance of the device down due to chance, so it’s vital to identify dual or duplicate files, unused apps, and app-associated files, clean them properly, even from the trash bin and enjoy optimal performance.

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