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How to Stream MMA Online: Top 10 Free Websites to Watch MMA Fights


The number of sports played around the world. As for the concern of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), it has a separate fan base and influence. It has millions of followers, and its popularity is increasing each coming year. According to the statistics, around 451 million people are interested in MMA combat. All fans can’t watch MMA within the arena or on TV channels. There are different time zones worldwide, so most people prefer to stream MMA online on digital devices such as laptops or smartphones.

The purpose of the MMA is to defeat the opponent through combat. This fight is based on the combination of martial arts and boxing; that’s why it’s called MMA. It is important to know which online websites or channel stream MMA online. Because many MMA lovers are having issues getting the HD Reddit MMA streams.

In this blog, you can find the best ways to stream MMA online. Multiple platforms stream MMA online, such as Stream2Watch, Fox Sports Go, Mom HD, and others. Here you can find the process of how you can stream MMA online.

You can use Firestick to stream MMA; some of the Apps in Firestick are amazing for playing MMA. But due to some geo-restriction and paid version, you might not be able to stream MMA. So if you’re using Firestick, you need to use an Amazon Silk Browser to get the best experience with free stream MMA online.

Stream MMA Using Amazon Silk Browser on Firestick

Follow the steps to download and install the amazon silk browser on Firestick

Step 1: Open the Firestick

Step 2: Click on the ‘Home’ button on the left upper corner

Step 3: Click on the ‘Find’

Step 4: Now click on the ‘Search’

Step 5: Now type here “Silk Browser”.

Step 6: Now several searches appear in the search bar; you need to select the ‘Silk Browser.’

Step 7: Select the Silk Browser and download it

Step 8: It will take a few moments to download (it depends on the internet downloading speed that you are using)

Step 9: Now install ‘Silk Browser’ on your Firestick

Step 10: Select ‘Open’ to launch the browser

Step 11: Now start browsing using Amazon Silk Browser

These are the steps involved in downloading and installing Amazon Silk Browser. This browser is not limited to streaming MMA, but you can find many other shows and live TV episodes.

Stream MMA with the best Websites

On the basis of availability and work, Techywired creates the best Stream MMA websites list.

1. FOX Sports GO

Ads: No

Watch Live: Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go can stream all types of sports live. It is the number one website in our stream MMA online website list. Fox Sports Go has millions of viewers who visit this website every month. There is no harmful advertisement on this website. This website stream multiple sports live at a single time. This website offers a number of content for MMA and UFC fans.

This website can work for any device. You can run this website on your tablet, laptop, and smartphone. It has restrictions for some areas, but a good VPN helps you stream MMA online from any part of the world.

This website provides coverage of big competitions and events such as UFC, MMA, NBA, NASCAR, college football, NHL, Bundesliga football, UEFA champion league, and many more. You may have limited access to this website if you live outside the USA.

2. Stream2Watch

Ads: Yes

Watch Live: Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch covers many live sports, such as football, basketball, baseball, tennis, MMA, and many others. It is ranked number second in our best stream MMA online website list. This website has more than eighty hundred monthly visitors. 

Stream2Watch doesn’t host its own live broadcasting, but they stream sports from other websites. This website provides almost all types of sports of your interest; you can enjoy the comfort at your home with this website.  

It also has some drawbacks; it has many advertisements similar to other streaming websites. However, it can work well if you are using a good VPN or ad blocker. It will help you eliminate advertisements to enjoy the best online streaming.  

3. UFC Broadcasts

Ads: Yes

Watch Live: UFC Broadcasts

UFC Broadcasts is another website that free of cost stream MMA fights for viewers. It can play up to 1080p resolution. So you can watch high-definition displays via this website. You don’t need to pay anything to stream MMA fights. But you cannot find any previous MMA fights because this website has no archive data.

You can see a lot of advertisements on this website, but a good ad blocker and VPN can remove these advertisements and provide the best result for streaming MMA fights. You can also find the detail of the upcoming fight with the time and date.

4. MamaHD

Ads: Yes

Watch Live: MamaHD

MamaHD is also a good option for streaming MMA online. It is a free live sports channel. It plays a number of live sports events for all types of sports fans. MamaHD ranks fourth in our best stream MMA online website list.

This website provides a live chat option during a live game, so you can comment on your favorite players and tell other people which players you like; similarly, other people can respond to you on your choice. MamaHD’s chat feature is similar to live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites.

There is also a lot of advertisement. So it would help if you used a good VPN or ad blocker to restrict these ads, similar to the other websites. However, you can also find news related to sports and current events. If you want to see an MMA future schedule, you can also find it on this website.

5. Live TV

Ads: Yes

Watch Live: Live TV

Live TV is also the best streaming MMA online sports website. This website also plays many other sports, including football, baseball, cricket, tennis, and many others. You can also watch some big events such as the champion league of football.

This website is available for all couturiers; if you are an MMA lover and belong to any part of the world, this website is the best option for you. You can stream it with a good internet connection for the best result. Live chat is also available on this website so that you can interact with other MMA lovers during combat.

This website includes multiple shows in different categories, so you can also watch these shows as well. Similar to the other stream MMA online websites, you need to install a good VPN and ad blocker to restrict ads during online streaming.

6. CrackStream

Ads: Yes

Watch Live: CrackStream

CrackStream is a sports streaming website. This website is ranked at number six in our best stream MMA online website list. It is a popular website for streaming online sports in the world. This website is not limited to streaming a single sport, but you can find multiple sports on this website.

You can see a bundle of an advertisement on this website. So you need to install a good ad blocker to make sure these advertisements didn’t disturb you during online streaming. CrackStream provides free live streaming with NBA, MMA, NFL, MLB, Boxing, XFL, NCAAF, and UFC. This website also offers live TV for other sports, such as Football, Baseball, Basketball, and others.

7. VIP Box Sports

Ads: Yes

Watch Live: VIP BOX Sports

VIP Box Sports offer stream MMA online. This website ranked number 7 in our best stream MMA online website list. VIP Box TV is the fastest-growing sports website. It offers 33 plus sports online streaming. This website can be used globally. You didn’t require a VPN to change the location. You can play two channels simultaneously on this website and control the video’s quality as well.

It can play HD streaming for the viewers. However, you can also see an advertisement on this website. So a good ad blocker can handle these advertisements to provide a smooth stream of MMA online. So this website is also not limited to streaming only a few sports. You can use this website for multiple sports. However, VIP Box Sports is a good website for MMA lovers.

8. BuffStream

Ads: Yes

Watch Live: Buff Stream

Buff Stream is another easily accessible stream MMA online website. This free stream website is ranked eighth in our best stream MMA online website. It is a very simple website. Still, Crackstream is better than this website. But if there is any issue with CrackStream, you can run the Buff Stream website.

This website also has a lot of advertisements, but if you install a good VPN with an ad blocker, it will provide smooth and error-free streaming. However, this website is not limited to streaming MMA online; you can also watch many other sports as well.

9. MyP2P

Ads: Yes

Watch Live: MyP2P

MyP2P is ranked number nine in our best stream MMA online website list. It can play high-quality sports live. By running this website, you will be able to play other sports as well. This website is 100% free for everyone. But it has a lot of advertisements that can be removed via ad blockers. Sometimes it may have some issues with buffering, but usually, MyP2p provides the best result with live sports.

Similar to other sports websites, this website can also stream other sports such as soccer, MMA, baseball, boxing, and more.

10. Stream East

Ads: Yes

Watch Live: Stream East

Stream East is the last and number 10th best stream MMA online website. This newly launched website stream multiple sports. But boxing is one of the prominent sports that you can watch on this website. However, this website also includes other sports categories such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and others.

Similar to the other website, you need to install a good ad blocker and VPN to remove ads from this website.

Techywired Final verdict

Streaming MMA online on a website is important for all MMA lovers. This write-up provides you with some of the best websites to stream MMA online. However, if you are a Firestick user, you need to install the Amazon Silk browser to run these websites.

All of these websites can stream MMA online, so you can run one of these websites to watch MMA combat. Further, if you belong to a country other than the USA, you can run LIVE TV to stream MMA online without any hazard. If you really like to watch sports then do check out our guide to streaming MLB.


What is MMA?

MMA is Mixed Martial Arts. In this game, two fighters combat using boxing and martial arts. That’s why it’s called MMA.

Where can I watch free fights?

There are several websites that offer free fights
1. FOX Sports GO
2. Stream2Watch
3. UFC Broadcasts
4. MamaHD
5. Live TV
6. CrackStream
7. VIP Box Sports
8. Buff Stream
9. MyP2P
10. Stream East

What are the best websites to stream MMA online?

Fox Sports Go, Stream2Watch, UFC Broadcasts, MamaHD, and Live TV are the best stream MMA online websites.

Are free sports streaming sites safe?

Usually, sports streaming sites are safe, but there is no doubt fake and malware websites also exist. So you need to make sure you are using the best sports streaming website.

How can a VPN protect you when you’re online?

A VPN can change the location of the computer. It encrypts the information on your internet and makes it unreadable to hackers.

Do I Need a VPN to Stream MMA Online?

Some stream MMA online websites are geo-restricted, so if you want to stream MMA without any hassle, you need to install a good VPN.

Do I Need an Ad blocker to Stream MMA Online?

Most sports streaming websites have a bundle of advertisements, so a blocker helps you to restrict ads during streaming and provides a smooth and high-definition display for you.

What is an alternative to Stream2Watch?

If you are unable to run Stream2Watch on your PC, laptop, or smartphone, you can try Fox Sports Go, MamaHD, or UFC Broadcasts.

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