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Android Games with Best Graphics in 2023


Everyone admires that technological advancement and mobile phone specs have improved too quickly. The rise in internet speed through 5G technology has made it possible to develop and run high-end android games with the best graphics. The mobile game industry is just not coming slow.

Best Android Games with Competent Graphics

Fast forward to 2019, it was only possible to play good graphics games with the high resolution, specs, and graphics cards supported by bulky PCs. from the last three years, the trend to play games on android phones has drastically increased.

The newest android device’s ram is between 8 to 12 GB and has an octa-core processor making android a more powerful and compatible device to enjoy good graphics games. By the year 2022, many PC-supported games have been made compatible with android devices as well.

So let’s have a crystal clear look at the android games with the best graphics out there in 2022.

1. Sky-Children Of The Light

 Sky: Children of The Light is an amazing game with outstanding graphics to enhance the gaming experience of android users. Sky-Children of The Light is a unique game to provide you with a great and eye-relaxing time after a long day spent on office work.

 It’s a multiplayer video game developed by Thatgamecompany. In the Sky-Children of The Light game, you can experience the best human environment and sense of community, and in the sky, you can soar in the clouds. There is no pressure on players. Rather game graphics allows you to open up according to your own pace and meaningfully connect with others.

Sky-Children of The Light can be downloaded from the play store. Currently, it has more than 10 M downloads which are defining figures that Sky-Children Of The Light is the most powerful graphics-oriented android game. It is ranked number one due to such a high rating in the play store among android games with the best graphics.

2. Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange is one of my favorite android base exciting graphics games ever to play. Please go out, download it and enjoy it. I’m sure you would love it because of its romantic graphics and episodic story. Most interestingly, players can share their progress with friends on social media platforms.

There is no harm in going and checkout because you can enjoy its first episode without any charges, and if it attracts you, then you can buy the next episodes to enjoy it completely. 

Life Is Strange is no doubt quite a big and graphically competitive game on the play store for android users. Unfortunately, it’s a single players game, so you can’t partner it with anyone. Life Is Strange is a featured game with more than 5 million downloads in the play store.

It is by far the most interesting and clever storyline with amazing graphics that helps to stand at point 2 and reach the category of best android games with best graphics in 2022.

Life is Strange
Life is Strange
Price: Free

3. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is an amazing graphics game for handheld device users. The availability of Real Racing 3 on mobile devices, especially on the android platform, is more than a blessing because it is a most speculating racing-category game.

You can decide how demanding this game is among mobile phone users by its continuous updates by its developers and its downloading frequency, which is crossing 100 million digits. This game is very good and worth playing as its graphics are fascinating, with the facility of a multiplayer option.

One of the best racing adventures for racing games enthusiasts and the graphics helps to achieve a good status among android games with the best graphics in 2022.

Real Racing  3
Real Racing  3
Price: To be announced

4. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is another android supported, beautiful graphics-oriented game to play on handheld android smartphones. No doubt it’s a   high-end renowned legendary racing game that is suitable for single and multiplayer as well.

Currently, Asphalt 9: Legends has more than 50 million downloads on the play store. The game’s interface allows players to choose more than 150 world-renowned cars and more than 60 seasons, and 900 seasons. Asphalt 9: Legends provide realistic visuals and graphics to experience a real-time environment and spend plenty of time on screen without getting bored.

One of the best racing games with a good history from the developers’ side as well, our personal favorite, and surely one of the amazing android games with the best graphics.

Asphalt 9: Legends
Asphalt 9: Legends
Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: Free

5. Exos Heroes

The last best graphics android-supported game is Exos Heroes. We picked here it here to discuss due to multiple reasons. First of all, it is most gorgeous and fully compatible with smartphone screens.

Exos Heroes is based on the story of a grand adventure, the curse of the ancient dragon, and the missing sword of an ancient king. The said factors make the graphics more historical, heroic, and emotionally attractive for game lovers. Exos Heroes supported more than eight languages and more than one million downloads on the play store.

Last but certainly not least, this game is the one that completes our list of best android games with the best graphics.

Exos Heroes
Exos Heroes
Developer: LINE Games
Price: Free

Final Verdicts

Android games have come a long way, from very simple visuals to powerful graphics, even on small handheld mobile phones. The article by Techywired prepared you to choose the best android games with the best graphics. We tailored information on the five best android games with plenty of details about game graphics.

If you are an android user and like to play games containing the best graphics, then this article is especially for you. Which game you choose to install and play it’s your choice. As per my personal gaming experience as I am also an android phone user and graphics-conscious. I chose to play the most is Life Is Strange because of its romantic graphics and episodic story.


Graphics add beauty and attractive visuals to games. Especially on the small screen of handheld devices, adjusting powerful graphics to enhance the image quality, influence the player’s emotions, and immersion in the game zone was only possible through the regular improvement of game graphics. This article selected the five best graphics games available on the play store, especially for graphics-conscious people.


Can android users fix blurry game graphics?

Yes, on an android phone, you can fix blurry game graphics or turn them in to clear by tabbing on the setting.
Application manager
Game optimization service
press More
Undo updates
back to factory reset.

Is there any default android phone setting to enhance the graphics experience?

Games without the best graphics would be boring as games and graphics are hands-in-hand. If you are an android phone user, then what you simply need to do is to increase the screen refresh rate. Connect your android phones with a strong Wii connection and remove junk from your device to enjoy the best graphics on an android smartphone.  

Do we need a powerful computer and a large screen to play the best graphics containing games?

Well, this question lets back some of that up. A decade ago, games with the best graphics were only developed for powerful gaming laptops, but with the advancement of technology and boom in the smartphone industry, developers have started game development for smartphone users. So the point is it was true that in the early years’ powerful computers were needed, but now it is possible to enjoy the best graphics games even on android console devices.

Why are graphics important in games?

Graphics are vital parts of games, no matter whether you are playing games with a powerful PC or android smartphone. Graphics to enhance the image quality, influence players’ emotions, and immersion in the game zone were only possible through the regular improvement of game graphics. Developers especially spend plenty of time developing the best graphics. Like other features and functionalities of the game, graphics are also really important to decide whether users will stay on the game or pass it on.

Gina Jackson
Gina Jackson leads Techywired's coverage of computing and gaming niche. She has been writing about best gaming laptops and PCs which is his passion right from the start of his career. She is a gaming geek from the early childhood and you can always find her playing video games in her favorite couch.

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