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Hoverwatch Reviews: Best Social Spy App for Android & Apple Users



  • No rooting required
  • Clear call recording
  • Easy to install and use
  • Reliable Spy App
  • Easy access to all the activities 
  • Inaccurate information about the sim card change
  • Key loggers come disjointedly
  • Difficult to navigate

Nowadays, various spy apps are available in the market containing free and paid versions. In this case, choosing the best and most authentic for you becomes challenging. There could be various reasons for purchasing and installing spy apps, but the most obvious reason is to track the children’s activity from the parents.

Suppose you are a parent worried about your children’s activities or doubt your beloved ones. Hoverwatch is best for you, which lets you check the other’s activities and keep you updated about everything you need. It is one of the most well-organized apps regarding its functionality and features.

The spy apps are designed for parents to keep themselves updated about their child’s daily activities. Still, this app can also be used for various other purposes, such as monitoring your husband’s or wife’s actions or your employee’s. Let’s learn about Hoverwatch before describing its features.

What is Hoverwatch?

It is a spy app designed for Android users who want to see their children’s activities done on smartphones. This app can also monitor tablets, PC, and smartphones. One drawback of this device is that it has fewer features than its price.

Hoverwatch is installed on the target device and is quite easy to use. It gives you all the information you need regarding calls, messages, pictures, videos, etc. If you are curious about accessing the social media activities of any person, this is the best app to install. It also gives you access to Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other apps. It works on operating systems such as different versions of windows in stealth mode.

Hoverwatch Price & Available At

A great social spy app for the community to stay alert and on their toes regarding their children. Hoverwatch is well-priced and offers three main packages to its customers. Moreover, this amazing social spying app is filled with extraordinary features which you can simply access by buying one of their exciting packages.

1 Month Full Pack$49.99 per month
3 Months Full Pack$27.99 per month
12 Months Full Pack$11.66 per month

Hoverwatch Features

Social Media Tracking
Browsing History
Sim card info
Front camera control
Invisible mod
Call history and text messages
Availability: Hoverwatch
Rating: 4.7/5

Hoverwatch Compatibility

Although you can spy on various devices using different spy apps, every app has limitations to work for a certain device. Some apps work for Android, some for iOS, and some for other operating systems.

You can use this spy app for Android devices, windows, or PCs. It does not provide its features to iOS devices. The apps work effectively with the devices with which it is compatible. It also supports the updated versions of PCs and OS and works for the old versions.

Operating SystemRequired version
AndroidAndroid 4.0
WindowsWindows 10
macOSMacOS 10.15 Catalina

Hoverwatch Features

Any spy app’s features are the most important thing that one must consider. You will find numerous features once you install this app. All the features are listed below.

Social Media Tracking

After installing Hoverwatch on an Android device, it becomes easier to track all social media accounts. It is impossible with most apps, but Hoverwatch lets you keep updated about the details using the social media tracking feature. This feature helps track video calls, chats, audio and video files, and different profiles.


If you are curious about the contacts of your spouse, children, or any other person, Hoverwatch is the best app for you. You can see all the saved contacts on the device you have installed this spy app. You can also check the most used contacts listed on the device. This feature is quite useful as you can take any action because the

Location Tracking

The GPS feature is considered a value-able feature when it comes to spying on the location of any other device. This feature is very useful if you want to track the location of your partner, employee, or children. You can get the real-time location of anybody (if you have installed this app on their device) to know where they are going.

Browsing History

Have you ever checked someone’s browser history? If not, install Hoverwatch on the device of the person whose history you want to check. This is possible with this app’s browsing history feature, which lets you check the history of the browser of a certain device. If I give my honest review, this feature is quite easy and efficient as you can access all the browser history anytime you desire.

Sim card info

Many people change their sim cards but don’t tell you if they have changed their number to a new one. It is not a big deal now because Hoverwatch allows you to get updated on every number or sim card altered by the other person. The only requirement is this you must have installed this application on their device. You will receive a notification whenever the next person changes their sim card to a new one.

Front camera control

Did you ever control the front camera of any other device not in your use? It seems impossible to do so but controlling the front camera of any other device is possible with Hoverwatch. This feature helps you in many situations, but the most advantageous is when someone steals your phone. (to control your mobile’s front camera, you must have installed this app on your mobile). This is not possible without installing any app on your mobile.

Invisible Mode

When you install Hoverwatch on your device, it gets into invisible mode. The advantage of this stealth mode is that it keeps the app hidden from the person who is the owner of that intended device. It is useful to keep track of all the data without letting the other person know about it.

Call history and text messages

Monitoring other devices is one of the most interesting things in the world. This technique is quite useful for parents, especially because they can access all call histories on their child’s mobile, including incoming and outgoing calls. As a parent, you can also read the sent and received text messages from your child’s device. Yes, this is quite easy and possible for Android users. When you have clear access to the account, the other device’s data becomes clearer to you.


This is something new to learn, as I had no idea I could get screenshots of a specific device. This feature is amazing because it allows you to get access to see the targeted device’s screenshots.

Hoverwatch Pros & Cons

No rooting required
Clear call recording
Easy to install and use
Reliable Spy App
Easy access to all the activities 
Inaccurate information about the sim card change
Key loggers come disjointedly
Difficult to navigate

Techywired Final Verdict

Hoverwatch has impressed people with the numerous features it offers to users. It is advantageous and disadvantageous, but it also depends on how you use this app. For example, this app is beneficial if you want to keep a check on children’s activities that they perform on their devices. This becomes disadvantageous if you use it for negative purposes, such as spying on beloved ones to know about their secrets.

Its unique feature is accessing the screenshots is quite amazing. The installation process is quite easy, and you do not face any difficulty using this device. It depends on your choice whether you desire to use this app, but one thing that I would love to tell you is that this app can save your children from huge disasters if you install it on their devices and check their daily activities.


There are several positive reviews about Hoverwatch that ensure the reliability of this app. You start gaining trust in this app once you start using it. There is nothing bad about using this app, as it helps you to get updates about the information you want to gather from other devices.

It is a fact that this app will not let you be disappointed because it protects your privacy and does not reveal it to the other person whose device you are controlling remotely. Overall, it is a life savior in many situations.

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