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How to Reset iPhone Network Settings: Simple & Easy Techniques


Phones without internet connection become dull and boring. When we face internet connectivity issues on our smartphones, almost all applications stop working. We greatly rely on social media apps 24/7. Internet connection is also vital to access many features and functions, predict the weather, or send important emails.

If your iPhone doesn’t work online or access the internet even when you are connected with your mobile data or home WiFi, then you must reset network settings to connect to mobile internet and make sure you are able to access features, functions, and social media applications.

 Now sit tight and learn the simple techniques on how to reset iphone network settings.

When do you need to reset iPhone network settings?

This is the most common problem smartphone users often face to connect with the WiFi or cellular network. In case you are facing such connectivity issues, then there are some general advanced level techniques to fix the internet connectivity issues.

For instance, you can turn on your mobile data and WiFi settings simply by tapping on mobile data and WiFi, whatever you are using. By turning it off and on, try to note the difference between whether the cellular network or WiFi starts working. If yes, then fine, there was an issue with your internet providers and not in your iPhone  

Simplest way to Reset iPhone network settings 

Step one:  Open your iPhone Settings and press the tab “General.”
Step two:  Simply Scroll down and tab on Transfer or Reset iPhone at the bottom of the drop-down list.
Step three: Here, you have to choose the option “Reset.”
Step four: Here, You will see a popup menu with different options depending upon what you are looking for.All reset settings lists appear here reset all settings network settings,keyboard settings,the Home Screen layout,and location settings.
Step five: We are looking to Reset iPhone network settings. Select the option Reset Network Settings. 
Step Six: Your iPhone will ask you to enter your passcode to do the job.And all your network settings would be reset after entering the right passcode

How can you get rid of internet connectivity problems

Setting>General>Reset>Reset Network Setting>Enter Passcode if required>Reconnected with internet

Some other Tips here to reset iPhone network settings

Tip 1. Airplane Mode

Sometimes internet connectivity issues can be resolved by tapping on Airplane Mode. Simply put your iPhone on Airplane Mode for a minute or two. On iPhone, you can move the slider right to turn on Airplane Mode. By doing this, all your internet connections, either cellular or WiFi, will be turned off automatically. Wait a minute or two, and then turn the Airplane Mode off by sliding back and reconnecting the WiFi or cellular network again to see the internet connectivity issue resolved.

Tip 2. Forget the Password of your WiFi and reconnect

If Airplane Mode tricks didn’t work, try to forget the Password and then reconnect again to resolve the internet connectivity problem. Before resetting iPhone network settings, you must try the simplest trick to forget the WiFi password by tabbing on connected WiFi, and you will see the option “Forgot Network” simply tab this and then try to reconnect the same WiFi with the same Password.

Tip 3. Turn Your iPhone On and Off

If you are still facing an issue with internet connectivity on your iPhone even after applying Airplane and forgetting your Password, then simply apply the trick to power off and then power your device to fix the connectivity problem without resetting the network setting.

 Long press the power button. Soon you will see the option to turn the phone off. Simply slide the bar to turn the phone off for a minute or two and then press the power button again for a second or two to turn the phone on.

What are the common tricks to fix internet connectivity problems with WiFi?

Check network coverage area may be network providers facing some technical, maintenance, or upgrading issues. Usually, they inform before turning services off through SMS or public announcement. 

You may check another phone or device connected with the same network and see whether the internet connection is working or not on another device. This awesome technique will let you know the actual problem with your iPhone or WiFi connection. You can restart your WiFi device. Sometimes the internet Router stuck and started working by resetting.

In case of a cellular internet connection problem, simply eject the sim card and reinstall it to check whether either interment problem is resolved. Sometimes our phone requires updates to iOS apps, so it’s better to keep the phone and application updated to avoid internet connectivity problems. 

The reboot option also helps to mitigate the internet connectivity problem, but it may affect your other settings on your iPhone as well, so before rebooting or resetting your iPhone, network settings, try tips to fix the internet connectivity issues.

Final Verdict

If you are an iPhone user and facing the issue of internet connectivity, then this article is most relevant to you to guide you step by step on how to reset your iPhone Network Setting. Some simple and easy tricks have also been added to fix the internet connectivity issues by techywired.


Internet connection is vital to access applications, features, and functions. It seems too ridiculous and irritating when we face internet connectivity issues on our iPhones. There are simple technical ways to fix the issues, and the most prominent and authentic way is to Reset iPhone network settings. The article listed some simplest ways to resolve internet connection issues, including Airplane mode, Turn Off, and forgotten network passwords.


Why do iPhone users face internet connection problems?

There are various reasons behind internet connectivity problems. For example, internet provider issues, cellular network issues, and sometimes WiFi routers are struck and need to reboot to ensure connectivity.

What are other simple ways to fix the connectivity problem other than resetting network settings?

Well, there are simple tips to fix internet issues on iPhone other than resetting, and these tricks sometimes work and sometimes do not. For instance, putting your phone on Airplane mode, turning on and off your phone, and forgetting the network WiFi password in case of cellular network eject and reinstall sim-card.

What will happen when you reset the network settings on your iPhone?

There is no such technical knowledge required to Reset iPhone network settings. Luckily, there is no need to delete any application or fear of losing data when resetting iPhone network settings. All is that your network or WiFi password will be lost, and you need to put it in again to reconnect with the phone.

Why did we need to reset network settings on iPhones?

 When you can’t seem to connect with WiFi or a sim card network, then you have to reset network settings on your iPhone, as resetting will allow you to fix the connectivity problem. Make sure to write down your network-related data or Password before resetting the network setting on your phone. 

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