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Best VR Fishing Games 2022: Ultimate VR Fishing Games Out There


Fishing is a hobby for those who want to connect themselves with inner peace and find the real mantra for life. Fishing is all about patience and achieving a sense of accomplishment with your target and achieving a higher level of persistence.

Virtual reality world is never all about the thrill and high adrenaline power shots. VR technology along with the perfect gear is the key to achieve all the satisfaction and serenity with development of fishing games. We as human beings have an urge just to get ourselves out of society from time to time, and fishing rods in ponds or lakes serve best. This is why these VR fishing games holds the key to your satisfaction. 

In order to help you guys out, we have gathered up a perfect list of VR fishing games which are able to deliver the best visual graphics keeping in mind the whole experience. We have prepared this list with extensive research and extrapolation of different sites just to deliver the best. This will surely save you time and deliver you the best vibe.

So, what are we waiting for, let’s grab the rod and start catching some fish.

List of VR Fishing Games

Game TitleGame Developer
Catch & ReleaseMetricminds GmbH & Co. KG
A Fisherman’s TaleInnerspace VR
Ultimate Fishing Simulator VRBit Golem
Bait!Resolution Games
Orbus VR: RebornOrbus VR

Now we have listed the best VR fishing games in 2022 of the market, then let’s take a dip in this world of virtual water. All of these exciting games are filled with amazing landscapes and promise to deliver the exact experience of real fishing. VR fishing games are really the thing for those who want to connect to their childhood memories and bring back the connection to their inner self.

What are your options in VR Gear?

Before you get all started and excited for the fishing expedition, you must select a perfect VR gear for the ultimate gaming experience. There is a list of devices which can be selected on the basis of performance and budget. Experience and handling all depends upon your taste and flavor. We just wanted to put the word out before we get to the best Vr fishing games. We have a perfect guide for the best VR headset available for you guys, go and check that out as well:

VR Headset/ SpecsCheck Price
Oculus Rift VR HeadsetAmazon
HP ReverbAmazon
Lenovo ExplorerAmazon
Pimax Vision 5kAmazon
Valve IndexAmazon
GOOVIS Young Personal Immersive 4K HeadsetAmazon
Samsung HMD OdysseyAmazon
Oculus Quest 2Amazon
Sony PlayStation VRAmazon

Do check our extensive article on which VR you guys should select for your VR experience. Now Let’s get back to our main discussion where we will rate and experience the true feel of fishing in VR.

Real VR Fishing

You can play online with up to four friends while in genuine fishing areas with Real VR Fishing. There are various options, ranging from stress-free, undemanding fishing to significant challenges for seasoned fisherman looking for a challenge. Every fish you catch is added to your collection, which is shown in an aquarium that you may customise. This VR fishing game’s ability to watch YouTube or listen to Spotify directly from the app is arguably its most alluring feature. This amazing quality-of-life function eliminates interruptions so that all players can stay fully immersed in the game.

One of best VR fishing games available is Real VR Fishing. It features Fifteen lakes and rivers from around the world and lifelike landscapes. North America will be added as additional destinations in the game’s update, and a multiplayer mode will also be included.

For a more realistic fishing experience if you also fish in real life, go to expert mode and disable line assistance. You may play this game while lying on your back and being bedridden, didn’t you know?

Oculus Quest and Rift (as well as Rift S, Oculus Touch, and Go) both support real VR fishing.

Catch & Release

2018 saw the release of Catch & Release by metricminds GmbH & Co KG. It’s one of the top-rated VR fishing games available right now. It boasts excellent graphics, responsive controls, and a realistic feel. Although the setting is tranquil, the game is of course also physically demanding. The boat must be manually rowed, the hook must be manually baited, the line must be manually cast, the fish must be manually fought, and so on. Just like in actual fishing, patience is also essential.

Using the tiny radio on your boat, you can fish while listening to the game’s original soundtrack. Additionally, there are valuables buried deep underwater in addition to fish to be caught.

Playstation VR, Oculus Rift (including Rift S and Oculus Touch), HTC Vive, and Microsoft Mixed Reality are all supported with Catch And Release.

Get inside your rowboat, grab your paddles, and begin an unparalleled, peaceful VR fishing experience.

You can use one of the numerous interactive features, skip stones across the lake, or listen to music on the radio while you fish.

To land the biggest fish possible on the hook, find the perfect bait, select a decent fishing location, and cast your line. But when you do, the situation is not yet done. Before you can reel it in, you’ll need to exhaust your catch and triumph in the battle.

You can take on tasks to gain access to new equipment and interactive objects that will assist you capture the biggest and the best, or you can just relax and play anyway you wish.

A Fisherman’s Tale

A Fisherman’s Tale, the VR Game of the Year of 2019 winner, is much more of a catching fish game than a conventional simulator. Players’ gameplay start as a modest fisherman that stays by himself in a tiny cabin in a game that takes place aboard a fishing boat. You are compelled to leave your snug cabin during a storm alert in order to learn more about the outside world. A Fisherman’s Tale is the VR fishing game we recommend for all of those looking for such an interesting narrative and interesting puzzles to solve, despite the fact that it is the most unusual VR fishing game of the list. This game  excels at distorting the player’s perception of reality by utilizing VR-specific characteristics.

This VR game is stunning and has a wonderful concept, but the plot is weak and it is far too brief. I finished it slightly in an hour. We fail to comprehend why they would charge $15.00 for something so brief.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR

Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR is a Fishing Simulator is still another option. This game simulates real-world fishing on a variety of globe maps, including an ice fishing-specific winter-themed map. Ultimate Fishing encourages you to make your own levels with the Level Editor if you get tired of the existing maps. You may even evaluate other people’s works and share your levels with pals. This VR fishing game offers additional DLC that include Amazon River, Greenland and Kariba Dam.

A terrible game has been played if you get sick of waiting for fish to take and nod off in front of the computer. This won’t occur in the Ultimate Fishing VR Simulator. Cast your line, choose the right tools and bait.

At this point, it’s important to note that we have no practical experience with fishing beyond the knowledge that we need a rod, some bait, and a body of water to cast into. Fishing is actually a lot more complicated than we had ever imagined. I’ve begun to understand line tension, various reels, even the size of the hook and the permitted bait.

You can only reach Betty Lake at the beginning of the game; it’s a very lovely body of water in the Rocky Mountains. From here, you may take in the surrounding environment, including the undulating reeds and grass and the distant mountain ranges.

Even though some aspects lean more toward arcade than simulation, it’s simple to understand why folks who have a lot of experience with fishing or very little exposure would find this game to be appealing. The game may truly engross you when you begin to investigate the skill trees and upgrades. You sincerely want to advance and want to beat your trout’s current record for size. The Thumb Culture Silver Award goes to Ultimate Fishing Simulator for its abundance of material and tranquil setting.


Your best option for a more arcade-style VR fishing game is Bait! The game promises tranquilly over four distinct lakes with unique fish for each place. To assist your employer in catching as many rare fish as you can, you must visit each island. Bait! is your best bet. I merely want you to enjoy yourself whether you’re playing alone or with others.

You might find it difficult to feel completely involved in the scene because the graphics aren’t excellent. Nevertheless, we did enjoy seeing the lake while relaxing in my chaise lounge. While you’re throwing your rod into the river, the sounds of birds and other animals help it feel a little more realistic.

On the console, the casting itself appears to be nearly as realistic as we can imagine. It’s not that the console is at fault; rather, it’s just an acknowledgement of the current limitations of VR. Anyone who has fished before is still far from being able to produce the gratifying sensation of the ideal cast.

Orbus VR: Reborn

In the fantasy MMORPG Orbus VR: Reborn, fishing is actually possible, despite the game’s cartoon fantasy background. The flexibility of each player to play Orbus exactly as they wish to present in the game is its main draw. Would you like to equip yourself with strong weapons and spells so you can defeat bosses and finish difficult raids? Absolutely possible But if you don’t want to engage in combat, you may discover a freshwater lake and fish there for the duration of your gameplay.

In this gaming VR adventure, we are able to develop an understanding of the environment. OrbusVR is the first fully realized fantasy MMORPG designed exclusively for room-scale virtual reality. It features everything you love about an MMO: a huge open world, hundreds of hours of quests, dragon pets, five-player group dungeons, ten-player Raids, voice chat, player trading.

You may experience fantasy immersion like never before with VR. You’ll discover that OrbusVR is unlike any other MMO you’ve played, whether you’re swinging a sword or casting magic with a rod, casting a line from your fishing pole or gathering materials.


This is the complete list of best VR fishing games from techywired’s umbrella. Our experts have carefully filtered and read every article, news and video regarding VR fishing games. Our curated list is the testament of how diverse and adrenaline packed these games are. Fishing is all about the timing and waiting for the precise moment to pounce on something. These games have strong graphics and are able to deliver the best unbinding experience to their player anytime and everywhere.

The technique which you have to develop to land a perfect catch helps you in this regard as well. The story line helps you to experience different lakes and rivers, where there is the range of fish roaming around to have the relaxing environment which was needed in your life. 

These games are built for those who want to connect to nature and develop a higher sense of peace with this beautiful hobby. Hope we have earned a like at the end of this read.

Did you know?

The VR experience is now paving its way towards our daily life as well. Education is being delivered to the students using such techniques will increase horizon and access to knowledge is much more feasible now in third world countries.

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