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Best VR Racing Games: Best Racing Games for VR Enthusiasts


Racing games have existed in a variety of video game genres all around the world since their beginning. Every year, dozens of games in the racing genre are launched, and they develop alongside new gaming systems and technologies. We are currently in the period of virtual reality; meanwhile, both the gameplay and the graphics have taken a revolutionary path.

Thanks to technological advancement, the popularity of virtual reality gaming have skyrocketed recently. VR racing games used to be something people only imagined at one point. Those times are over, especially in virtual reality racing, where several video game companies and games have expanded their offerings.

Gamers were so thrilled that they recorded all of their beloved, passionate automobiles on their screens. When virtual reality emerged, they began to have second thoughts.

What might the racing fans do once they learned they would win the lottery? Is it exciting to see wild racing, banked bends of the speedway, and tough competitions in your virtual reality?

Let’s look at the top available games that offer the best VR racing experience as VR redefines contemporary gaming.

Significance of VR Games

If you enjoy playing games, there are several driving games available for VR as virtual reality gaming has become more popular as a result of technology improvements. Virtual reality gaming was previously just an idea that people had in their imaginations. Those times are now gone, especially in racing simulation video games, where several companies and game series have shifted to virtual reality.

Virtual reality, which was only ever an idea, is now coming to pass. Additionally, this material intrigues developers. Several major game creators have embraced virtual reality. Virtual reality works well with the racing genre. The earliest video games to use virtual reality in gameplay were racing games.

Since racing games are played while seated, motion sickness is less of an issue. When you operate a vehicle in a virtual environment, you experience what it’s like to be a professional driver. Virtual reality racing simulators can be quite helpful for seasoned racers. Continue reading as I will review some of the top driving games for virtual reality.

Top 11 VR Racing Games

Some people may be enthusiastic about the concept of racing games but they discover that their skills aren’t quite on the same level when they get behind the wheel. Because of this, many games are available, some of which give a racing experience more similar to an arcade game. In contrast, others are made for elite professional drivers to hone their talents away from the track.

On the other hand, some people might want a unique experience where they can connect their VR headset and operate some of their preferred vehicles on their ideal tracks. Some people might wish to see what the third-party mod community has to offer and amass the largest assortment of vehicles and tracks conceivable.

Here are some of the effective virtual reality racing games that you would surely like.

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa by Kunos Simulazioni, a fantastic VR racing game, is included in the list of the top racing games. With the aid of a VR headset, you may enter the cockpit of a GT3 in this game and experience all the sound, images, and adrenaline of racing in the most lifelike simulation that VR games can provide. Assetto Corsa makes an effort to maintain a design that is true to genuine cars, down to the smallest inside elements.

The variety of game types available in VR racing games, including championships, special events, races, and drives, is unquestionably one of their biggest draws. Assetto Corsa’s graphic department omits scenario-specific features in favour of races featuring a larger field of racers. Additionally, it supports internet racing, which adds to the multiplayer mode’s appeal.

With a VR headset setting like Oculus Quest or Meta Quest, paired with the realistic settings in Assetto Corsa, players may gradually improve their skills and stave off motion sickness. Players can modify their car through a settings interface, which is one of the features. 

This interface can alter settings such as gear ratios, tire materials, tire pressures, gasoline, suspension, wheel speeds, ride height, and many more. Undoubtedly, Assetto Corsa is committed to high-quality simulations. They treat the promise of virtual reality as seriously as any other gaming promise. Use VR headsets like the HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, or Valve Index to play this game.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Dirt Rally 2.0 is your best option to experience the untamed excitement of off-road rally racing in VR. One of the best rally racing video games makes a stylish VR debut.

The VR version of Dirt Rally 2.0 features all the material as a plain “flat” game with all the gorgeous locales, circuits, and cars for you to experience, in contrast to many other well-known VR racing games. Unmatched realistic automobile dynamics and handling are also included in the matched content, creating a thrilling but hard VR driving experience. Combined with some fine add-on equipment, the immersion of driving in full 360 degrees through the tight curves of a tree-lined bumpy track gives tons of heart-pounding fun.

Under normal circumstances, carving the ideal path around muddy Scandinavian farm tracks is a dizzying experience. With a VR headset, create a jerky, twisting, and rough experience that some players may find appalling. If you’re new to VR racing, I would advise trying straight-track VR games before moving on to Dirt Rally 2.0.

To play Dirt Rally 2.0 in virtual reality, you’ll need the Steam version, but other than that, you can use any of the following headsets: Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and HTC Vive. Sadly, the PlayStation 4 does not now support virtual reality, as developer Codemasters stated in 2019.

Dash Dash World

Dash Dash World is listed as one of the finest racing games that can be played independently on Quest 2. It is a racing arcade game with some of the best driving mechanics and a vibrant atmosphere. It is one of the most user-friendly VR racing games with both single-player and multiplayer options is, without a doubt, Dash Dash World.

This casual game has fighting, quick gameplay, and seamless multiplayer. It is comparable to other well-liked kart-racing games on the market, but it stands out since it is virtual reality. Ideal controllers that the game supports include a gamepad, Oculus Touch, virtual steering, and steering wheel.

The art style is undoubtedly a plus with its vivid hues and theatrical appeal. It even has a complete set of motion sickness prevention capabilities to adjust the VR experience to the preferences of each player.

Dash Dash World is considered in the list as one of the finest racing games that can be played independently on Quest 2. It is a racing arcade game with some of the best driving mechanics and a vibrant atmosphere.


One of the newest and oldest games on the list, iRacing is completely apart from the rest. It is an online racing simulation that operates on a subscription-based business model, allowing users to subscribe for one month, six months, or a full year. Developers have invested a good amount of time upgrading it each year because it is only available online.

Although iRacing was first released in 2008, the most stable version is from 2021. This game is one of the must-try VR games because it has improved so much over the years.

Need for Speed- No Limits VR

No Limits VR: Need for Speed the First Need for Speed game to be launched in virtual reality is VR. I’ve played the game and can confirm that it meets the high standards of the Need for Speed series set. This game has occasionally fantastic nature with an easy-to-use control system.

Virtual reality games are more enjoyable when the controls aren’t a concern. In this game, there’s no cause to worry about it. Never-ending Need for Speed On the App Store, there is a DayDream View game called VR.

You don’t need to invest in expensive headsets to enjoy this game.

Gran Turismo Sport

This Gran Turismo instalment, created by Polyphony Digital and available for PlayStation VR, is at the top of the list of the best racing games because it emphasises a crucial element. A key component of the racing simulator Gran Turismo Sport is its graphics portion. The multiplayer options are sacrificed in it to concentrate on the player’s full VR experience,

There are three basic game modes: one vs. one racing, a time trial, and a VR gallery. The level of immersion in Gran Turismo Sport is among the best on the market. The experience is undoubtedly astounding in the VR tour mode; the lighting, textures, breathtaking sights, and the car’s responsiveness are amazing.

Gran Turismo Sport is one of the VR racing games with the biggest market impact, and as more people use VR headsets in recent years, its user base will grow. Some gamers even describe it as a classic racing game and a famous entry. This is due to the racing simulator’s contributions to the industry, the PlayStation VR, and its extended career (of more than 20 years) on the system.

With Gran Turismo, a top-notch simulation successfully incorporates the atmosphere of racing games. Gran Turismo Sport is one of the best VR racing games because they make racing feel like something to test your talents in numerous ways. It is most enjoyable with a virtual reality or mixed reality headset. It is unquestionably a pleasurable driving simulator.

Raceroom Racing Experience

A free-to-play racing simulator is called RaceRoom Racing Experience. With realistic automobile behaviour and sounds, detailed cars and circuits, and support for VR, it strives to deliver an authentic racing experience. An outstanding selection of race cars accompanies this driving experience. This includes F1’s high level of technology, the WTCC, or DTM vehicles with their downforce and low lines.

Fans of racing games are the target audience for Raceroom Racing Experience, whose journey begins with five cars and two free tracks as soon as they register. With additional vehicles, routes, and official championships available in the online store, you can start to tailor your experience. The game’s types, features, and material are always being added to and improved upon as part of ongoing development.

The game’s content is not just restricted to what the production studio creates; it also has a thriving modding community that provides stuff that can boost each player’s level of customization. An excellent place to start if you’re new to VR racing games.

This is one of the best driving simulators, especially for computer windows. You can play this game online and offline as it has various tracks and fancy automobiles. Race room racing experience is easy to play with the help of Oculus Rift headsets and HTC Vive.

AutoMobilista 2

Reiza Studios produced the racing simulation game Automobilista 2. This racing game aims to give players the impression of playing through a thorough simulation of the Brazilian racing scene, complete with the major Brazilian racing series, raceways, and manufacturers.

Automobilista 2 aims to pique the interest of VR users or so-called sim racers by offering more automobiles and tracks than its predecessor. It achieves this by partnering with renowned companies and iconic locations, including Brands Hatch, Mount Panorama, and Imola. The creators of the much-admired Project CARS series have also partnered with the creators of Automobilista 2 on a technical level. This series uses the MADNESS physics engine and boasts good graphic quality, dynamic weather and track condition systems for a more enjoyable experience, advanced racing simulation, and virtual reality support.

A racing mode, official events, facilities for creating custom modes, and a multiplayer rating system are all features of AutoMobilista 2. This game provides one of the best VR world experiences in the racing sim genre, which offers a variety of settings and vehicles from the most recognizable and illustrious brands. These elements are combined with an advanced simulation experience that considers less capable hardware.

Live for Speed

The creators of the virtual reality-compatible online driving simulator Live for Speed are Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey, and Victor van Vlaardingen. Since they are the only ones working on its development, they are the brains behind this simulator. Realistic driving experiences are the major objective. It contains a single-player mode where players compete against AI-guided cars and an online multiplayer mode. One way it varies from other racing games is that, except for a few, most vehicles are not real cars due to the lack of numerous affiliations with official brands. But by purchasing DLCs, this VR game offers a wide range of automobiles.

Many options are available; you can modify the suspension, colours, brakes, racing wheel, and even the vehicle’s tires, even more so if you have a VR rig, since, with this equipment, the races unfold with a spectacular experience. In addition to the adjustments that can be made to the Live for Speed cars, the feedback from the updated settings in the vehicles directly affects the driving sensation.

Live for Speed can be downloaded for free to try out its simulation capabilities. It can also be customised using community mods, a great way to personalise your VR gaming experience and prevent motion sickness completely.

Death Lap

A virtual reality game called Death Lap is all about devastation and nitrous. On Meta Quest 2, this game may be played independently, and it supports Oculus Touch. Death Lap, a $20 arcade racing game, provides an entertaining single-player and multiplayer racing experience.

The best feature of this game is how simple it is to control, allowing players to concentrate on the thrill rather than how to drive the automobile. Death Lap lets players play while standing, which is a bit disorienting but fun.

Project Cars 3

Project Cars 2 attracted attention for striking a solid mix between enjoyment and realism, devoid of unnecessary mechanics and complexity yet with just enough detail for purists.

Contrarily, Project Cars 3 abandons that formula in favour of a much more approachable arcade-style experience. It makes excellent use of VR capabilities for a light, approachable driving game, making it the ideal introduction to VR before moving on to more forgiving games, of which there are plenty.

Project Cars 3 is even more visually appealing than its predecessors, living up to the high standards we’ve expected from the series. It features gorgeous settings, changing seasons and weather, a veritable sensation of Speed, and violent collisions. This is even more apparent in virtual reality, and it’s a real pleasure to explore Project Cars 3’s features from every angle.

Additionally, you receive the same selection of over 200 vehicles, 120 tracks, and game modes—both competitive single-player and multiplayer—as the PC and console versions. Despite being rapidly dismissed as shallow due to the content’s bite-sized nature, Project Cars 3 isn’t as intimidating as other VR racing games and provides hours of light entertainment. Project Cars 3 is suited for those seeking a more effortless driving experience, but it does demand a powerful gaming setup—at least an RTX 2080 and 16 GB of RAM—so keep that in mind if you’re using an older PC.

Pros and Cons of VR Racing

provides detailed viewsA virtual world addiction
Communicates with others Technology is still in development
Successful communicationVirtual reality training is not real.

What to Consider Before Playing VR Racing games?

Setups for VR Racing

The bare minimum equipment for VR racing games is a quality VR headset and a desktop computer with sufficient capability. However, a thriving market of add-on equipment exists to improve the experience even more. With realistic pedals, gearboxes, and even button dashboards, they range from steering wheels to completely seated systems.

While I would discourage casual users from spending money, these add-on equipment resemble the experience of driving a ridiculously expensive racing car. They are, in my opinion, a great choice for devoted enthusiasts looking for the best VR racing experience and who have extra cash to spare.

Compatibility with Headsets

Due to the relative youth of the gaming component of the technology, VR is a fragmented and somewhat perplexing jumble of headsets and platforms to sort through, especially for newbies unfamiliar with the VR gaming environment. Not only does where you purchase a game matter, but also your headset.

Some of the best VR games can be accessible to everyone, whether using a Valve Index or PlayStation VR headset. Others, though, might be tied to a single platform, like Steam, or a single headset maker, like Oculus.

I will probably see more cross-platform game support as technology advances. Still, for the time being, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to double-check compatibility before making a purchase.

The Final Verdict

The ideal starting point for VR racing games is Project Cars 3 because it combines outstanding visuals with simple arcade-style gameplay in immersive 360-degree VR. There is much fun to be had here, even though it has abandoned the balanced realism of the past and may lack some depth.

Gran Turismo Sport is a must-play VR racing game for PlayStation VR players, even though the VR mode is only a small portion of what the complete game has to offer. Gran Turismo Sport will likely be available for little to nothing because it is old.

Assetto Corsa, the preferred VR racing game for motorsport fans, adds a lot of realism to the mix. This is made possible by a thriving modding community that transforms what would otherwise be a rather subpar base VR product into something genuinely exceptional. One for drifting enthusiasts and those considering purchasing a racing setup that includes a steering wheel, pedals, and rig.

Everyone can enjoy Dash Dash World, from those seeking a quick diversion to those with a stronger sense of competition. There is a substantial amount of stuff to explore, lots of online mischiefs to join in on, and frequent updates to keep it interesting.

In favor of an up-close and personal off-road racing experience that is both forgiving and rewarding, Dirt Rally 2.0 forgoes the race track’s clean lines. VR players receive the same content as the base game, enhanced by realistic automobile dynamics and excellent handling.


The VR experience has improved significantly in recent years, and game makers are now paying more attention than ever to VR while developing new titles for the market. I have done my part by compiling a list of the top racing games for VR. Now you can choose to download whichever VR game you like. All the games have their own excellent features and, pros and cons but I personally rank Project Cars 3 as the best of all.

Regardless of your decision, I am confident these games will improve your exciting virtual experience. The VR racing games are about to test you to the max, so get your headsets ready and be in top shape!

Do any decent VR racing games exist?

Gran Turismo Sport and Assetto Corsa, two of the best games, both centre on a single-player experience packed with speed and suspense. Given how popular this game option is among lovers of racing simulators, this is significant.

Can I consider Assetto Corsa a realistic game?

Assetto Corsa is unquestionably one of the most realistic racing games, as we’ve previously discussed here at Racing Games.GG. Additionally, according to experts, AC is one of the most realistic video games. It is very simple to say that the game raises the bar for sim-racing realism.

Does Project CARS 3 surpass Project CARS 2 in quality?

If you’re seeking for a simulation game where you may race in a comparable way to genuine racing, PC2 is by far the more serious game to pick. If you play video games more casually, PC3 is more enjoyable to play for an hour or so.

How would I know which VR racing game is best to play?

Grasshopper Sport, This Gran Turismo instalment, created by Polyphony Digital and available for PlayStation VR, is at the top of the list of the best racing games because it emphasises a crucial element. A key component of the racing simulator Gran Turismo Sport is its graphics portion.

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