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What’s the Difference Between a Monitor and a Gaming Monitor? Best Choice To be Made


Are you guys stuck with the question of choosing between a conventional monitor and a gaming monitor? When you guys are spending a huge amount of time in front of the display then this question is of higher importance than anything.

Conventional monitors are only about simple displays with a simple application running on them. While gaming monitors are all about the graphics, resolution, and details that will be game-driven.

All of this depends upon your needs and learning the main difference between a monitor and a gaming monitor. Therefore, we have conjured up an incredible guide just for you in order to help you make the right decision between gaming and a conventional monitor.

Main Difference Between a Monitor and a Gaming Monitor

Let’s get straight to the point of this guide, in order to get a crystal clear view about which is the best monitor out there you need to have a sound understanding of the main differences between a normal and a gaming monitor.

Here is the straightforward table, which helps you understand more precisely the main difference between the two options:

SpecificationsNormal MonitorGaming Monitor
Resolution1920 x 1080p FHDUp to 4K UHD
Aspect Ratio16:9 widescreen21:9 widescreen
Refresh RateAt least 60 Hz144 to 240 Hz
Color Contrast RatioProbably 1000:11000:1 to 3000:1
Battery LifeUp to 12 hoursUp to 6 hours

Which Features Make A Best Gaming Monitor

As mentioned above, every monitor is not a gaming monitor. Gaming Monitors need to deliver high-end graphics to their users. Gaming is all about video, details, and higher fps, when these points are delivered to you guys then all of this is possible with a gaming monitor.

Let’s look at the features that make the best gaming monitor:

Model/ SpecsAlienware 25 Gaming MonitorGigabyte G27FSamsung Odyssey Neo G9
Screen size25”27”49”
Response Time1 ms1 ms1 ms
Resolution1920 x 1080p1920 x 1080p5120 x 1440p
Refresh Rate240 Hz144 Hz240 Hz
Weight7.8 lbs14.55 lbs32 lbs
Aspect Ratio16:91.27:116:9
Check PriceAmazonAmazonAmazon

Which Features Make A Best Simple Monitor

Conventional monitors are about the usage and overall sturdy unit with a good enough display. These conventional monitors have a sturdy unit overall with a plastic casing body. These monitors have some bright features as well which you guys need to look out for when choosing a best Simple Monitor.

Model/ Specs

LG UltraFine Display Ergo

Dell 32 Curved 4K Monitor

ASUS Designo Curve Monitor

Screen size




Panel Type




Response Time

5 ms

8 ms

5 ms


3840 x 2160p

3840 x 2160p

3840 x 1600p

Refresh Rate

60 Hz

60 Hz

75 Hz


22.70 lbs

16.25 lbs

35.30 lbs

Aspect Ratio




Check Price




So now we have given a perfect list of gaming and conventional monitors, we can now easily move towards the differences between these two main categories of the monitors. These key differences will make your selection quite easy and will help in all dimensions like specs, price, movement, and extra features. Now, this guide will move towards the features of a gaming monitor and a conventional monitor which you guys need to look out for:

What Makes The Best Gaming Monitor?

Now that you’ve looked into the main features of an ideal gaming monitor, let’s discover these specs in detail and check out how a gaming monitor is designed.

Resolution and Display Size

Gaming monitors are all about the size and best resolution ever possible. These special monitors are built with top-of-the-line screen sizes which are capable of delivering a high-end experience. 

The whole screen of these gaming monitors is a great package overall. Covering more real estate in the display department a gamer shall require a minimum of 27” screen size. Screen size is of pivotal importance in the section of gaming monitors. More graphics-intensive games can be played with a larger screen with more depth and immersive vibes.

All of the gaming monitors must have a great resolution as well when you guys are preferring large screen sizes. The resolution of the gaming monitors must be in line with 3840 x 2160 pixels, stunning images and visuals will be delivered to your desk with such high specs. Most of the gaming monitors are equipped with WQHD with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels

Nowadays curved gaming monitors have uplifted the scene overall and manufacturers like Samsung and Gigabyte have already established these special monitors. These gaming monitors are quite far ahead in the race, as conventional monitors only support an FHD display in them which would not deliver according to the needs of the gaming environment. Acquiring a gaming monitor with good resolution and better screen size will be the perfect combo here for your gaming career.

Design and Panel

A great feature for these gaming monitors for sure. Design language is the main difference between a monitor and a gaming monitor. Gaming monitors are perfectly designed with sleek design, curves and edges. These special monitors are well crafted for gaming and overall focus for these screens are on the graphics and pixels density ratio. 

Now there is a huge tilt towards the curved screens which deliver the unbinding revolutionary display of the gaming environment. Curved design screens are becoming much more popular among gamers as the Samsung gaming monitor Odyssey is quite big enough that there is no need for a second gaming monitor.

Gaming monitors have a lot in their bag other than design elements, these special monitors have been equipped with excellent panel technology which will perform better for any gaming adventure. IPS, VA and TN technology is employed for these gaming monitors for quick responses and color shifting. 

In-Plane-Switching is the most well established technology among the gaming monitors, this is a cheap panel technology which delivers best for wide angles and better color contrast ratios. Alienware and Gigabyte employ this panel technology among its gaming monitors.

High Refresh Rates & Low Response Time

Refresh rate has a great part to play in the gaming monitors especially as the gaming adventure requires more screens for the display center. Higher refresh rate means a great immersive gameplay with high-end details provided at your desk. All of those conventional monitors are equipped with low refresh rates as they don’t have to experience such high intensity graphics rendering. 

Conventional monitors have a decent refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is quite decent in their case. Gaming monitors have a minimum 120 Hz refresh rate which lets you guys experience each and every detail more precisely.  A great feature to mention here is that the gaming monitors have NVIDIA G-sync and FreeSync which get them aligned with the GPU of the gaming rig directly with the input. Gaming monitors require less amount of time to transition from gray to different colors which helps the gamer to feel the vibe of the game.

Lower response time with 1 ms value is the  brighter side of the gaming monitor. This gives the gaming monitors a huge step forward than the conventional monitors. Better color and contrast ratio with this response time and transitioning between different colors is only possible with such accuracy.

Inputs Ports

A gaming monitor comes equipped with a great amount of input ports for video. These gaming monitors can connect multiple sources like gaming PC, consoles like Xbox and PS. These special monitors now have a good amount of USB-A and USB-C type ports which will surely enhance the gaming experience overall. Input ports are quite important for gaming as well. When console gaming is done then we can simply connect our controllers with the gaming monitor.

HDMI and Video ports are quite helpful in delivering the high end quality picture on the screen and allowing the user high end display as well. Wireless connection is avoided for this case as we need a high performance on the go. WIth gaming monitors there are now ways to manage your wires with the available ports.

Quick Info: Samsung Odyssey G9 is one of the latest Gaming monitors with MWQHD (Mega Wide Quad High Definition) display. This gaming monitor holds the perfect display for Shooting Games like DOTA, Fortnite, and PUBG etc.

Features of the Best Simple Monitor

Now, let’s disclose all features that a customary monitor comprises to make it the best for performing regular and office tasks effortlessly.


These conventional monitors have quite a bit of weight on them. These are bulky units and the overall body is quite studious and not at all curvy. These monitors have thick bezels around the corners. These monitors mostly comprise of LED technology while some of the previous generations still support the LCD panels. 

The overall weight comes from the body and panel for these conventional monitors while in the case of gaming monitors we have a lighter chassis and overall minimal bezels which gives the infinite wide display for you guys. An average conventional monitor will weigh around 30 pounds which makes them less user friendly to move around.

Response Time

These conventional monitors have a decent amount of response time as these screens will be employed for official and daily tasks. 

The normal response time delivered by these general desktops screens is around 5 ms. Performance is not the main goal in the employment of the general screens. Official works do not require fast response times and do not demand high color contrasting screens on the go while a simple display would suffice all of that. 

Conventional monitors are regularly employed in offices and home workspace, here is the list of tasks which are being done using the screen:

  • Watching videos
  • Creating Documents
  • Official work on word and excel
  • Internet browsing

All of these tasks are quite simple and less demanding in terms of graphics and response time. A conventional monitor with decent response time would be awesome for you guys.

Screen Resolution and Aspect Ratio

Let’s be honest about it, a general monitor with good screen resolution is a perfect combo for what you guys need. Even in this market of conventional monitors a decent heads up screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 is quite good. Mostly these conventional monitors have the FHD screens which can be served for good. Resolution is all about the clarity and images formed on the screen with the help of pixels. Most gaming monitors have an excellent screen resolution of 4K.

Resolution and Aspect Ratio go hand in hand in the display department. Aspect ratio lets you have the detail of the picture as this is the ratio between the width and height of the screen. These conventional monitors work best with 16:9 aspect ratio. Most of the screens are equipped with this aspect ratio, this will work best for them for video, pictures and even official work stuff as well.

Panel Technology

There is a huge chunk of conventional monitors which have three basic sets of technologies in the panel section which are IPS, VA and TN. Conventional monitors have IPS displays under the skin which is the reason for these not being used in the gaming niche. LCD panels have been employed in these conventional monitors which hold inter plane switching technology, the overall performance of these monitors with such technology in the color contrast and better screen angles are possible.

Vertical Alignment and Twisted Nematic are futuristic panel technologies which are often used in the gaming monitors with LED and OLED panels. This is the reason why overall graphics and screens have a greater depth in contrast and color ratio in the gaming monitors. OLED panels are quite common in the gaming monitors department.

Final Verdict: Choosing a Gaming or Conventional Monitor

Let’s get the final words out for this long discussion about the difference between a monitor and a gaming monitor. Well, you can never have a perfect combination in any monitor but still if you guys are into gaming and want the best graphics delivered to you then a gaming monitor would suffice. 

Gaming monitors will give the best resolution and aspect ratio for your gaming adventures. OLED and LED panels will surely deliver you the best of both worlds and give you the bang for your bucks. 

If you guys want a simple monitor for your office and house station then a conventional monitor with decent resolution will get you things done. Now curved monitors have established themselves in the market. One should definitely go for them if you guys are working with a decent budget overall.

What is the difference between a gaming monitor and a simple monitor?

The main difference between a gaming monitor and a simple monitor is in the display, resolution, response time and refresh rates. Gaming monitor is all about the crisp graphics and the pixel density while a regular monitor only serves best for your daily tasks like official work, watching videos and web browsing.

Can I use my gaming monitor as a regular monitor?

Yes, you can use your gaming monitor as a regular monitor. Gaming monitors have the best display power with its great resolution screen, lower response time, and jaw-dropping high refresh rates which are only possible with gaming monitors.

Can I connect my Gaming Monitor with gaming consoles?

Yes, you can simply connect your gaming monitor of higher graphic capabilities with your gaming consoles with HDMI wire. Gaming monitors are built for gaming adventures and one can surely have the ultimate gaming experience with such a combination.

Is a 60Hz monitor Good for Gaming?

Yes, this type of gaming monitor would suffice a quite good amount of games. These games will be played decently for medium settings and this compromise would be inevitable.

Can any monitor be used as a gaming monitor?

Yes, any monitor can be used for gaming purposes but the outlook of the game will be damaged severely. These monitors will have high response time and low refresh rate which will be a compromise overall. 

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