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The Ultimate Guide For Every Gamer : How Much Would it Cost to Build a Gaming PC?


In today’s era, gaming has seen a boost of high intensity from the past 15 years or so. There are a huge number of people coming in and playing a great number of games and experiencing the game world at its best. All of this gaming adrenaline is possible only just because we got some high-speed machines out in the market. 

Gaming PCs are still the best option to try out all the games in the world. However, Gaming laptops have created a strong impact but gaming PCs are still the choice by gamers.

So now as we have your attention, let’s get to your question straight, if you are thinking about how much would it cost to build a gaming PC then you have come to the right spot. If you guys are interested in building your personalized gaming PC then we got you covered as our experts have formulated the best guide just for you. 

This guide will not only help you with the cost, it will give you a great boost of confidence in developing a great personalized machine just for yourself.

So what we are waiting for is to start building these gaming beasts. Here are the simple steps you must follow where we will guide you through the cost to build a Gaming PC.

Budgets for a Gaming PC

Budget plays a vital role in building the personalised gaming PC, but there is no definitive limit over it. Hardware prices fluctuate as the demand and supply change the whole scenario. But just for you, we have divided budgets into three main categories: low, mid, and high budget gaming PCs. This will help you a lot in all aspects and will give you a head start to properly start the build process:

BUDGET/SPECS Low Budget Gaming PC Medium Budget Gaming PC High Budget Gaming PC
CPU 9th Generation Intel Core i3 & i5 Chipset

AMD Ryzen 3 Chipset

10th Generation Intel Core i7 Chipset

AMD Ryzen 5 &  7

10th Generation Intel Core i9 Chipset

AMD Ryzen 9





Storage 512GB-SSD 1TB-SSD 2-3 TB-SSD
PSU 400-500 W 600-700 W 800 W
Cooling System Fan-Based Cooling Multiple Fan-Based Cooling Liquid-Based Cooling Mechanism
FPS 30 fps 60+ fps 120+ fps
Casing Strong, Sturdy, RGB integrated Edgy, sleek, strong, and RGB integrated Multi-color, Strong material, and  RGB integrated
Price Range $200-$700 $700-$1300 $2000+

Low Budget gaming PC

As the title suggests, a gaming PC with a low budget. These PCs are quite capable of performing best for you when you are working with a modest budget. This class of gaming PCs is equipped with a powerful CPU and a capable GPU that can deliver you the gaming world in medium and low settings and somehow suffice the basic need of an amateur gamer. 

This class of gamers is all about the thrill and passion for the game while working with a low budget. 16GB–DDR4 is quite powerful and 512GB-SSD is enough in this budget. These gaming PCs fall in the range of 200-700 USD overall cost.

Medium Budget gaming PC

When you have a good or decent budget on your hand then you have plenty of options from all the sources. CPU selection becomes easy as you can now simply select a powerful latest Intel and AMD Ryzen processor. NVIDIA and AMD houses will be selected for the powerful and capable working GPU. 

High-performance RAM of 32GB-DDR4 will be preferred in this budget. With this budget, you can lay your hands on a minimum of 1TB-SSD hard disk space. Strong, sturdy, and RGB integrated casing must be used for medium-budget gaming PCs. Now you  can play multiple games of high-end graphics for longer sessions. Higher frame rates will be delivered to you with all these specs. This class of gaming PC falls under the 700-1300 USD price bracket.

High Budget gaming PC

High Budget gaming PC is the thing for professional gamers. There is no compromise in this category of gaming PC as all the top-tier pieces of equipment will be embedded in this gaming PC. The latest generation of CPUs from Intel and AMD with high clock speed will be employed. 

The latest GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD will be used for delivering the high-end gaming experience. All the games will be played with maxed-out settings and a higher refresh rate will be monitored perfectly. The cooling mechanism will be of premium trim as liquid water will be running through pipes and RGB integration will surely create a proper gaming vibe in the end. 

An optimum budget for a gaming PC is approximately more than 2000 USD. 

Now we have an overview of the cost of building a gaming PC, Now we shall dive into the world of the parts required for building the gaming PC with their individual costing as well.

Parts Required for building a gaming PC

As we have given you the basic idea of the gaming PC categories. We shall move to the details of the parts required for building the gaming PC. There are mainly two types of parts required for building the gaming PC, termed internal and external components. Let’s get into their description

Internal Components

In this part of the guide, we shall focus on all the levels of trims available for you to select for the internal components. We have also provided an overview of the brands which you need to look at before making a choice. This list will vary from high-end products to low-end products so that you have a proper understanding of them. Here is the list of the internal components required for building a gaming PC.

Internal Components

Cooling System


The first and foremost part of building a gaming PC is the selection of a suitable motherboard. A motherboard holds the key for performance as all the main equipment from CPU, GPU, RAM, and Hard drive will be slotted in this board

We have provided a great list of motherboard manufacturers which have designed their boards with dedicated slots for each of the equipment. A high-end board with excellent build quality will surely help you customize to another level. Normally the motherboard price range starts from $200 and goes to $600. Here is the list of motherboard manufacturers which we have handpicked just for you:

  • ASUS
  • Intel
  • Biostar
  • EVGA
  • GIGABYTE Technology


Right from the start of our understanding of computers, CPUs are considered a vital part. Technology has helped to develop central processing units with transistors up to the nano-scale. Choosing the best CPU for your gaming PC is of pivotal importance as there are two basic competitors out there which have a lot of chipsets specifically designed for gaming purposes. 

A CPU with high clock speed and overall best memory speed can help you win in every situation. The number of cores plays an important role in the overall efficient processing and speed of the gaming machine. Hexa and Octa-core processing chipsets have leveled up the whole gaming scenario. AMD and Intel CPU are the best regarding selecting a gaming CPU for your Gaming PC. 

Our experts have compiled a perfect list of 5 gaming CPUs just for you guys:

CPU Models Best For Price
AMD Ryzen 3 3100, 4-Core Best Entry-Level Gaming CPU BUY NOW 
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, 6-core Best Mid-Range Gaming CPU BUY NOW
AMD Ryzen 9 3950X, 16-core Best High-End Gaming CPU BUY NOW
Intel Core i9 11th Gen, 8-core Best Overall Performer BUY NOW
Intel Core i5 10th Gen, 6-core Best CPU for VR-Gaming BUY NOW


Gaming Processing Units are the heart and core of the gaming PC. Graphics are much more dependent on the GPU than the CPU of the gaming PC. Gaming has now become a professional sport and high-end graphics are included in the games as a must. 

To experience high-end gaming and its graphics one should simply add a dedicated GPU to its gaming PC. NVIDIA and AMD have a dedicated line of high performance GPUs, which will surely suffice the gaming appetite. All the AAA games can be played for long sessions with the addition of a GPU to your gaming PC.

Our experts have handpicked the best GPUs out there just for you here is the list of them:

GPU Models Best For
AMD Radeon RX 6600XT Best Entry-Level Gaming GPU
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Best Mid-Range Gaming GPU
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Best High-End Gaming GPU
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Best Overall Performer GPU
AMD Radeon RX 6800 Best GPU for VR-Gaming


RAM being the soul of the computer must be rated high as we are considering playing games in high demand. There is a huge variety of RAMs in the market which are competitive and are high-performance oriented as well. For efficient and fast processing you must consider 8GB of RAM of DDR4. 

As all the games nowadays are becoming RAM-intensive and low value of RAM will somehow disturb the overall gaming experience. The memory speed of the RAM must be considered while going for the purchase of these bad boys. RAM is quite an expensive equipment for the Gaming PC and prices may vary from $30 to a mind-blowing price of more than $1200.

Here is the list of RAM manufacturers which are handpicked from our experts just for you:

RAM Brands
Corsair 64GB with 3200MHz, DDR4 Corsair
G.Skill Trident Z 16GB with 3000MHz, DDR4 G.Skill Trident
HyperX Predator 8GB with 3600MHz, DDR4 Hyper X
Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB with 3000MHz Kingston


Storage is the pivotal part of the PC and with our focus on gaming, we should consider a large amount of space. Storage space must not be dealt with a causal attitude as all the games nowadays require quite an extensive amount of space for their files and having decent space would help in the gaming experience overall.

SSD and HDD drives are considered for the gaming PC as they perform with excellent specs on them. There is an option for using internal and external hard drives as well. But Internal hard drives must be preferred as it lowers the risk of malware. 512 GB of hard disk space is a must-have in the gaming PC to properly enjoy the gaming world.

Here is the list of Hard drive manufacturers handpicked from our experts just for your gaming PC:

Hard Drives Brands
Samsung 1TB SSD
Toshiba 4TB SSD
Seagate 2TB HDD

Cooling System

Gaming is such a high-intensity task for any PC and heat will be dissipated from the individual components of the Gaming PC. High temperatures will be attained by the components while gaming sessions, this is the reason why a proper cooling system must be embedded within you case of the Gaming PC.

This will enhance the performance and will surely help to get the temperature of the individual component down to an optimum level. Moreover, if we do not let the heat flow outside from the component then overall damage to the PC is quite evident. Gaming PCs have a range of cooling mechanisms from air-cooled, fan-based cooling, and liquid water-based cooling for a gaming PC.

Here is the list of cooling systems for a gaming PC handpicked based on excellent performance and overall reviews:

Cooling Systems Brands
EK-AIO Air cooler
Deepcool Gammax L240 V2 Liquid-Based Cooling
Corsair Hydro H60 V2 Liquid-Based Cooling


Last but certainly not least in our case, is the selection of a power supply unit for the gaming PC. This equipment is so important and selection must be dealt with care as all the sensitive instruments of the gaming PC depend upon the power being supplied to them. A voltage fluctuation will result in a disastrous result than expected and all the money will be wasted. So you guys must consider our list of PSUs which we have selected just for you to support and provide a continuous supply to work and perform efficiently.

Here is the best PSU handpicked by our experts just for your gaming PC.

Best PSU for Gaming PC Brands
Corsair RMX, 750W Corsair
Seasonic Prime, 1000W Seasonic
Corsair CX, 450W Corsair
XPG Core Reactor, 650 W XPG

External Components

Now, this guide has come to the point where all the internal components have been mentioned for you. External components have their importance in building a gaming PC. External components have a range of devices which we will discuss just for you so that you can select the best devices to build their gaming PC.

Let’s just dive into the external components of the gaming PC and here is the list of components:

External Components


By far now, you have spent quite a budget on your gaming PC. The display is another area where you should consider spending a healthy amount of bucks. Gaming is all about the graphics and experiencing a high amount of graphics in the best form using high definition screen with a high pixel rate.

The slim and sturdy structure of the monitor must be a great feature for you. Screen size plays a vital role as well. A minimum screen with an FHD display with high nits value is a must-have for your gaming experience. Higher refresh rate are considered when buying a gaming PC.

Here is the list of best gaming monitors selected just for you:

Best Gaming Monitors Brands
LG Gaming Monitor LG
Gigabyte G27Q Gigabyte
Alienware 25 Alienware
Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Samsung


The main highlight of the gaming PC is a great functional keyboard. Keyboard has always been the keynote in the gaming PC. All the features of a great gaming keyboard must be fulfilled in your selected keyboard. The keys must be tactile and RGB lighting is a must-have feature in your gaming keyboard. 

Backlit keys and different modes of lights must be there as well in your gaming keyboard. Longer gaming sessions and the heavy pounding of keys with high intensive gaming should be born by the gaming keyboard to deliver the ultimate gaming experience to the gamer.

Here is the list of great gaming keyboards just for you handpicked from our experts:

Best Gaming Keyboard Brands
Corsair K100 CORSAIR
G.Skill KM360 G.SKILL
HyperX Alloy Elite 2 HyperX
Razer Cysona Chroma Razer


Every gamer dream is to have a personalized mouse for them. Gaming which is oriented according to the player’s view and sight requires a dedicated mouse. A gaming mouse must have the feel and vibe of the gaming environment. The scroll, drag and clicking of buttons must be so perfectly balanced that the gamer should never miss the aim of the opponent. 

Overall shape and grip of the mouse play a key role in the performance of the gamer. Overall build quality and material used must be of great strength as well to avoid any discrepancy. Optical sensor performance is also a vital part in the overall working of the gaming mouse.

Here is the list of best gaming mouses which our experts have created just for you guys

Best Gaming Mouse Brands
Razer DeathAdder V2 Razer
Logitech G203 Lightsync Logitech
SteelSeries Prime SteelSeries
Razer Basilisk V3 Razer


Every game PC is incomplete without having a state of the art case to hold everything in it. The lights and structure are the standout point in the casing. Now as gaming has developed by leaps and bounds casing has upped its game quite high as well. There are fully customized casing available in the market with extravagant never seen color schemes and RGB integrated LEDs in the casing. 

Some of the developers have embedded water cooled casing as an addition to lower down the heat generated during excessive gaming. Now having a creative case for your gaming PC is a strong statement of showing your presence among other gamers.

Here is the list of gaming PC casing which our experts have pulled off just for you:

Best Gaming PC Casing Brands
Fractal Meshify 2 Compact Fractal Design
Phanteks Eclipse P360A Phanteks
Lian Li Q58 Lian Li
Antec P82  Antec

Techywired Buying Guide

As this guide has progressed, now we have come to the point where decisions will be made which purchase should be made. Our experts have developed three main categories just for you for a gaming PC according to the budget as mentioned earlier. Right from the selection of CPU, GPU, RAM and storage all of this is covered in these categories. Here is the list of best gaming PC:

Best Low Budget Gaming PC

If you guys are looking to build a gaming PC with a low budget then our experts have pulled off a gem in that regard. When working with a low budget it does not mean that you have to eliminate all the good pieces of equipment. A powerful CPU can be bought under low budget such as 9th Generation Intel Core i5 and i7. 

A powerful GPU from a respectable house like AMD and NVIDIA should be there as well. AMD Radeon Graphics 7 will work magic for you in gaming graphics. A minimum 16GB RAM with 3200MHz memory speed will suffice for RAM intensive gaming. Last but certainly not least, a 1TB-SSD harddrive can be added to your low budget gaming PC. 

Best Mid-level Budget Gaming PC

If you are looking to build a gaming PC with a mid-level Budget then our experts have extrapolated a perfect set of equipment to build a Mid-level gaming PC. When working with a Mid-level budget you can expect to get the best CPU for gaming purposes such as AMD Ryzen 7 which will work marvels for your gaming adventures. 

GPU of High performance can be purchased as well like NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti. Gaming experience will be enhanced when using RAM of 32GB-DDR4. RAM Intensive gaming will be played effortlessly with this gaming PC while storage space will be of 2-5 TB. Cooling mechanism for such a high powered gaming PC will be of good quality as well. Fan cooling with mesh structure included in the structure for efficient air flow.

Best High-level Budget Gaming PC

If you guys are looking to build a high powered gaming laptop with top of the line specs then our experts got you covered. When you have a high budget while building a gaming PC then you can surely purchase a gaming CPU like AMD Ryzen 9 and a powerful GPU from NVIDIA RTX 3090. 

A high-end gaming PC will surely have an astounding RAM of 64GB-DDR4 size and storage space of more than 5 TB. High end gaming PC of all the specs mentioned will deliver you the top gaming experience.

Other than these options, if you have been looking for the best portable gaming PCs 2022(internal link), we have composed a separate article on it.


  • Is a gaming PC better than a gaming Laptop?

Yes, gaming PCs have a great edge on the gaming laptop due to performance, high specs, customizability and all the gaming experience. Gaming laptops conversely, have the edge in one dimension which is being portable to their user. Overall gaming PCs are better than gaming laptops in all dimensions.

  • Is a curved screen monitor good for gaming?

Yes, the gaming experience gets enhanced with a curved screen, our eyes get the overall view perfectly. The curved screen monitors from Samsung and HP are on the top tier of PC gaming.

  • Is the water cooling mechanism sufficient for a gaming PC?

Yes, the water cooling mechanism is perfect for the gaming PC as individual component cooling gets possible with this cooling mechanism. Fan cooling is quite good as well but Gaming PC requires more temperature dropping mechanism for longer gaming sessions.

We have developed the best articles with great extensive research. Share and enjoy!

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