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Does having a second monitor affect gaming performance? Everything You Need To Know


A gaming PC is the ultimate gaming machine out there, which can deliver you the best of both worlds. These gaming beasts are built for extraordinary performance. As we know, gamers are quite fond of multitasking and this is only possible while employing a second monitor with your primary gaming rig.

Gaming is all about the performance and while having two monitors, working alongside for different applications is the new trend in the gaming community. 

This lets us directly into the main topic of our discussion which is whether having a second monitor affects the gaming performance or not? In order to answer this most anticipated and inevitable question “Does having a second monitor affect gaming performance?”we have researched the whole internet and mustered up the perfect article just for you guys. 

Let’s get into the article which will help you guide if your performance gets affected or not, here are the steps affecting the performance of the second monitor. The short and concise answer is “yes” but you guys don’t have to worry much about it.

Establishing A Second Monitor

A Gaming PC has a dedicated monitor for the primary display with excellent features. But the gaming sector has seen a huge uplift with influencers like Ninja, Markiplier and Alastair employing a second monitor attached with their gaming PC. Most of the professional gamers use their primary gaming monitors for the games and have their other monitor to run the other applications.

A second monitor can be plugged in with the gaming PC quite easily with a power cable and can work wonders for you guys. Acquiring a second monitor for yourself is a delightful experience overall and it lets you enjoy the whole vibe as well. 

Having a second monitor with your gaming PC will also cover much of the real estate of your gaming setup as well but you guys will be willing to sacrifice such space for the ultimate experience. When you guys have established the whole monitor, then your long asked question about the effect on gaming performance will be answered.

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Gaming on Dual-Monitor

Gaming becomes so immersive when you guys acquire a dual-monitor system for your gaming PC. Games can be run successfully on these gaming PCs with a dual-monitor system with excellent quality while you guys can still run apps on the second monitor. There are some issues which are discussed in this article which you guys will face when both screens are required to perform alongside each other.

There are some games which may require a wider display to get to know the surroundings like Middle Earth: Shadow of the Mordor, Forza Horizon 5 and Far Cry 5. All of the AAA game titles can be played with excellent graphics on these dual-monitor systems, but there is a slight catch in all this as the more load will be provided to the GPU of the gaming PCs and performance will surely be affected. Here is the list of the issues which can affect your gaming performance while using second monitors.

Loss of FPS

When you guys are using two monitors with your gaming PCs then there is a huge myth about the loss of FPS. The answer to this mystery is quite interesting as well, when you guys are playing a high-end graphic game on your dedicated gaming monitor and you have started the live stream alongside it, you guys will surely feel the loss of FPS on your gaming monitor as your gaming rig will now have to work quite hard to cope with the whole scenario. 

Streaming while playing is a run of the mill task for the professional gamers as they have to share the whole gaming vibe with their subscribers as well. The GPU of the gaming rig must be fluent and up to date in order to deliver the best performance otherwise gaming experience will be compromised easily. 

There is another example which will surely cause the loss of the FPS in the game, watching videos on different platforms on your second monitor while playing games on your primary monitor. This issue arises due to the same previous reason which is overloading the GPU of the gaming rig.

A simple yet compromising solution will be changing the whole setting of the game and adjusting the value of FPS to a certain level where the gaming vibe is not disturbed and you can watch and stream videos.

Display Size & Resolution

Gaming is all about the resolution and display. All the details and graphics need to be delivered perfectly to you guys in order to have the perfect gameplay. Monitor display size and resolution matters a lot in the gaming setup. 

Gaming Monitors have minimum configuration of QHD with screen resolution of 2560×1440 resolution. Now there is a catch if you guys go for a lower configuration monitor there would be a clear change in the overall quality and pixels will drop as well. Most of the amateur gamers will suffice this extravagant change in resolution and quality.

A great fact to point here, all the professional gamers out there employ the same level of resolution for both of their monitors. These guys do not compromise quality as they want to stream and play the games at the same time. Ninja, a renowned gamer has acquired screens with excellent resolutions and display quality.

Connectivity Issues

Gaming PCs are equipped with excellent high-end graphic cards from respectable houses. Gaming monitors are connected with the gaming PCs which support the graphic card for excellent display. This GPU holds the key of attaching a second monitor to your gaming PC. Most of the GPU are entitled to enable the second monitor connection. 

Most of the previous generation GPU do not come with the option of slot for the second monitor to be used as a display screen. In order to set up the second monitor you guys have to employ an external GPU dedicated for the second monitor. A proper heavy duty wire will surely suffice and remove any present issue regarding connectivity with the gaming PC.

Thin Bezels

When working with the two monitors you guys must want the trilling view while gazing upon the screens, but this is not possible with regular monitors with thick bulky bezels which will only destroy the whole gaming vibe. The main highlight here is that you guys don’t want to see the division between the screens to enjoy the game. Thin bezels around any display will make a more strong impact on the game as when playing games like RDR2 details finer details matter quite a lot.

Gaming experience will surely get enhanced when employing the thin bezels monitors. Thin bezel monitors will be a perfect combination for the gamers which are looking to step forward in the streaming world and create an audience of their own.

Acquiring thin bezels with the device is the way forward for you guys. Dual monitors with thin bezels will promise to give the real experience of a huge display with minimum cost.

Advantages of Dual-Monitor System

Let’s discuss the main advantages of having a dual-monitor system. Gaming will become more intensive and immersive with the help of two monitors for sure. This dual-monitor system will surely give you the bang for bucks. As professional gamers are moving towards the new platforms like Twitch and Steam, uploading the gameplay videos of winning all the conquests, tackling difficult situations and interacting with their followers is only possible with the help of a dual-monitor system.

A huge benefit here with the dual-monitor system is that you can simply play all the AAA game titles like Forza Horizon 5, Far Cry 6 and Assasin Creed: Valhalla. All of these and many more games can be played effortlessly and more extensively with the help of a dual-monitor system. These little known facts will surely help in developing a proper professional career in the e-gaming sector.

Final Verdict: Techywired

So now, we can clearly state the answer of the long asked question: does having a second monitor affect gaming performance? To some extent yes. As you guys have to lower down the overall setting and have to compromise somehow. Gaming and streaming at the same time will only be possible with a dual-monitor system and this is a great advantage to our side. All of this will somehow affect the fps and refresh rate of your primary gaming PC monitor.

Overall a great feature to add to your bucks list which will surely enhance the gaming vibe and let you enjoy all the details of big game titles more effortlessly and fluently.


  • Can I connect 3 monitors with my gaming PC?

Yes, you can connect 3 monitors with your gaming PC. More than 3 monitors will surely cause a dip in the performance of the gaming PC and will be working with lower graphics overall. As all the monitors will need the juice from The GPU.

  • Do Dual-monitor systems need more GPU ?

Yes, having a dual monitor system will require some real-estate from the GPU side as it handles all the graphics and display section of the PC.

  • Can I connect my second monitor wirelessly?

Yes, you can simply connect your second monitor with your gaming PC wirelessly. There is a simple CONNECT feature in the windows 10 which will help you connect the second monitor effortlessly and avoid all the labor of wire handling.

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