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How to Hold a Gaming Mouse? 3 Best Grips


Gaming is all about the skills and reflexes shown by the gamer. Gamers have seen a revolution in the form of hardware and all the graphics-infused gaming adventure. While we are talking about the performance of gamers, there are professionals out there who have developed a special set of skills that they employ in their gaming sessions. As we have answered the long-debated question that gaming PC is the best gaming rig for everyone. So now we have your attention let’s get straight to the point which is “How to hold a gaming mouse?

Gaming peripherals are the most important part of the gaming PC according to the best professional gamers out there. All the shooting games like Fortnite, PUBG, DOTA, and CS: GO have seen a great boost in their acceptance and boost due to immersive gameplay and perfect graphics. 

Professional gamers have expertise for these games using high-quality peripherals and employing them with the skills in the gaming adventure. If you  want to achieve success and want to outperform your opponents then this guide is the key to success for you as we will decipher how to hold a gaming mouse.

Let’s explore the world of holding a Gaming mouse which is primarily three basic types:

Three Basic Styles of Holding a Gaming Mouse

There are quite a bunch of styles with which you can hold a gaming mouse, but professionals which have dedicated their hours and hours of life to these games have adapted to some special grips which can be helpful to your gaming as well. Our experts have carefully selected 3 main grips with vigorous research on the best e-gamers out there and watching their style for holding a gaming mouse.

Gaming Mouse Gripping StylesBest For
The Claw                                    Multiplayer Games
The FingertipShooting Games
The PalmLonger Gaming Sessions

Now as we have given you the basic flavor of this article, we want you to understand the basic importance of holding a gaming mouse. If you are into gaming and are seriously thinking of making a fortune and name out there for yourself with these games. Our experts have collected a large number of reasons just for you to know about the importance of holding a gaming mouse.

Importance of Holding a Gaming Mouse 

Getting the best specs gaming PC and with all the best hardware and peripherals out there is just not enough for being a professional gamer. Gamers of high respect and high stature among the fans like Ninja, Benjyfishy, Jahq many more out there are using these special grips for their amazing performance. These guys have mastered the balance between being comfortable and enjoying the whole gameplay.

Let’s be honest about it for a moment, Using a gaming mouse is a tough task and when you are stuck in a difficult situation among enemies in a shooting player game then all you require is being proactive to aim for the head. These special grips are not only simple to adapt to and work wonders for your gaming adventures.

Gaming is surely a long and energy-draining process and for all this, all you need is a comfortable position and posture with your gaming chair. Gripping your gaming mouse for such longer sessions in an awkward position will surely cause you severe sprains and strains in your fingers. 

Gaming mice differ from the normal daily official mice which are conventional in all terms from usage to build quality. This guide will properly set you to adapt the perfect grip for your gaming mouse which will deliver you the best gaming experience. Now we have established the importance of holding the gaming mouse, let’s just start getting a hold on these basic types of holding a mouse.

The Claw Grip: The Best Grip for every Game

The name for this grip is all you need to know. The claw represents the style you shall place your fingers on your gaming mouse. This style of holding a gaming mouse is the best one out there for all the multiplayer gaming adventures which require aim and accuracy at the same time. 

In this grip style of the gaming mouse you need to put your two main fingers to work: the index finger and middle finger. Both of these fingers have a quiet role to play as these are used for clicking and rolling purposes.

The main buttons are covered with the two fingers of your hand while the palm of your hand is easily and perfectly placed at the top of the gaming mouse which is best for your longer gaming sessions. This will result in longer gaming sessions and having the best stance for shooting games which is the way forward for you guys. 

Let’s be honest for a moment if you have long fingers and still want to perform excellently in these MMOs and MOBAs gaming environments then this is the grip for you. Getting the headshots out there is only possible with such a high-quality gripping style.

This grip style is followed by the greats who have made their name in the world of multiplayer shooting and online games where orientation and reflexes are the keys and all of this is only possible with a perfect grip on your gaming mouse. 

Last but certainly not least, this grip is so satisfying and pleasing to the hand and fingers that you can play for a longer duration without feeling a strain in your hand overall. This gaming mouse grip involves a lot of wrists as well which can be the real difference between a professional and a noob.

The Fingertip Grip: Best Headshot Grip

A dangerous grip style and a sure one to get things done in a short period. This style of holding a gaming mouse is perfect when you are stuck in a tight situation with your character and need to solid blow to the opponents and have to push the throttle to burst the enemies down. 

This grip allows the tips of your fingers which are middle and index fingers to work for you. This is the slightly different version of the claw grip, here the whole palm of your hand sits on the back of your gaming mouse.

The name of this grip highlights the functionality and it’s the best thing when you want to make small movements and want to establish your authority among gamers. This grip will help you make the subtle change and fire the perfect headshots at your enemies. 

The main highlight of this grip is that you cannot make this gripping work for you for a longer period. The strain will start to creep in with this grip and you have to switch to a normal more relaxed grip on your gaming mouse.

There is a proper connection between grip style and gaming performance. Gamers like Ninja have developed a perfect style in which they will switch to this grip at such speed to deliver the punch to their opponents. 

Once you follow the basic adjustments you have to make for this grip the easier it gets to get the hang of this grip. As you have established a grip back of your mind and your instinct tells you not to switch at that critical point but switching to such a stance will make things perfect for your experience.

A strange fact with this grip is that your tips get flat and adopt the shape of the buttons. Which can be annoying and quite disturbing for the nerves as well.

The Palm Grip: Perfect for Longer Gaming Sessions

This is the ultimate grip for holding a gaming mouse and a conventional gaming mouse. This grip can work wonders for you, if you pay attention to the detail. This grip is so relaxing and yet so satisfying in the end that you need to adopt it in your gaming adventures. This lets you perform beyond your imagination and lets you feel the breath of success.

This grip is so simple yet technically so balanced that you just have to place your hand properly on the gaming mouse with fingers automatically lining up with the keys. Resting your fingers and palms is so important for you guys if you want to stream for longer gaming sessions. 

Sprains and injuries are so common for rookies in the gaming world as they cannot adopt a proper holding style for a gaming mouse and had to consult an orthopedic who would recommend a proper posture. This style of grip holds it all for you.

The grips when mixed with a flavor of different grips like claw and fingertips become so deadly in MMOs and MOBAs gaming adventures that you guys would not believe your eyes. This grip is selected by most of the gaming Gods which have made their mark in the gaming world with perseverance and sticking to such gaming mouse grip

3 Proven Tips and Tricks to Improve the Gaming Mouse Grip

Now as we have elaborated the perfect styles for holding a gaming mouse; let’s just focus on tips and tricks for improving the grip of the gaming mouse. These tips will surely bear fruit for you in seconds when you apply them to your gaming styles. Here is the list of 3 tips and tricks to improve the gaming mouse grip.

Right Size Gaming Mouse

Locating the best brand with the right size is the key to your success in the gaming mouse case. Gaming mice come in a large variety with excellent detail on every aspect but still, you need to grab the perfect size. This goes the same as finding the right footwear for your run: not too big and not too small; just the perfect hand size.

Resting Space for fingers

Acquiring a gaming mouse with decent space to let your fingers rest on them which are the primary function of the mouse. Decent space for fingers lets you develop a great connection and click the way as you go along. 

Ideal Weight for a Gaming Mouse

Finding the right partner for your gaming PC which delivers you a high speed for all of your gaming adventures; acquiring a lightweight perfect gaming mouse for yourself is the key to being a professional gamer. All of the gaming gods out there have a special attachment to their gaming mice. Being lightweight means a whole lot of mobility and actions, which can be performed with quite ease.

Final Verdict: Techywired

So now we have come to the end of this guide on how to hold a gaming mouse? We started with an underrated question in the world of mouse grips, and how they can change your gaming experience once and for all. If you have still not decided which grip to choose from; Fret Not! We suggest a practical answer to that as well. 

Gaming is all about practice and making your way to the top is a long road for sure. So keep calm and practice these special grips from the best in the market. Gaming mouse grips alterations can seriously damage your wrists and fingers but following these perfect 3 grips, you can effortlessly cross that stigma.


How to hold a gaming mouse for a perfect headshot?

Palm grip is considered the best in the market for delivering the perfect headshot. This gaming mouse grip lets you conquer all the challenges perfectly. Headshot requires the placement of the hand in such a good position that all the enemies get shot.

Can I use a normal mouse as a gaming mouse?

Yes, of course you can simply connect your normal mouse with your gaming PC. This will surely perform well and even some of the high-end gamers still prefer to employ their old optical mouse. But having a dedicated gaming mouse under your hand has its own edge for you.

How much should I spend on a gaming mouse?

A gaming mouse should never cost you the moon. Gaming mice usually cost between $40 and $50. This is the price range where most of the gaming mice fall.

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