GTA 6: What and When?


GTA 6 is considered one of the most extremely anticipated titles among the next generation. Leaks about the official release of GTA 6 have given a clue that it is under development and will be soon in the market. But the details about GTA 6 cannot be considered much effective as they are only clues and leaks.

After many years of waiting, the arrival of GTA 6 has been officially confirmed by Rockstar. It has been confirmed that Rockstar will have an entry in the Grand Theft Auto Series. The statement ensures the development of GTA. Many gamers were waiting for the release of GTA 6, and now it’s being developed by Rockstar. All the details about GTA 6 are kept hidden, but the rumours suggest that it will be launched soon and is predicted to be a more efficient game than GTA 5. Thanks to the rumours, we have started getting a clear picture of the useful information about GTA 6 and how it will look. We hope that the entry of GTA will be profound in the market and will be the priority of its fans.

GTA 6: Release date

We know that all of you are waiting for the official launching date of GTA 6. However, there is currently no information about its release date, but the rumours have given a clue that GTA 6 is coming soon. There has not been enough information that has been gathered through the cracks but the article holds the adequate information. In the recent news, Rockstar has discovered that the development of GTA 6 is proceeding. However, it indicates that the game is going through active development at Rockstar, but still we are doubted when and how it will actually come out. Analysts have predicted that Grand Theft Auto 6 has the chance to be released in 2024. According to rumours, it is estimated that Grand Theft Auto 6 Is still two years away, which means it will be officially released in 2024.

GTA 6: Price

The series’ fifth instalment cost about $265 million. Red Dead Redemption 2 also has a price tag of $644.2 million. The sixth part’s development began after 2013. It is currently 70% complete and will be completed soon. According to rumours it is possible that GTA 6 will be available with the estimated cost of $550. But after this component is released, the accurate price will be made known.

GTA 6: Features

Although Rockstar has not revealed any of the features of GTA 6, some mechanics used in the previous titles will be seen in the future. It is still undoubted that the GTA 6 will have all the previous mechanics or will have some new features such as

  • A massive map
  • Multiple leading characters
  • Customization of Cars
  • Various locations
  •  Female lead
  • Side missions
  • Wide range of weapons

Minimum requirements for GTA 6

Memory8 GB
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
CPUIntel Core i5-6600K
File Size150 GB
OSWindows 10

Possible Setting of GTA 6

In 2021, Tom Henderson, a leaker for the industry, released a video. He discusses every rumour he has heard in the previous two years. In this video, Henderson reveals that he has heard GTA 6 will be a “modern title.” This eliminates Vice City in the 1980s and suggests a contemporary setting. A modern atmosphere is simpler to create in the game’s online environment since modern technologies may be used without feeling out of place. Additionally, he claims Vice City might make a cameo in the game but in a more modern setting.

Rockstar hasn’t yet made any official statements about the map size of GTA 6. So, where might it take place? The first is that GTA 6 might take place in a theme park-like adaptation of previous GTA locales. This would imply that both San Andreas and Vice City from the 1980s could be regions. However, this is just conjecture. Another scenario is also conceivable. Why not other cities? The GTA has taken on places like LA and New York. Fans frequently ask for London as a location; however, considering GTA Online, that would be challenging to incorporate.

In 2022, an industry analyst, Michael Pachter, claimed that different continents would be featured for GTA 6, including San Andreas, Europe, London, Vice City, and Liberty City. It seems that the map of GTA 6 is going to be one of the biggest sandbox maps of Rockstar.

A most important leak holds the information that the game will evolve and grow over time and that new cities and regions will be added through its lifecycle. It would involve expanding the locations and story content.

Possible Platforms and Cross-Play in GTA 6

Although the news about the release of GTA 6 is up in the air, it is possible to see the game on Xbox One consoles and last-gen PS4. According to the leaks, the GTA 6 will only be available to new generation hardware, and it would be a solo release for the games of Rockstar.

At present, any Rockstar games cannot enable cross-play, but GTA 6 will likely have this feature. This ability of GTA 6 will allow the users to play together across the hardware. You would be able to interact in GTA 6 whether you are on a PC or a console.

Leaked Story

GTA 6 may probably include the first female protagonist in the franchise. Dan Houser explains why a woman couldn’t be a playable character in GTA V and how the development team might change that in the future in an interview.  He said “We didn’t give GTA V much thought this time. Not that we couldn’t or wouldn’t, though. We just went with the characters that came to us; we didn’t think, “we have X and Y, so we need Z,” or try to follow a checklist. I don’t think that will ever result in something believable or interesting. Could we make a game with a lead female character in the future? No doubt. Even if we haven’t yet discovered the perfect game for it, we frequently consider it. It didn’t feel natural for this game, but it would be amazing in the fair competition in the future with the proper themes.

This topic is also covered in Tom Henderson’s July 2021 rumour video, in which he talks about the possibility of a playable female character who is the “bright one” in the group and is skilled with technology and hacking. That seems good to us.

The Character of a Female Protagonist in GTA 6

Some rumours that circulate have a little more merit. According to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, GTA 6 will reportedly include a playable female protagonist for the first time in the franchise’s history. The female player character is one half of a Bonnie-and-Clyde-style criminal partnership, claims Schreier.

Schreier also notes that GTA developers are being more selective when choosing the targets of their satire. Rockstar’s broader efforts are to be politically sensitive. All the rumours have the efficient information about the female protagonist but the effectiveness of the information will be seen once the game is available.

GTA 6’s Delay: Why?

Like the development of any AAA computer game, GTA 6’s progress and release are influenced by several factors. The COVID-19 pandemic, which paralyzed the entire world, and internal problems at Rockstar. Games forced them to reconsider their corporate practices and rearrange their crew.

However, many fans also believe that Rockstar will release GTA 6 until the success and popularity of GTA 5 (and its online counterpart) have been fully realised. And given the enormous amount of money generated by GTA 5, it is not unexpected that the company has not yet decided to discontinue its greatest offering. In any event, the ten-year wait is twice as long as the five-year period between Grand Theft Auto IV and V. Now, let’s hope the wait is only two more years. Hopefully!

The Final Verdict

You have got a lot of information about the arrival of GTA 6 but many more are about to come. Although, any setting of map for the GTA six is not confirmed yet but the most recent titles in the GTA series have been in North America. The GTA series fans would also be pleased to see a return of Vice City and San Andreas. Recently, a leaker has stated that the main focus would include many cities. The size of Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 may be combined, and it would take place in the modern-day version of Miami.

A recent Bloomberg story we reported contains a ton of information on a potential setting for Grand Theft Auto 6. Most GTA 6 will reportedly take place in a made-up Miami, with more locales and cities to be added after the game’s first release. According to rumours, this will relieve pressure while the game develops. If this is all true, GTA 6 may be a dynamic game.


It’s time to wait for additional information and the gameplay trailer now that you know every trustworthy leak and detail regarding GTA 6 that has been publicly available online. We will also have reliable information on the upcoming GTA game in future.  The delay of GTA 6 would not prevent us from discussing our hopes for its arrival and various features. However, the developers of GTA 6 hold the correct and reliable information that is not easy to access.  We hope to see GTA 6, the best game in the market.


Will GTA 6 be released on the PS4?

GTA 6 may come on Xbox One and PS4 platforms from the previous generation, despite the uncertainty surrounding its release. According to rumours, the GTA 6 will allegedly only be compatible with newer hardware and will be released exclusively for Rockstar’s games.

Can you currently purchase GTA 6?

According to the most recent rumours, GTA 6 will be released in 2024.. The game’s setting is a contemporary version of Vice City, which will grow and alter over time.  This contradicts earlier predictions that GTA 6 might debut in October 2023 and take place in Miami. 

When will GTA 6 be released?

According to analysts, Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to come out soon. It is likely to be released in 2024 by Rockstar. Rockstar had just revealed about GTA 6 and confirmed that and its development is under processing.

Can GTA 6 become the best-selling game?

A big deal has always been made when a new GTA game is released. GTA 5 outsold each of the earlier Rockstar games to rank as the second-best-selling game of all time. It will undoubtedly grow even more when GTA 6 is out, perhaps even outselling Minecraft in sales.

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