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Top 8 Metaverse Tokens and NFTs: Best Metaverse Tokens Out there


Metaverse, in simple words, is a living and quite large space developed by engineers and technologists to step up the game to the future. The metaverse is an amalgamation of the physical and virtual worlds.

This is a technology that spreads like a forest fire and a large pool of people come in with their cash to buy the Metaverse crypto tokens and coins. Metaverse for a normal understanding is a living world where people are interacting and engaging themselves regularly. 

Metaverse helps to interact in a digital world with extravagant details. If you guys want to learn about the Metaverse coins and how they operate in this technological world, then we got this information just for you guys. Metaverse is all about coins and tokens and its knowledge can help to lead this digital world.

List of Top 8 Metaverse Tokens and Coins

Metaverse Titles Coins or Tokens
Decentraland MANA
AXI Infinity AXS
Illuvium ILV
Vulcan Forged PYR PYR
My Neighbour Alice ALICE
Aavegotchi GHST
Theta Network THETA

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is the new face of the technology world where the world meets in its virtual form.  Everyone got their avatars in this virtual world. This all works based on the blockchain model. Metaverse allows you guys to play and work in this world of brilliant scenarios of virtual and augmented reality. 

Metaverse has its own space, real estate, shopping malls, and everything which you can imagine and feel in this real world is there. Users for this world need an access point via their PCs. 

Everyone entering the Metaverse will have their Avatar personalized to their desire and design. These avatars will interact, move and perform all the functions for you. Specialized gear like VR headsets or any handheld device will be required to encompass the overall feel of this digital world. 

Like our normal world works on cash and trade, this virtual world also encompasses coins and tokens. Metaverse holds a bunch of games where people can follow the “Play to earn” Model where people will obtain metaverse crypto tokens.

The blockchain model followed for this Metaverse due to trust and security, investment cannot be delayed down to the wire. Cryptocurrency has a huge role to be played in the Metaverse. 

Metaverse has its coins and tokens which are being employed to obtain all the services out there in the digital world. New projects are always on the go for this Metaverse which is the reason why Bloomberg has predicted market growth of $800 billion by 2024.

What is a Metaverse Token?

In this Metaverse, tokens have a key role to play as this is a virtual currency of this digital world. Many of these tokens are being used for transactions in this metaverse. 

Metaverse tokens are built on a blockchain model which would ensure security and people’s cash would be safe and sound. Metaverse provides a safe and healthy environment to investors.

There are numerous tokens and coins in this digital world which have a value of their own in the real world as well. These metaverse coins are worthy of everything and will help to trade in the Metaverse. For example, if you guys want to invest in these tokens and coins you will be able to purchase and trade various items. If you guys are into the MMO gaming section, these games accept these tokens and coins for getting a lot of stuff required for an excellent gaming experience. 

So now let’s go through them,

  • The SANDbox: SAND

The SANDbox (SAND) 
Rank Market Cap Volume Current Price
36 $4.43B $988M $4.82

The sandbox is a gaming virtual world built on the ethereum blockchain where players can build their own and monetize their gaming experiences. Using non-fungible tokens NFTs and our main utility token SAND the SANDbox platform currently includes vox edit marketplace and game maker lets you create a game asset such as a dragon to make it become a non-fungible token. 

An ft and sell it on the marketplace assets are made intuitively using voxels the equivalent of 3d pixels to build all sorts of assets that can be also animated with templates the sandbox’s decentralized marketplace enables the trading of in-game assets created with their NFT maker now millions of players can enjoy creating, exchanging and selling game assets published on the ethereum blockchain to prove ownership and full monetization finally the sandbox’s game maker allows players to build 3d games for free and with no coding knowledge required. 

The SANDbox virtual world uses blockchain technology SAND utility tokens and nfts to empower the players and creators through the use of nfts the sandbox users will be able to benefit from true digital ownership security and immutability.

SAND is considered the most valuable Metaverse coin due to the hype created in recent times. Most of the celebrities have announced their virtual playground in the SANDbox. This is a growing ecosystem and in the coming years, it shall cross the boundary of 10 billion USD. 

The SANDbox has a great scope in the future as it is in the budding stages and more graphics are being added to create an immersive display in the end it will skyrocket. SAND has an evaluation of $4.3 billion making it one of the most popular coins of the Metaverse.

  • Decentraland: MANA

Decentraland (MANA)
Rank Market Cap Volume Current Price
31 $5.28B $514M $2.95

The virtual world sensation is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland development started back in 2015 with a 2D proof-of-concept, cleverly named “the Stone Age”. The project has come a long way since then and in February 2020 it officially launched for the public. 

Decentraland is a fully decentralized, 3D virtual world where people can own and develop their virtual land or they can wander around and interact with what other users have created, as well as other people that are exploring Decentraland at the same time. The landscape can include anything from static 3D scenery to interactive objects, buildings, art, games, or massive events that attract thousands of users.  

So while Decentraland isn’t necessarily a revolutionary product. If we dig a bit deeper and you can see how Decentraland brings a new paradigm to the virtual world. The world of Decentraland is divided into small fragments, called Parcels. Each Parcel is 16m by 16m, or for those not on the metric system, 52ft by 52 ft, and it’s the smallest piece of land you can own. 

If you own several parcels next to each other you can combine them to create an Estate. Genesis Plaza is the most notable example. Sitting at the center of the map, it’s a beautiful virtual plaza where you can learn more about Decentraland.

MANA is the native token for Denetraland and it essentially fuels its economy. MANA is an erc20 token and it is Decentraland’s de facto in-game currency. Within Decentraland MANA can be used to purchase nfts from various virtual art galleries, it can be used to purchase tickets for virtual events and can even be used for gambling. 

MANA holders can also vote on any changes to Decentraland’s virtual world including modifications to land parameters, adjustments to marketplace fees and the approval of wearable nft collections. This coin has a market cap of $5.28 billion. Holders for this token are increasing steadily and one can seriously bet on it that it will create a fortune in the Metaverse. Stats for this token are quite promising as the year goes by.

  • AXI Infinity: AXS

Axie Infinity (AXS) 
Rank Market Cap Volume Current Price
35 $4.94B $605M $81.23

Cryptocurrency has made it clear that play to earn is the future of gaming. Creating a sustainable play to earn an ecosystem is not an easy thing to do. However, the only crypto project that has managed to pull it off so far is AXI Infinity and it has consequently amassed over 2 million monthly users and counting today. We are going to give you a quick overview of AXI infinity, bring you up to speed on a few of the project’s most important updates and tell you why it is AXS crypto’s top gaming coin.

Don’t get too greedy yet we need to give you a disclaimer as well. AXI infinity was founded in early 2018 by Trung Nuen, Alexander Larsen and Jeffrey zerlin. AXI infinity raised around 10 million dollars across various icons and sales of in-game assets between 2018 and 2020. 

Although AXI infinity has been live since late 2018 adoption of the game exploded earlier this year when sky mavis introduced the ronin side chain a layer 2 scaling solution for ethereum specifically designed for axi infinity. 

Now axi infinity is often described as a combination between pokemon and Tamagotchi the difference is that you earn cryptocurrency while you play and every item in the game is an nft that can be bought and sold on the axi infinity marketplace.

AXS token holders will be able to get regular benefits while staking their token as a validator.

  • Illuvium: IL

Illuvium (ILV)
Rank Market Cap Volume Current Price
236 $0.5B $31M $818.68

Illuvium is considered one of the high-ranked Metaverse projects out there in the market. This is considered to be one of the best projects which can surely be the step to the future and the relation of the NFT tokens for this Illuvium. Blockchain games are not a new thing at all; these have been well-rooted in the market. 

Illuvium is regarded as the flag bearer of the Ethereum blockchain games. Illuvium highlight is being a fantasy open-world battle game that belongs to the first-ever AAA title.

ILV token is of great worth recently as the pool of people showed incline towards Metaverse gaming. Gaming Metaverse tokens are rewarded based on achievements in the battleground. 

The real deal is with the ecosystem which helps to grow the basic player to a professional one. One can trade with Metaverse tokens like AXI to generate a passive stable income. Gaming lets you battle in different environments and different players to receive these high valued tokens.

If you have a question about why one should bang his/her brain out in this then we got your answer here. This game offers us a whole 3D environment with high-end graphics and a large number of Illuvials scattered over the whole different regions to gain in this regard. One of the main highlights of this project is being under the protection umbrella by Ethereum.

This token has seen a huge rise in recent years as a boost from the world community investing in the Metaverse. This will be a distinguished project which one can count on in the future.

  • Vulcan Forged PYR: PYR

Vulcan Forged PYR (PYR)
Rank Market Cap Volume Current Price
255 $0.31B $34M $14.47

Vulcan Forged PYR is a blockchain gaming studio that has created its future-oriented Vulcanverse. Vulcanverse is a gaming ecosystem that gamers of this generation require as the play-to-earn model is being followed. This game utilizes ingame Nfts which are available via completing conquests on the map in the form of lands and PYR and LAVA tokens.

This project is crawling steadily in the market, this project of Metaverse will have a great gain in the future. This project director has declared 50 million tokens all in all. A great chunk of these tokens which is 20 million is at maximum circulation. This is a great venture regarding the land as the Vulcanverse is divided up into 4 main categories. This Vulcanverse follows a Greece-Roman mythological fantasy world that helps to develop the land according to them.

Right now this Metaverse token is rated on the top 500 tokens. Analysts and traders are keen and are showing great interest in Vulcanverse and the MMO playing style helps to gain and start staking in the Vulcanverse land.

  • My Neighbour Alice: ALICE

My Neighbour Alice (ALICE)
Rank Market Cap Volume Current Price
163 $0.33B $123M $10.88

My neighbor Alice is one of the fresh multiplayer builder games out there in the market. It does belong to the blockchain gaming section with a complete storyline to develop an interest and association with the game. Customizable avatars are a salient feature of this blockchain game. This gaming ecosystem helps the game enthusiast to get involved in immersive graphics and land ownership.

A narrative-driven story where Nfts are being developed in the lands owned by the users. Players will roam around these virtual lands interacting with players regularly and displaying their Nfts in their particular lands. Players can easily sell their Nfts based on the land and they can easily customize their Nfts according to their desires. ALICE is the title of the token for this game. This token has seen a great boost as the players have shown a great interest in the play-to-earn games.

These Nfts hold a great value in the Metaverse games as these are the features that one should look out for during the gameplay. My Neighbour Alice shows great aspects in the future and its Nfts will surely deliver the good bucks. Here are some of the features which appeal to the gamers of this generation in My Neighbour Alice:

  1. A good stable economy
  2. In-game assets
  3. Staking of tokens
  • Aavegotchi: GHST

Aavegotchi (GHST)
Rank Market Cap Volume Current Price
357 $0.14B $22M $2.16

A great venture started by the Pixelcraft Studio owner. Aavegotchi coin is a Defi-focused coin. This platform is heaven for the creators and designers where they can show their designs and avatars. Designers of higher grades that have a strong sense of creation will have a high rarity value in the Aavagochti. This token is DeFi based which lets it stick high in the marketplace.

Creators and designers can start by just following a simple line of steps to create their personalized Avatars. GHST is the title for Nft for Aavegotchi. Creators can spend bucks to elevate their avatars by accessorizing them and raising their rarity score. Regular interaction and acquiring different badges will surely uplift your avatar.

GHST being an Nft from Aavegoctchi is a startup and has high future aspects which one should look out for. Aavegotchi has invested in the Pixelcraft studio and soon Ethereum blockchain will be integrated as well in this platform. GHST analytics shows a higher aspect shortly based on the methodology of design and creation.

  • Theta Network: THETA

Theta Network (THETA)
Rank Market Cap Volume Current Price
41 $4B $166M $4.07

Theta network is the future of video-streaming entertainment blockchain structure. This network is the creation of two well-established names which are the cofounders of Youtube and Twitch. These are the new ventures for all the content creators out there who want to step up their game. Celebrities and influencers have already moved to this startup and this resulted in a boost for its THETA.

Theta network is dropping its new tokens soon due to the boost received in 2021. Theta network has seen a major increase in prices as well in the first quarter of 2021. Creators on this platform will be posting their genuine content while streaming. This platform will surely boost their career and earn them valuable tokens.

Theta network is a promising platform for all content creators and one should note it down for future aspects. Analysts have already started betting on it and will surely bring the game up in 2022.

Final Verdict from Techywired

Metaverse is indeed a fast-growing and future-oriented technology and investments are being pulled in from all sorts. All of the above-mentioned projects are worth mentioning as these have their niche designed for a large audience. Our analysts have thoroughly researched and developed this list of Metaverse crypto tokens and coins and their respective worth.

So if you are still in ambiguity regarding the selection of the Metaverse token then this is your ultimate guide in the end from Techywired:

The best Metaverse Coin: The SAND

This is one of the most hyped metaverse projects out there. This is a 3D virtual world filled with extravagant details for the users. Future aspects for the SAND are quite promising and with the involvement of big names like Snoop Dog and Republic Realm. Huge investments are pouring in as time passes and you should select SAND. 

This project should reach the 10 billion USD mark with this growth in 2022 for sure.

The GameChanger Coin: THETA

This is an entertainment and streaming blockchain ecosystem that is developed for all the content creators out there. This Metaverse project helps the creators to promote their Nfts and enables them to earn THETA and FUEL tokens. Analysts and researchers have predicted an overall market cap of $4.1 Billion.  This Metaverse project holds the key for the creators to establish a more secure and strong relationship with their fan base.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular metaverse?

Decentraland is one of the most popular Metaverse tokens in the market. It has seen a huge growth in recent years with about 300,000 users per month.

Is Gala a metaverse coin?

GALA is one of the renowned Metaverse Tokens, based on the Blockchain gaming platform. GALA games have seen a great recent boost in the market with their strategic plans for future gamers.

Which Metaverse tokens are the best to invest in?

As per studies, Sandbox could be a great investment in the future. It could reach probably $12 USD by the end of this year. The game is even capable of beating MANA and other high-end metaverse gaming projects.

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