Tekken 8 Announced! Just Amazing with Graphics


The Tekken 8 announcement and initial gameplay video were revealed on Tuesday by Bandai Namco and the Tekken development team. The first official Tekken 8 trailer was shown to the public during Sony’s State of Play presentation. It featured Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, two Tekken stalwarts, engaging in a traditional Tekken brawl at a greater quality than ever before.

This news is trending on all social media platforms, and Tekken fans are quite happy with the announcement. Fans have shown satisfaction over the trailer and said they are utterly waiting for the game launch. The most highlighted feature is the Graphic quality, as it is very high and eye catchy.

While commenting on Tekken 8, Katsuhiro Harad, the producer of the game, commented, “derived straight from a particular section in the existing project Tekken 8’s narrative mode, played on PlayStation 5”.

Director and producer Katsuhiro Harada released new details on a PlayStation.Blog article. According to him, the video shown today is from a specific point in the game’s narrative. Of course, Tekken 8 is far from complete, but Harada emphasizes that the video seen here is actual, in-progress PS5 gameplay captured at 60 frames per second.

Although Tekken 9 was hinted at EVO 2022, this is the first time we’ve seen Tekken 8 in action. There was no announcement about a release date for PS5, Xbox Series X, or PC today. Tekken 8 has some outstanding graphics, and the launch teaser showcased a battle between Kazuya and Jin. It is expected that Tekken 8 will be released by the Mid of 2023. The good news for PC gamers and laptop users is that it will also be available on PCs and laptops. Though it is hard to determine the game’s requirements, here are gaming laptops that can help you enjoy Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 focuses on the landscapes, dynamics, venues, and backdrops that bring the franchise to life fresh, yet we don’t know how well the gameplay modifications will affect combat. The footage used for the Trailer was culled from the game’s narrative mode to represent the action game’s state as it is in development.

In addition, Harada notes in a PlayStation Blog post that the team is paying close attention to the finer points of the characters’ features, skin, and models, particle effects like water, and how they interact with the combatants. Harada also highlights the dynamic backdrops, such as a massive tanker breaking apart, storm graphics, and extreme weather conditions above the characters.

Tekken 8 Key Features

This Trailer is an exact recreation of a scene from the PS5 version of the currently-in-development Tekken 8 narrative mode. That is to say, and they are the exact character models, environments, and effects that appear in the game. This is not a pre-rendered video generated for the Trailer, but actual rendered footage, running at sixty frames per second, how you’d experience the game in vs. combat modes, even if it were recorded from the narrative mode.

Newly designed playable character models, such as how water droplets trickle down a character’s skin, demonstrate this degree of fidelity, setting the game differently from the present Tekken 7. This is not CG or rendered video but what you’ll see on the screen when playing the game.

These are designed to be employed during the fight scene in this game. Naturally, we’re making concerted efforts to improve the quality even more. The quality of the daily builds is improving, with the massive tanker getting closer to the shore and large flames erupting close to where the persona is standing in the most recent build. Enjoy them in-game, and we know you’re looking forward to it!

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