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Gigabyte G27Q Reviews: Gaming Experience With Ultimate Graphics


The Gigabyte G27Q surely will change the gaming experience. The Gigabyte G27Q is a combination of outstanding specs, including IPS plus, 1440 pixels, and 144Hz. The techywired gaming gadget testing team is always there for the audience to provide an extensive review after personal tests and trials. The G27Q  nits value is 350 which is enough to make the screen bright and clear even on sunny days.

Gigabyte G27Q Price & Available At Amazon

The Gigabyte G27Q is one of the best FreeSync Gaming Monitor to enjoy games on 27 inches display with an affordable price tag. If you are interested in buying, then go through amazon.

ModelPriceAvailable At Amazon
Gigabyte G27Q$229.99

Specifications Gigabyte G27Q

  • Standing screen display size                    ‎27 Inches
  • Screen Resolution        ‎                    2560 x 1440
  • Brand                                                                ‎ Gigabyte
  • Series ‎                                            G27Q-SA
  • Item Weight                                                   ‎ 20.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions    ‎                    14.54 x 24.17 x 2.89 inches
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH                           ‎ 14.54 x 24.17 x 2.89 inches
  • Color ‎                                            BLACK
  • Connectivity                                                   HDMI 2.0 x2,
  • Display port                                                    1.2 x1 (capable of HDR)
  • Earphone Jack                                               Yes
  • Speaker                                                            2W x2

Gigabyte G27Q Screen

Gigabyte G27Q is undoubtedly a top-featured gaming monitor for people from the gaming industry. If you are interested in enhancing your gaming experience with high-quality graphics and a fine refresh rate, then G27Q would be the best choice. The standing screen size is ‎27 Inches. The screen is also adjustable with the stand given with the monitor, as you can raise the height of the screen up to 130mm.

The height adjustment features make the G27Q is most favorite. The entire screen gives a blueish look, especially when you see it from the right side. The edges of the screen are darker; we haven’t seen any dirty spots on the screen. The G27Q screen resolution is awesome. During screen review when multiple windows were open at resolution 1440p, making images quality eye-catching.

Gigabyte G27Q Monitor display

If you are looking for a great and budget-friendly monitor, then Gigabyte G27Q might be the right choice for you. It is supported with high-end specs, the latest technology, and powerful graphics. The display of G27Q is 27 inches with a 144 Hz refreshing rate.

The panel is excellent for giving full brightness through VESA display HDR 400 certification. People attached to the gaming industry know well that HDR is pretty gorgeous. For instance, in the game Marvel’s Avengers, you can observe the color pop and visceral impact of the separation between white and dark.

While during games, sunny skies and other white spots seem to pump and somehow lose quality at maximum brightness. Dark spots also get crushed, so the quality of display on G27Q may shake up when games like Marvel’s Avengers run, but it can be noticed by experienced gamers.

Gigabyte G27Q Dimensions

The dimensions are 14.54 x 24.17 x 2.89, making the gaming one of the top featured and user-friendly monitors for experienced, entry, and moderate-level gamers. The product, especially in the gaming industry, dimensions of the monitor really matter.

Usually, in the monitor category, the sizes of monitors from 24 to 32 inches are good for people who love to enjoy high-quality graphics games. While the Gigabyte G27Q is 27 inches screen that could be considered as an approximately fine dimensional monitor in a specified budget like under $300.

Gigabyte G27Q Design

The G27Q gives a stunning look because its exterior is beautifully designed, just like Gigabyte G27QC. The difference is that the G27Q is flat. Openly speaking G27Q design is a much office oriented monitor than a gaming monitor. Its body is made of matte plastic, and the back side panel looks glossy. The Gigabyte G27Q bezels are thin on three sides, and the bottom bezels are thick.

The design of G27Q is not complex. Rather it is simple with good build quality. We haven’t seen any gaps in design, even the feet also looking sturdy, but they are holding the monitor firmly. The G27Q ergonomics is pathetic because it gives only tilt and height adjustment,z, but it doesn’t allow it to rotate. The G27QC is V-shaped, feet are strong to hold as you can find enough space to place stuff in front of the monitor. 

The connectivity options are really important for any monitor. The Gigabyte G27Q design included two HDMI 2.0 ports, compatible headphones, and powerful integrated speakers. You can also enjoy a dual USB 3.0 hub. One is upstream, and two are downstream. The port 1.2 input has powerful HDR support, which gives 10-bit color depth and a fine refresh rate of around 120 Hz.

Gigabyte G27Q performance

We tested the performance of the G27Q in three ways response time overdue modes, including image quality, speed, and balance. If you are playing any game at 60 Hz or using a VRR of 60 frames per second, then you need to dial overdrive to balance so that overshoot will become unnoticeable.

The fasts mode is best to prevent trailing of high-speed objects at 144 Hz without adding any overshoot. FreeSync is highly effective in making the monitor performance-oriented because it is supported by a 144 Hz dynamic range to avoid shuttering up to 144 Hz. A great gaming monitor indeed for professional and amateur gamers. Check out the amazing deals of black Friday as well on these devices from amazon.

The G27Q monitor is not certified like G-Sync as G-Sync is fully compatible with NVIDIA. While FreeSync is more compatible and works best with GeForce up to 10 series. Additionally, FreeSync works best for HDMI and other display ports. 

Gigabyte G27Q Nits

Nits are used to measure the brightness emitting from a display of a gaming monitor, laptop, or smartphone LED. Fine nits help the viewer to read text with clarity and easiness While a display or gaming monitor with fewer nits is hard to focus during game or text reading. We are talking about the Gigabyte G27Q monitor which is coming with 350 nits and is enough to read content or experience real-time game graphics even on sunny days.   

HDR content seems boosted at 400 nits to make the visuals brighter and clear. In the case of the Gigabyte monitor, we have seen a limited contrast ratio. So, people from the experienced zone of the gaming industry need more nits which are possible on the expensive monitor. 

Gaming features of Gigabyte G27Q

Auto updates

There is good news for the G27Q they can enhance the gaming experience with the lucrative features of Gigabyte effortlessly and take care of gaming monitors.


The black equalizer is another outstanding gaming feature that helps users to get details of the dark side by pitching the equalizer on and off without exposing the bright side.

Timer option

The gaming monitor Gigabyte G27Q also has multiple gaming features, but what I like the most is the Timer option. With the help of a timer, users can track the elapsed time in games effortlessly. That’s why the techywired team has chosen G27Q  as one of the best gaming monitors for the audience.

Aim Stabilizer option

G27Q offers an Aim stabilizer option to help the user to minimize the blur during picture motion and enjoy clear visuals. Aim stabilizers are also helpful in tracking enemies and targeting them effortlessly


The alignment function in any gaming monitor helps you to align functions and enjoy a multi-display setup. A gigabyte monitor will line up or align everything.


The dashboard function helps users to see real-time hardware details like clock speed, central processing unit, temperature, and many more. I personally observe that the dashboard always be there to reveal hardware information when you are playing any game. Usually, we have seen that some games block the dashboard, but Gigabyte keeps the dashboard.

Rating for Gigabyte G27Q by techywired

FeaturesRating out of 5
Monitor Display4.9/5

Gigabyte G27Q Pros & cons

Excellent picture qualityIPS glow and poor contrast ratio
Fantastic gaming experienceDesign need improvements
True and vibrant colorsThe relative refresh rate is moderate
You can enjoy MBR up to 144HzLimited Ergonomics
FreeSync includedHDR performance absent
Response time is minimalA bit expensive

Final Verdict by techywired 

The G27Q comes with an IPS panel, 144Hz refresh, and many other attractive features to enhance the gaming experience better. The G27Q is 27 inches display and a Screen Resolution of 2560 x 1440 and could be considered the best choice for a budget below $300.

Techywired conducted an extensive review of Gigabyte G27Q design, gaming features, hardware, and performance. The G27Q gives an excellent look, especially since its exterior is beautifully designed, just like the G27QC.

Read more about the best monitors available in 2022 from Techywired.

Gigabyte G27Q Price & Available At Amazon

The G27Q is one of the best FreeSync Gaming Monitor to enjoy games on 27 inches display with an affordable price tag. If you are interested in buying, then go through amazon.

ModelPriceAvailable At Amazon
Gigabyte G27Q$229.99


In the gaming industry, the importance of monitors always is there. Experienced people from the gaming industry mostly choose powerful monitors and computers to experience the best results from heavy games.

The article was specially crafted to provide an extensive review of The G27Q, an excellent gaming 27 inches gaming monitor. Techywired has reviewed The G27Q’s design, performance, and many other features to facilitate the audience

The performance is fine with outstanding specs, including IPS plus, 1440 pixels, and 144Hz, but its design is more like office work monitors. So in the price range of $300, if you are looking for a fine and high-performing monitor, grab it.


Does Gigabyte G27Q (1440p 120Hz) compatible with Xbox series X?

Well, this is true that Gigabyte G27Q is one of the excellent monitors to enjoy the best games, especially at 27 inches display. However, we couldn’t find any specific logic or personal testing to verify that the Gigabyte G27Q is compatible with the Xbox series X.

Is Gigabyte G27Q the best choice for gaming?

Gigabyte G27Q is undoubtedly a top-featured gaming monitor for people from gaming. Gigabyte G27Q would be the best choice. The standing screen size is ‎27 Inches. The G27Q design is a much office oriented monitor than a gaming monitor. 
Extra widescreen Resolution 2560 x 1440, product dimensions 14.54 x 24.17 x 2.89 making the gaming experience more clear, accurate, and enjoyable. So, we, as a techywired gaming gadget testing team happy with the performance of Gigabyte G27Q.

Is Gigabyte G27Q compatible with AMD FreeSync’s latest technology?

Yes, it is obvious that Gigabyte G27Q is compatible with AMD FreeSync’s latest technology. The main role of FreeSync’s latest technology is to provide smooth, turbulent free, and maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz, which is an ultra-supersonic response speed to enjoy the best graphics games.

Does Gigabyte G27Q have speakers?

Gigabyte G27Q is coming up with dual speakers, including 2W speakers integrated into the Gigabyte G27Q monitor, so you don’t need to arrange and connect external speakers for sound. When we compare the sound produced by inbuilt speakers in Gigabyte G27Q, we found average sound, and even sound was low quality than an average laptop speaker. So, if you are sound quality conscious, then don’t rely on the built-in speaker’s sound quality

Are you satisfied with the design of Gigabyte G27Q?

Gigabyte is a well know computer parts-making company in Taiwan, producing very few products like monitors with excellent and finishing-edge quality monitors. When we assess the design of Gigabyte, G27Q is good enough to attract you.
For instance, if you are from inter or moderate level of gaming experience, then Gigabyte G27Q is the best designed and high specs monitor. If you are from the experienced zone of the gaming industry, then the Gigabyte G27Q design may look more like an office work monitor, so before buying, think twice about which design you like.

Does Gigabyte G27Q use IPS?

Yes, the Gigabyte G27Q uses an IPS panel having a 144 Hz refreshing rate and a response time is one millisecond. Usually, people who love to play games on a monitor rather than laptops or smartphones also like fidelity.
The techywired team admires the Gigabyte G27Q resolution clarity and outmatched performance of Gigabyte G27Q just because of IPS inclusions. Also, Gigabyte G27Q  is not a high price monitor with a screen size of 27 inches. Just by spending $300.

What have the most lucrative features in Gigabyte G27Q been identified?

I am personally satisfied with the performance, built-in specs, design, and price of Gigabyte G27Q. Also, there are many other reasons people are willing to buy Gigabyte G27Q, a beautiful gaming monitor. For instance, the best picture quality, and users can enjoy MBR up to 144Hz. Also, you will FreeSync included, and durable height adjustment also stands, which helps you to adjust the height of the monitor.

Does Gigabyte G27Q have a sidekick option and How it is helpful?

Gigabyte G27Q has a sidekick and it is helpful to set display options with the help of a keyboard and mouse easily control monitor functions. The Sidekick also enables users to set many other features, functions, and on-screen adjustments in a few steps.

Is gigabyte G27Q have a ghosting option?

Yes, gigabyte G27Q has ghosting with the help of UFO. The main thing is that UFOs provide next-level clarity. UFO is also invisible in many games. In gigabyte G27Q  all common functions and gaming features are incredible to make the gaming experience better for users. If you are looking for the best gaming monitor at a reasonable price and attractive features, then the gigabyte G27Q is not a bad option.


Gigabyte G27Q


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Fantastic gaming experience
  • True and vibrant colors
  • You can enjoy MBR up to 144Hz
  • FreeSync included
  • Response time is minimal
  • IPS glow and poor contrast ratio
  • Design need improvements
  • The relative refresh rate is moderate
  • Limited Ergonomics
  • HDR performance absent
  • A bit expensive
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