New Cloud Computing Suite is Unveiled by LG Business Solutions


LG Business Solutions has done the unveiling to show what can be expected now from the new Cloud Computing Suite. The needs of individuals can be seen changing and Australian businessmen can be seen with growing demands. Therefore, the new cloud computing suite is secure, fast, and also quite cost-effective. 

It can coordinate collaboration with many workplaces which can have corporate or hybrid offices. It can be useful to the government, healthcare facilities, and also to education. Thin Client and Zero Client solutions across hardware including Thin Client “All-In-One” monitors, Box Type Thin & Zero Clients, and the LG Gram Thin Client laptops are all included in the new Cloud Computing Suite.

What Does LG Business Solutions Have to Say About the New Cloud Computing Suite?

Australia is finding itself in a “The future of connectivity in the workplace depends on secure, reliable, and collaborative technology. As we have seen with businesses migrating to the cloud over the past few years, these considerations are more important than ever before,” said Angelo Koulos, Head of Business Development and Sales for Cloud Solutions at LG Business Solutions Australia.

“LG Cloud Computing devices are designed to create a more efficient1 and immersive working environment for businesses at all levels across a variety of sectors.”

“The broad compatibility of our Cloud Computing devices across cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, virtualization platforms such as Citrix and VMware and NVIDIA GRID vGPU™ to name a few. Australian businesses will experience seamless endpoint integration, striking a balance between enhanced productivity and collaboration, along with advanced security, at a competitive investment” he concluded.

Remote Learning is At the Heart of the New Cloud Computing Suite

This will surely be a great step in order to ensure that the remote learning concept is growing at the heart of the new Cloud Computing Suite. This is becoming more of a growing concept after COVID-19 because so much has been done to make things become remote during that phase of life that people have gone through for years in fact. Things become remote with time however they do need to be properly set in order to be done in a timely and fast manner, this is exactly what the new Cloud Computing Suite will assist with.

People should not be left feeling like they cannot handle remote work because lately many jobs have become remote which were earlier managed in a physical environment.

LG Business Solutions is best at offering solutions for various different domains. They manage to create solutions for offices, for restaurants, for shops, for hotels and much more. This is ideal for businesses who start afresh and are confused about how to go about the business world, here is when LG Business Solutions steps in to provide maximum help and assistance. This can bring a number of ideas as to why people keep reaching out for help, because businesses are very hard to run in this age of competition when every other person is out to compete with you in terms of popularity and money. The new unveiling is bring LG Business Solutions much more interesting because the new Cloud Computing Suite seems like a promising one.

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