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Best 10 Tips On: How to Improve Gaming Laptop Performance? 


Laptops are portable, affordable, convenient, and come in a variety of proficiencies to fit in any budget. However, not all laptops are designed specifically for performing games. If you’ve been playing games on an ordinary laptop, you would better know how frustrating it could be to run a low-end machine for gaming.

Well your laptop can never reach the performance of a desktop computer to execute games, no matter how high-end model you picked. But it doesn’t mean, you have to compromise on gameplays and remain unable to accomplish your goals. You can definitely improve your laptop’s performance to make it the fastest for gaming.

Therefore, in this article, I will guide you with some proven tips about how to improve gaming laptop performance to play your favorite games smoothly.

10 Game-Changing Methods to Optimize Gaming Laptop Performance

Well, there are a lot of ways to enhance the overall performance of your gaming laptop. I have covered ten most effective tips out of them that I have used personally as well. So, hurry in making your computer run faster and deliver excellent output.

  1. Maintain your Gaming Laptop

Before initiating any technical method to boost the performance of your gaming laptop, it is better to clean your system and maintain it physically. A practical habit towards maintaining your laptop can lead to a better execution for your laptop. Since a laptop tends to trap dirt and dust easily within its components, which block the airflow and result in laptop overheating.

Thus, cleaning your laptop frequently is not only the best way to get rid of this detritus but improves the system performance substantially. Although you might not find it an easy task to take care of gaming laptop, especially if you’re doing it after a long time.

Once you’ve cleaned the vents, keyboard, and other parts of your laptop, you would see an immense change in your gaming performance.

  1. Upgrade GPU Drivers

Your graphics card is one of the essential components in a gaming laptop and this is the centerpiece to enhance your gaming experience. Nevertheless, if you have not mounted the right graphics drivers, you cannot not extract its true performance. Hence, upgrading your GPU drivers can bring an enormous impact on FPS.

Before upgrading your graphics card drivers, you should know which GPU does your computer hold. To find out the brand of your GPU:

  • Go to the Control Panel and click on Hardware and Sound.
  • Now, select the Device Manager option under the Device and Printer.
  • A list of inbuilt devices will open in front of you.
  • Click on Display Adapters and check out the name of your graphics card.

Yet, the most popular graphics cards brands are mentioned below and how to upgrade one:

ATI Radeon

To upgrade the ATI Radeon GPU driver, go to the AMD software downloads website and choose the most suitable device. Now, you will be able to access, download, and install the latest official driver to get improved features.

NVidia GeForce

Visit the official website of GeForce driver, pick your graphics card and Windows version from the dropdown list. Drivers, which are marked as beta aren’t pretty finished, but they are likely to increase the FPS and run the system more smoothly. If you’ve already installed the GeForce tool, you’ll get notifications automatically once NVidia releases a new driver.

Intel HD

These graphics are mostly integrated in tablets or ultrabooks, and considered quite vulnerable. This GPU driver is not recommended for executing gameplays. Fortunately, Intel has launched some latest drivers, which can run several games, yet with poor resolution. Anyhow, to upgrade these drivers, go to Intel official website and upgrade.

  1. Remove Unused Applications

You might have installed some programs that you required once and never used them again. Keeping unnecessary programs in your laptops could also be one of the roots to bad laptop performance. Therefore, uninstalling and removing these applications is a great way to enhance your laptop. It not only affects your gameplay, but impacts on the overall competence of the system.

  • You can remove these programs following effortless steps below:
  • Visit the Control Panel in the Windows
  • Under the Programs option, select Uninstall a Program
  • A list of all applications will be opened in front of you.
  • Right-click on the program you want to uninstall and allow the computer to make changes.

Uninstalling an application from your laptop is a convenient way to boost your laptop performance. This step is vital in case you have installed numerous unwanted programs in your system.

  1. Check Network Speed for Online Games

The drivers and hardware usually determine the gaming performance and configuration of your laptop. Yet, if you play online games, you must check your internet speed. Generally, lag is the root cause of the interruption in online games. It can be caused by poor internet connection or slow connectivity between your laptop and wireless router. Usually, you can update your Windows OS to upgrade your wireless network card drivers. Yet, if you don’t get any impact after the updates, consider Ethernet connection.

  1. Reduce the Resolution

Now that you’ve acquired a superb high-end gaming laptop, still it isn’t delivering as good performance as it should. You may need to compromise on several things, such as resolution unless your gameplay needs ultra-high resolution. Well, an average laptop requires at least 60 FPS rate to run modern games at ultra HD resolutions. As the rate increases, the number of pixels rises. Yet, it may diminish the performance of your PC.

Thus, lowering your computer’s resolution can improve the refresh rate by making your graphics look richer. Although it may not support much clearer resolution, the game will be run more smoothly. In addition to this, reducing your resolution from 1080 x 1920p to 900 x 1600 will still provide you effective gaming experience.

  1. Upgrade HDD to SSD

If you are using an HDD driver, switch to an SSD. Turning the storage into a solid state drive can boost your gaming laptop efficiency. The reason is since the hard disc drivers consume more power and stress the system than solid state because they have magnetic discs that require to be rotated by the motor in order to write and read the data.

Although SSD work the same way, there are SD cards, yet with no mechanical parts or stored data on flash memory. SSD not only boosts overall performance and competence of your laptop but reduces battery consumption as well. However, you may find the SSD a better experience than the HDD.

  1. Set Windows Appearance Settings

Set the windows appearance settings to maximize the performance of your laptop. It is set to the maximum appearance by default. However, when you switch it to performance, the graphics appearance would look a little lousy, but the execution will be optimized substantially. You can do this by following some easiest steps:

  • Go to Control Panel and select System and Security
  • Under the option of System, click on Advanced System Setting
  • Now, select Performance Settings, go to Advanced and Visual Effects
  • Select Adjust for the Best Performance and save changes.
  1. Underclock your System

When your system GPU or CPU becomes overclocked, it becomes overheated and ultimately impacts your gaming performance. Therefore, the expression “underclocking” is explicitly used to change the processors and graphics to run them with a lower clock rate. It happens that your computer uses more resources than required, it ends up overheating your laptop. In this case, the best way to underclock your system, which helps keeping your laptop running under load and use only a required number of programs.

  1. Upgrade RAM in your Laptop

If your PC has a lower memory than the required one to run a particular game, then adding on the RAM to your computer can bring enormous change to gaming performance. Suppose, you have obtained a monstrous laptop, but the RAM is inadequate to run a specific game, it would be of no use. RAM not only aids in running the games smoothly, but significantly influences the frame rate per second.

Nevertheless, if you don’t know how much memory you require for your gameplay, you can search the requirements of the gaming version you anticipate to run. Adding RAM to your gaming laptop needs you to disassemble the setup and mount higher RAM in it. If you haven’t done it before, seek technician assistance.

  1. Install DirectX 12 Ultimate

DirectX is the collection of Windows gaming application programming interfaces by Microsoft, which helps create special visual and acoustic effects in your gameplay. If you have been using the older version, it might be the reason for poor gaming performance. It’s time to install the DirectX 12 Ultimate version to take advantage of boosted FPS and other bonuses.

Notwithstanding, before upgrading to this version, check out the current version you are using.

  • Press Win + G to open the Xbox gaming bar.
  • Click on settings cog in the top menu bar.
  • Under Gaming Features, you would identify whether you need DirectX 12 Ultimate.

However, if you want to upgrade DirectX, follow the steps below:

  • Press Win + I or open settings manually.
  • Select Update and Security and click on Check for Updates.
  • Let the Windows locate if any program requires to be updated.
  • If it finds DirectX to upgrade it, click on Download and Install.

Other than this, make sure that your system contains the latest version of system drivers to support DirectX 12 Ultimate.

Optimize your Gaming Laptop in Easy-Peasy Ways

So, these are some of the practical and proven means to improve gaming laptop performance. Anyhow, in the above list, it is not mandatory to perform a single method, you can execute multiple ways to boost your laptop and run it at missile speed. Also, ensure to upgrade older versions of hardware components to the latest version and get outstanding gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

i.     What is the ideal performance of a gaming laptop?

An average processor with good all-round performance is suitable for mediocre and skilled gamers. However, its clock speed should be around 3.0 GHz with 4.0 GHz Turbo Boost feature. Having a laptop with these features is perfect for professional use.

ii.    What factor affects the gaming laptop performance?

One of the most significant factors that affect your laptop performance is the speed of the hard disk. The faster the hard disk speed, the quicker the data will transfer.

iii.  Does more RAM improve laptop performance?

Usually, an improved memory automatically optimizes the performance of the laptop. With higher RAM speed, you would be able to increase the speed of data transferal and overall gaming speed. Upgrading your laptop memory is a considerable tip to make your computer more competent.

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