Followed by Apple, Google also Decides to Remove Ad-free Instagram-like OG App


Instagram replica OG App has seen the end of its time in the shadow of Apple and Google. First Apple decided on its arrival from its devices and now Google Play Store has followed suit. The app was pulled from Apple just last week, and not long after Google decided to do the same. The OG app has previously received much criticism from Meta for policy violations. The OG app is developed by UN1Feed, which is based in San Francisco. 

Why was the OG app taken down?

The app was taken down when Meta accused them of policy violation. The website stated the following message. “OG has been taken down from the App Store & Play Store. When OG is available. More than 1,200 people have joined the waitlist as of Monday, OG will be unable to continue serving users through our mobile app. However, following our removal from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store – OG will be unable to continue serving users through our mobile app”.

The founders of the app also said thank you to the thousands of users who had started using the app before the stores removed the app due to concerns about Meta.

“We hope to have more news and clarity soon about the next steps we’re taking in the coming weeks,” the founders, Hardik Patil and Anshnanda said.

How was the OG app violating policies, if any?

Meta had accused the OG app of accessing Instagram’s service in a manner that was rather unauthorized. This was in violation of the terms of Meta. Hence, this made Apple pay attention to this problem. Meta became offended by the initiative to the point that it disabled the accounts on Facebook ad Instagram of the team of the OG app. The reaction of UN1Feed has also been hostile towards Apple after it removed the app, claiming that Apple has colluded with Meta. “Facebook hates its own users so much, it’s willing to crush an alternative that gives them a clean, ad-free Instagram,” the OG app founders had said earlier. 

Meta however insisted they were correct about their allegations against the OG app.

“This app violates our policies and we’re taking all appropriate enforcement actions,” a spokesperson for Meta said.

Social Media is Divided over Meta Allegations

Social media seems to be divided over the allegations because some social media users have complained about how Meta has been disabling the accounts of people who have been downloading the OG app. A user also shared their experience on how Instagram locked them out of their account and soon after that, there was a login from Egypt reported from an android phone which the user did not have and they lived in the US, hence they chose to delete the OG app sooner than later.

More about the OG app

The app boasts about giving an ad-free experience which is what has attracted users in the first place because apps often give out so many ads that users become frustrated and seem to dislike the fact that they cannot scroll down freely. Ads and reels have become very common on Instagram and Facebook and users have been trying to find an alternative to get rid of them the OG app gives you just that! Hence, Meta seems to be worried about this duplicate app because at the end of the day the users who are sick of the ads could switch to this one.

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