Windows 11 Cannot be Installed by At Least 40% of PCs


Windows 10 seems to be the only option for people who are waiting to install Windows 11 but are not able to. Windows is not able to be installed by at least 40% of PCs which is a huge statistic, given that many people attempt to install it. 

Why is Windows 11 giving trouble to users?

Windows is giving trouble to users who are looking forward to installing it because Microsoft now requires a CPU with Trusted Platform Module in order to install the much-wanted Windows 11. However, the issue with TPM is that many PCs, which are actually the newer editions, still do not have TPM. This can be an issue for people who wonder why even their recent PCs are not compatible with Windows, leaving an aura of frustration. 

What is the growth of PCs in terms of TPM?

PCs are making a smooth transition toward Windows 11. To be specific, nearly 60% of CPUs can be upgraded to Windows 11 in an attempt to test systems for their transitioning capabilities. However, the rest did not meet the criteria. However, the ones that can be upgraded are also showing failed results in at least 15% of the cases. Other 20% also showed non-compatibility or simply had not enabled the feature.

However, in 2022, things are looking better because there has been an improvement in the manufacturing of devices by at least 12% in terms of TPM. More compatible PCs are seeing the light of day.

By what year will there be complete compatibility with Windows 11?

By the year 2026, there could be complete compatibility with Windows 11. However, “Without knowing exactly how they are obtaining their numbers, it’s pretty hard to evaluate how accurate they may be. But I’d certainly lean towards a lower number than a higher one,” an analyst said about the numbers being accurate or not, maybe the numbers could be exaggerated more or less. However, the research done does show at least 40% of PCs in the country are having trouble with Windows 11.

More About Windows 11

Windows 11 has been the most recent release of Microsoft and has been showing great efficiency in the PCs where it is being used. It can be upgraded for free by a user who is currently using Windows 10 which came before the new Windows. 

Here are a few advantages of the new Windows 11.

  • slick new looks
  • useful new tools
  • updated default apps
  • extra capabilities
  • performance advances

This can actually be great for users who were getting tired of the older tools and needed new ones. The slick looks are also something to appreciate because after all, presentation is everything. It is definitely an upgrade in terms of extra abilities from the previous Windows 10 which although great itself, but now has become an older version, and therefore that causes a lag in efficiency when it comes to the newer and much-awaited windows.

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