‘OG App’ Pulled by Apple That Removed Ads and Reels of Instagram


There may have been times when you would be feeling like reels are the best way to pass your time however some days you would feel so sick of these reels that you could simply not use any app just so you do not have to watch another reel with a repetitive song on. The OG app that pulled ads and reels from Instagram has been pulled by Apple, in the news that had made many people mad because now what is the way to remove these ads and reels? Seems like, one has to deal with them now!

What do the Developers have to Say about the OG App Pulled from Instagram?

The makers tweeted about the OG app being removed. Apple had requested the makers of the app to make many changes however in the end the makers have decided to stay on Google Play Store however they will not be seen now on the apple store. The makers said, “There are dozens of other apps on the top charts that replicate the Instagram user experience that has been around for years, we are working on re-listing OG on the App Store,” the developers say. 

“We saw our friends and family getting affected by social media, and even deleting apps because they didn’t have enough options to modify what they see. We wanted to put users, and not the advertisers, first with this app. We started with Instagram because we thought the app has the most toxic relationship with its users,” the developers had earlier said. 

However, now comes a change in plan and people are left feeling stuck again because they feel like there is so much Instagram is trying to do that it gets hectic to use the app.

Kim Kardashian including users are left unhappy and are not feeling up to it to be using the app as much as before.

Why are Extra Ads and Reels a Concern and How was the OG App Going to Target That?

Extra ads and reels really waste the time of a person because they end up bringing a person to a standstill. They could be wanting to see something particular but reels end up coming in the face of people which really irritates them. The OG app would have filtered out these concerns and users could have a fun Instagram experience.

However, the OG app is only removed from Apple and Android users can still enjoy it and make sure the ads do not bother them as much. Ads have a lot going on in them and usually, Meta is famous for showing something that one has been talking about, this can at times really freak a person out and therefore the OG app helps from this experience. 

Instagram was earlier created for photo viewing which meant that a person could simply just view pictures and profiles on Instagram which means that they could like the adventures of friends and family. 

The DM also makes sure that a person stays in perfect communication however when it comes to the idea now of people using it is now handled with the idea of watching reels of unknown people, which everyone does not want, since now with social media blooming everyone has become a celebrity of their own and hence reels can pop up anytime that has a lot of likes. This issue was resolved with the OG app but Apple users will now have to deal with this issue further on in their own way and see.

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