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How to Freeze Row in Excel: Freeze The Rows Through A Simple Process


It cannot be easy to keep track of all the important data while working on a spreadsheet on your laptop. It can deal with a small data set and compare the information of one or two rows, but things can get weird and unmanageable while working on dozens of rows. Freezing the rows and columns is the only solution when your spreadsheet becomes uncontrollable.

When you freeze a row in an excel sheet, it becomes easier to keep track of all the important data. If you do the process to freeze rows in excel correctly, the specific rows become visible to you. No matter how much you scroll the screen. It is not a big deal to freeze on or more rows or columns; excel doesn’t limit how many rows or columns you can freeze on it. Handling larger sheets becomes easier in this way.

Did you get tedious of scrolling through the larger excel sheets? Don’t worry; the article from TechyWired gives you the secret to taking control of the important data on your spreadsheet. You have to follow the simple process to freeze a row in excel. You are most welcome to read How to Use VLookUP in Excel! Best Techywired’s Guide if you want to learn more about excel functions.

Let’s just read the article to learn how to freeze rows in excel and make your spreadsheet more organized.

How to Freeze Row in Excel

You may wish to see specific rows and columns on your spreadsheet while working. The most important Row you may want to see can be the header cells. Your wish can come true if you use the Freeze Panes feature of Excel. If you freeze the desired rows or columns, they always become visible to you, and you can see through the selected content while scrolling the sheet. Let’s explore how to freeze rows in excel.

  • Scroll your spreadsheet and select the Row that you intend to freeze.
  • Click on View in the main menu.
  • Click on Freeze Panes in the ribbon and click on Freeze Top Row.

The selected Row will become visible to you and remain fixed even if you scroll the sheet or search for data on the other cells.

How to freeze Multiple rows in Excel

Now, you have learned how to freeze rows in excel but what if you want to freeze more than one Row? Is it possible? The answer is yes; you can freeze all the important rows you want.

Note: it is impossible to freeze a random row without simultaneously locking the things above it in the middle of the spreadsheet.

  • Select the Row below the set of rows you want to freeze.
  • Click View on the main menu.
  • Click on Freeze Panes in the ribbon and then click on Freeze Panes.

Here you go.

How to freeze the first column

Freezing the top column is as easy as freezing the rows in Excel. You have to follow the correct instructions

  • Click on the Freeze Panes drop-down arrow from the View tab.
  • Select the option of Freeze First Column.
  • A thin line in excel is inserted to show where the frozen pane begins.

You can also freeze several columns in your spreadsheet if following the process.

  • Select the column on the right side of the last column that you want to freeze.
  • Click on Freeze Panes drop-down and select Freeze Panes in the View Tab.
  • A thin line in Excel is inserted to show where the frozen pane begins from.

How to unfreeze rows and columns

You have learned how easy it is to freeze rows in excel, freeze multiple rows and columns in Excel, but do you know how to unfreeze them? Read the following instructions to unfreeze the rows and columns that are frozen.

  • Go to View on your spreadsheet.
  • Click on Freeze Panes to see the panes on which you have applied the Freeze Panes function.
  • Click on Unfreeze Panes to remove the functionality of Freeze Panes.

Excel Freeze Panes vs. Excel Split Panes

You may get confused between Excel Freeze Panes and Split Panes. The function of Excel Freeze Panes and Split Panes is different from each other. Many people have Split panes set in their excel workbook when they should have Freeze panes. I will explain the difference to you.

Excel Freeze Panes

The function of Excel Freeze Panes is to freeze the top Row or rows and the leftmost columns or columns. You can easily scroll through all the remaining rows and columns. It is easy to set up the Freeze Panes if you

Find the Freeze Panes tools on the View tab of the ribbon.

You can freeze the first column or top Row or select a cell below; on the right side of the columns and rows, you want to freeze. It can all be done by choosing the Freeze Panes.

Go back to the view tab and then Freeze Panes if you want to Unfreeze them

Excel Split Panes

Split Panes on excel are used when there are several columns on the left side and rows on the top that you desire to remain visible. And you cannot freeze them all in place, but you still have room to scroll through the rows below or columns to the right.

Setting up Excel Split Panes is easy, but they require you to specify where you want to split. It can be done by inserting the cell below and to the right of the location, you want to break. After that, click on Split in the View tab.

The location of the Split can be adjusted with your mouse. Put the cursor on the split line and wait for the double-headed arrow to appear. Then drag to change it after the left click.

If you want to remove the Split, click on the Split icon or go back to the View tab. You can also position your mouse on the split lines, wait for the four-headed arrows to appear, and double-click after that.

Note: The single split line can be removed by double-clicking on the line once the double-headed arrow appears.

Freeze Row in Excel: Advantages

It might be helpful to Freeze Rows in Excel and improve your overall experience using Excel. You also might have known about different features of excel, but the element of Freeze Panes that tells how to freeze rows in excel is exceptional. Depending on the nature of your data, you can get various benefits by using this feature.

Below are some benefits you can get when you freeze rows in excel.

Reduce Navigation

The function of Freeze Row in Excel improves your overall experience by reducing navigation levels while performing specific tasks. For instance, if you wish to modify or view a few cells in the spreadsheet and each particular cell references a formula, you can scroll up and down the sheet to check each modification’s results. Freezing those precise results may help to improve your overall experience. It can also prevent you from scrolling up and down again and again to check the results. This feature is quite useful while altering many spreadsheets with a larger number of data sets.

Comparing data

You can compare data more effectively by locking the rows. Row 1 can include the header for the data set, including names, addresses, and locations, and row 2 may consist of the relevant results of the key terms of row 1. If you lock row 1, you can easily identify the information you are looking for, such as the names of certain people, their addresses, and accurate location.

Error prevention

When you freeze the rows, you get the benefit of preventing errors in Excel. For instance, if you want to make the header row of your spreadsheet always visible to you, you use the “Freeze Panes” feature. It locks the entire Row’s data and prevents you from adding or deleting it to the header row of the excel sheet. It also keeps you safe from developing inaccurate and inconsistent data.

Change prevention

Once you have locked all the desired rows, the chances of accidental change in those rows are reduced. For instance, if you want to change data on a specific row in the excel sheet and freeze the main rows. It will save you from making any unwanted changes in the main rows. This feature also proves beneficial to protect the spreadsheet from being edited by others.

Maximum Efficiency

Freeze Panes’ feature is quite effective in improving your work efficiency. If you have command on Excel, you will know that locking all the wanted rows keeps them on the top of the sheet. It ensures that all the data on the spreadsheet is safe, and you can easily scroll through it without being worried.

Support Focus

It is one of the biggest advantages of excel that it provides various additional focus options that prove helpful to direct the data frequently. For instance, if there is a need to focus on a certain column or Row, Excel allows you to freeze rows in excel and freeze columns in excel and focus on those specific sections. If you want to focus on multiple rows, you can lock them using the Freeze Panes feature and conduct the focused tasks more carefully.

How to Freeze Row in excel: Example

The Freeze Panes function example will help you explore its importance.

Peter works for an organization and works on a spreadsheet to save data collected through a survey. He enters all the answers in columns A to C, and Peter freezes the first Row so every person who reads through the sheet can identify which questions specify each answer.

Key Takeaway

  • If you freeze a row in Excel, it is easier to compare data while scrolling through the spreadsheet.
  • You can choose to freeze the first visible Row in your spreadsheet and also avail yourself of the opportunity of selecting multiple rows.
  • You need to go back to the “Freeze Panes” menu if you want to unfreeze the frozen rows.
  • It is also possible to freeze columns instead of freezing rows.


It isn’t easy to work with a lot of data and handle it while comparing the information in your workbook, but several tools in Excel have made it easier to keep track of the desired content. Excel Freeze Panes is one of the most valuable features that lets you view the content from different parts of your spreadsheet, including the ability to freeze panes and split your spreadsheet.

It is quite useful to learn how to freeze rows in excel. The function of freezing rows and columns is beneficial, and the article has discussed it effectively. I am concerned about how you can freeze rows in excel columns and how to unfreeze them. I bet you can now organize large data sets without worrying and keep track of the important data you want to see while scrolling through the spreadsheet.


What does “Freeze” mean in a spreadsheet?

The word “Freeze” in excel means pinching the data in the same place while you scroll the sheet. That is why many people use the Freeze Panes feature, and freezing the rows and columns is quite simple.

What is the purpose of freezing rows in Excel?

The Freezing feature of Excel is advantageous when you wish to keep an area of your excel sheet visible while scrolling the entire sheet. You can utilize the Freeze Panes option to lock specific rows or columns. You can also split Panes to create a separate window of the same current worksheet.

How can I freeze a column in Excel?

It is easy to freeze columns in Excel because the first column in the spreadsheet can be automatically frozen by clicking on the option of Freeze First Column. If you want to select another column, choose the one to the right where you need to freeze and then click on Freeze Panes.

How can I use the Freeze Panes option to compare information?

If you want to use the Freeze Panes option to compare the information, the same steps can be applied to freeze a row below the header. For example, if you want to compare row 10 with 75, select row 11 and click on the Freeze panes. All the data above row 13 will be frozen. Row 12 remains visible when you scroll down to row 75.

Is the Freeze feature of Excel advantageous?

Yes, the Freeze feature of Excel is advantageous as it allows you to lock/Freeze the columns or rows you want to keep an eye on. The top Row or the first column of the sheet remains on the screen when you scroll through the sheet.

Why would you opt to freeze certain rows or columns in excel?

It might be difficult to handle all the data while scrolling the entire excel sheet, and then you must use the Freeze Panes option to check the desired information. For example, if you wish to keep row 50 visible to you all the time while working on the excel sheet, you will apply the freeze feature, and here you go.

How can I protect rows in Excel?

It is necessary to protect your rows in excel. Here is the process of protecting your rows in Excel. Go to the protection tab and do, uncheck for locked options, and click on ok. It is time to select only the rows or columns you want to protect—Right-click to choose the format cell once again. Go to the protection tab, check locked options, and click on Ok.

Is it possible to unfreeze a row in excel?

Yes, it is possible to unfreeze rows in excel. Suppose you are scrolling the spreadsheet but see some frozen rows or columns. It might be possible that you have applied the feature of Freeze Panes on your spreadsheet. To fix this problem, click View on your sheet, go to windows, and Select Unfreeze Panes. Now you have the Row in excel.

Can I freeze panes horizontally and vertically at the same time?

If you want to freeze horizontal and vertical headings, select the cell on the upper-left corner of the range that you want to keep scrollable. Click on the View tab, go to the Window group and click on the Freeze Panes from the menu bar. Two lines will be inserted into excel that indicates where the frozen panes begin from.

What is the difference between split and freeze panes in excel?

Excel splits the window where the worksheet is open vertically on the left side of the chosen columns or horizontally on the top side of the selected rows. At the same time, the freeze panes freeze the window of the excel worksheet vertically on the left side of the chosen column or horizontally on the top side of the selected column. 

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