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How to Charge a Laptop with a Broken Charger Port? The Best Ways to avoid such question


A laptop charger is one of the crucial parts of a computer, which no one could imagine traveling without. It is a device that converts the electric energy into direct current and provides a laptop with the power to run. A laptop charger works similarly as a smartphone or tablet charger.

Additionally, a laptop holds quite a lot of ports including USB Type-A, Type-C, HDMI, Micro SD card slots, headphone jack, and the charging slot respectively. However, if your laptop unfortunately drops and damages any of these ports, your computer is still going to work, except for the charger port. As the charger port is the source to the power of your laptop, this minor defect may lead to a major issue.

Nonetheless, if you are encountering the same issue and seeking some ways about how to charge a laptop with a broken charger port, you’ve arrived at the right spot. In this article, you will explore some interesting facts about the laptop battery and some versatile solutions to charge your computer.

What Leads to Broken Charging Slot?

Generally, breaking of the charger port of a laptop isn’t a common issue without an obvious reason. Neither is it something that expires with time. Thus, one of the biggest roots to the laptop charging port destruction is the external damage of the laptop itself. If you accidentally drop your laptop and it gets impacted on the side, that could probably be the reason for the harm of the charger slot.

Another reason could be the dusty environment. If you’ve been using your laptop constantly in a dusty atmosphere, the dirt particles tend to be trapped within the laptop ports and make them susceptible. Therefore, these grimes can cause plenty of problems such as damaging the charger port.

Note that, when you hear “broken charger port,” it definitely doesn’t mean that the charging slot is literally shredded. It is possible that the inner metal part has got slightly bent or de-shaped, and does not allow the charging pin to fix in.

Anyhow, you could execute some methods to charge your laptop even in such situations.

Five Remarkable Solutions to Charge Laptop with Damaged Charging Slot

Below, I have mentioned five amazing ways that could help you charge your laptop without plugging the charger into the charging slot. You can perform each method hassle-freely and get your laptop charged within the normal time.

  1. Charge Through USB Type-C Slot

Most laptops come with the USB Type-C ports which can help you charge the laptop in case you break your charging slot. The Type-C port holds connectors that have the same size as the Micro-USB connector. Nevertheless, to charge your laptop using the Type-C slot, you would require a Type-C connector and a power bank.

Although most laptops run at 8-12 volts of power, most USB ports for charging are only capable of delivering 5 volts of power. That’s why you require a power bank to charge your laptop via USB Type-C port.

  1. Plug into the Desktop Computer

If you have a desktop computer and it seems trash to you, now it’s time to take advantage of it. You can simply use it to charge your laptop just like using other USB cables. Yet, you should get the right converter from any nearby electronics store. Now, plug one end of the cord with the USB cord of your laptop and other with the computer port. The converter cable will convert AC to DC and your laptop will start charging.

  1. Charge Laptop Battery Separately

Another thing you can try is to take out the battery from the laptop and charge them separately. To conduct this step, there are two ways. Yet, the most straightforward one is using the charging dock.

A charging dock is a device, which charges your battery directly without charging it through the laptop. Still, you may find one significant issue with this solution that such docks are not common. But you can consider this way in case you find no other solution.

  1. Use your Smartphone

This method was adopted in the past when nothing worked or in case of emergencies. Presently, many smartphones can be used as power banks that would provide your laptop with power. Yet, it may not be able to supply your laptop with power for a longer period. Still, you can go for this means in order to use your laptop in an urgent case. You are most probably able to charge your laptop for half an hour.

Although you may find its advantages for short-term, still it is a great means in case you don’t find any alternatives or need to charge your system urgently. So, you can execute this process by acquiring a USB Type-C cable. Connect it to your laptop and smartphone and pick a suitable option.

  1. Get your Laptop Charging Port Fixed

Each of the steps discussed above are some amazing but temporary solutions you cannot rely on. However, the most appropriate and permanent means is to fix your broken charging slot. Moreover, it is not only a permanent fix but allows you to charge your laptop conveniently.

However, getting your laptop charging port fixed is not a rocket science, but it all depends on how old is your device. If your laptop is quite new, you could easily find its spare parts. Yet, finding components for an older version could be pretty challenging. Notwithstanding, you can simply repair your laptop charging slot by visiting any nearby laptop repair ship and let them handle it.

Summing Up

So, these were some extraordinary solutions to charge a laptop with a broken charging port. I hope these techniques help you perform your tasks urgently on your computer. Remember, these are not permanent solutions, you should absolutely fix your charging port as early as possible to prevent it from further damage. Once you repair your laptop charger slot, it will charge your system with more efficiency.

People Also Ask

  1. Can I fix a broken laptop charging slot myself?

It is advised to not try repairing the damaged charging port of your laptop on your own because it is a pretty technical task. You should show your computer to a technician or visit a laptop repair shop.

  1. How much does it cost to repair a laptop charging port?

It costs approximately between $35-$50 to repair your laptop charging slot. Although there is no fixed rate, it varies on how critically damaged your port is and your laptop model. Additionally, the price also depends on the technician.

  1. Can I charge my laptop without a laptop charger?

Absolutely! Each of the methods discussed in the article does not require a laptop charger to charge the laptop. You can use USB Type-C cable, universal adapters, charge battery separately, or use your smartphone.

  1. Is it safe to charge a laptop battery with a broken charging slot?

Well, it can be dangerous if you charge your laptop without having proper knowledge of it. Imagine you are doing this for the first time without acquiring technical skills, you may damage your charger port to a further extent.

I hope you’ve got your answer. Now if your laptop’s charging slot is damaged, you need not to worry about its charging. Share these tips and tricks with your peers and let them know about this.

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