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How long do Gaming Laptops last: Best 5 tips to increase the lifespan of Gaming Laptops


A gaming laptop is all about the specs and high performance. These machines are built to perform for you with their high-end displays, huge RAM, high storage spaces, and better battery life. All of these features do not come cheap at all; you have to spend a large number of bucks for these gaming rigs from different brands.

So let’s come straight to the point when you are spending this many dollars on gaming machines then the first and foremost question for you will be: How long do gaming laptops last?

Our experts have designed this article just for you to answer this question. In this article, we shall start with the factors which get involved in the overall lifespan of gaming laptops. We will also give you the list of points that you can employ on your gaming laptops to increase their lifespan.

How long Do Gaming laptops Last?

Gaming laptops have created their own space in the market with extravagant features and performance. Yet, these are not for everyone. Let’s be honest, these machines are quite expensive and cost you quite hefty bucks to purchase. So when you are spending that much cash on a machine then you would need to know how long your gaming laptop would last.

While there are some manufacturers which have developed amazing mid-range gaming laptops, which would last 3-4 years. While the high-end gaming laptops would surely last for 5-6 years. These gaming laptops are all about high build quality, high specs, and high-end display. But this goes without saying that a good price is not the only factor in determining the time it will last for you. Some huge points determine the overall lifespan of the gaming laptop. We have covered all these points for you in this article and we have also pointed out some main factors which can help you out in the proper functioning of the gaming laptop for quite a long time.

So let’s just dive into the factors which determine how long do gaming laptops last for you:

Factors affecting Gaming Laptop Life-Span

Here is the list of factors that determine the gaming laptop life-span, So without wasting your let just get into them:


The heart and soul of any computing device out in the market. This piece of equipment holds the key for all the processing and handling of applications of all sorts. Most of the conventional laptops usually comprise decent CPUs which can perform and handle a good amount of processing tasks. But when discussing gaming laptops then there is a huge stake involved in the overall speed and handling of processes. 

All of the input variables are coming from the mouse and keyboard during the gaming sessions. So when you are going to buy a full spec gaming laptop then you should consider CPU from INTEL and AMD. These CPU houses have the best performance in the gaming sector. Intel Core i7 and i9 of 11th generations are quite capable of supporting high-end gaming experiences while AMD Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 9 are great CPUs from AMD house.

One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that a modest CPU will not be able to run high-intensity games. Cores in the gaming CPU have a huge role to play, a dual-core processor would not be able to suffice the appetite of a gamer. This core shortage will restrict the performance of the GPU in the end. At least select a CPU with a minimum Hexa/ Octa-core. So having a powerful and capable CPU, you should invest in a good gaming CPU that would last for 5-6 years for you.


GPU is considered the backbone of any gaming laptop. A gaming laptop GPU is all about performance in graphics and frame rates. The higher the graphic card employed in the gaming laptop, all the latest games will be played with fluent gameplay. 

Games of this era are engulfed with high-end 3D graphics, texture mapping, and a high volume of animations as well. So to be accurate about the choice of GPU which should last for the complete lifespan of the gaming laptop, you should go for the certified brands like NVIDIA and AMD.

These brands have the best range of high-performance GPUs which focus on High frame rates. A high value of frame rate will ensure fluent gameplay and an overall great gaming experience. NVIDIA GTX series is a mid-range GPU series that is quite capable of delivering you the best graphics with the latest gaming titles. 

For the case of gaming PCs, there is an option available to us for a GPU upgrade anytime while for the case of gaming laptops, we have to stick to the same GPU. High-end GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD will last all of their lifespans with you guys and will surely give you the bang for bucks. So one should surely consider them for their gaming laptop.


RAM is considered a vital part of the laptop. Most of the laptops are equipped with a decent size. Developers for gaming laptops have always added a huge amount of RAM to the unit. Primarily it is the main hub, where all the tasks are being performed. Most of the gaming laptops are equipped with a decent 8GB-DDR4 RAM, which is quite sufficient when considering basic tasks like browsing, multitasking, and mid-level gaming. 

This RAM size should suffice a normal gamer’s appetite. This size of RAM will surely work for you for 2-3 years. But there is a catch as game developers are focusing on more RAM-intensive games, you will have to upgrade those RAM spaces. Since we have the option in gaming laptops to upgrade the memory, your RAM can last for quite a long period before it can become obsolete. If you follow the simple rule of “more is better” in case of RAM then you are going to have a good time.

Gaming laptops are quite dependent on the RAM, as all the high end games like Then Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt and Far Cry 6 a minimum of 8GB of DDR4 RAM is needed for proper gameplay and fluent ray tracing along with high-quality GPU. All these factors make a great gaming laptop last much longer than anyone expectations.


Gaming started on dedicated consoles which were built specifically to meet the gaming requirements of their era. Gaming has now seen a shift to dedicated Gaming PCs with high end equipment in order to complete the requirements of the AAA gaming titles. Gaming laptops on the other side are the smart and compact versions of their siblings employed in Gaming PCs. 

A full-fledged gaming hardware can be employed only in the gaming PCs as you do not have space issues in them while managing the space of hardware in the gaming laptops is quite a big one. A bargain is made for the case of gaming laptops as portability and being light weight for the user are its salient feature. 

Let’s be honest, there is not much stress on the hardware so this should last for more than a decade for you. Hardware is primarily the components and the platform in gaming laptop or gaming PC, this will not become obsolete for you for quite a time.

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Tips and Tricks to increase the Gaming Laptop lifespan

Now we have discussed the main factors which have a direct effect on the lifespan of gaming laptops. Let’s move to the solution of the main problem: how can we increase the lifespan of gaming laptops. We have discussed quite a few steps which users can implement on their side. 

These points will narrow down to the point of the user usage style and how the device is maintained overall. Our experts have made this list of tips and tricks with proper research of the websites and have elaborated them just for you so that you can prolong the lifespan of your high priced gaming laptop.

Let’s get started!


The first and foremost point in increasing the lifespan of your gaming laptop is its maintenance. When you guys are going to spend such a high amount of cash on your gaming laptop then you should be able to properly maintain your gaming laptop as well. Maintaining and cleaning your laptop on a regular basis should be mandatory for a gaming laptop user. 

As dust plays a vital role acting as a barrier for the performance of the gaming laptop and decreasing the lifespan. Dust and other particles when get stuck inside the gaming laptop causes alarming heating issues and hinders performance. Dust particles tend to get stuck in the intricate parts of the machine like fans, CPU, GPU and RAM. 

Removing the dust particles from them using a small efficient vacuum cleaner which will suck all the unwanted material from the inside using compressed air. This simple underrated tip will surely increase the overall working life of the gaming laptop.

Cleaning the inside parts of the gaming laptop is equally important as cleaning the laptop externally. Dust, food particles, and fibers from clothes get stuck between the keys of the keyboard which will hinder the performance and gaming style as well.

Using a dedicated microfibre cloth to clean out the whole unit especially keys and trackpad will remove all the unwanted stuff from the machine. Following this simple step will have a huge effect in the overall performance and maintenance of the machine. This step is quite underrated but has high priority according to our tech experts.

Cooling Mechanism

Gaming laptops come equipped with decent cooling mechanisms. Fans and air flow play a huge role dissipating the heat as gaming tasks generate a huge amount of heat. Heating of equipment can cause terrible damages to the gaming laptop especially considering GPU, CPU and RAM. Overheating of the gaming laptop is a simple statement as gaming is a heat intensive task but when a gaming laptop becomes too hot to handle then there is an issue.

Main causes for such heating issues arise due to blockage in the air flow and fan functioning of the gaming laptop. A simple and efficient way to dissipate the amount of heat from the gaming laptop is by employing Cooling pads along your gaming laptop. These pads will suck out the heat from the unit with its fans, and boost the air flow to vent out the heat. Cooling pads have inbuilt fans and vents as well, and are powered with a USB connection to the gaming laptop.

Heating of the gaming laptop is an alarming situation for the gamers, one should always consider reviewing the cooling mechanism of the gaming machine before making the purchasing decision.

Better Battery Life

The piece of technology which helps to run everything on the gaming laptop is its battery. Battery life plays a huge role in the gaming experience. Gaming tends to drain the battery so fast that you need to have proper battery charging cycles so that you can play for longer gaming cycles. Most gamers tend to go for connecting the charger for the whole gaming session. This simple procedure will cost you low battery life  in the end.

Gaming laptops’ batteries are mostly based on Li-ion setup, which performs great when these are charged between 50-90% range. Over-charging the device will eventually cost you guys to have a new battery in the end. This issue can be resolved by simply adapting a routine of plugging the charger when needed and avoiding the habit of over-charging the device. This simple trick will prolong the battery life and you can enjoy longer gaming sessions.

Hardware Upgrading

A gaming laptop is not everyone’s cup of tea, as the overall cost of owning a gaming laptop is quite high. Gaming laptops are equipped with high performance CPU, GPU, RAM and storage but as time goes by, newer generations for these components are launched which are more capable than the previous generation. Games become more advanced and their minimum requirements as well. So, in order to stay on track you guys should opt for the option of upgrading the hardware components of your gaming rig.

Gaming laptops hardware upgradation narrows down to basic two points; upgrading RAM and Storage space. RAM can be easily upgraded with time, as these laptops give their user the option to plug in the latest RAM with high memory space for the new-gen gaming experience. Same is the case for upgrading storage space of your gaming rig. If your gaming laptops are equipped with SSD hard drives then increasing the storage space is quite easy. Games occupy a huge amount of space overall, so having extra TB of space will do you no harm in the long run.

These few steps will increase the overall lifespan of gaming laptops.

Software Upgrading

Most of the gaming laptops are powered with Windows OS. With the successful launch of the Windows 10 OS, since then regular updates are being forwarded to their users frequently. These updates tend to protect the gaming PCs and gaming laptops from any security threat and increase the performance as well. 

Gaming experience will surely get affected when the operating system is not properly updated. Getting your gaming laptop fully updated will only benefit you guys in the long run as games tend to alert you guys to update your operating system for fluent gameplay and features.

Techywired Final Verdict

So, now we have reached the final chapter of this blog and we are able to communicate how you can analyze the performance of your gaming laptops. Moreover we have given the salient points and some tips and tricks to increase the battery life of your gaming laptops. We have always focused on delivering the best and perfect information to your view and we believe in proper research and development for preparing perfect content pieces for your information. Increasing the lifespan of your gaming laptop has been a myth which we have debunked in this blog. Hope you had  a good read and found some good overall points to cater with your gaming rig.

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  • Which is the best Gaming Laptop for kids?

Acer Nitro 5, is currently the best gaming laptop for the kids in each and every department. This machine packs a whole punch and it will help your kids to play all the gaming titles effortlessly. The whole gaming rig is quite sturdy and rugged as well which proAs now, we have come to the end of this article, which started with the question of how long do gaming laptops last? 

Our experts have oriented this article to resolve your query perfectly. We have discussed all the main factors which affect the lifespan of gaming laptops and we have also elaborated several ways to consider while dealing with these factors.

Our experts have intelligently discussed numerous tips and tricks on how you can increase the lifespan of the gaming laptop as well. Overall gaming laptops are a huge investment to make in life, and when you spend that much cash on a device it should definitely last for you almost 6-7 years. As discussed above this lifespan can be prolonged by following simple steps to enjoy gaming for a longer period of time on your device without becoming obsolete.

  • How long does it take to completely charge a gaming laptop?

It roughly takes about 2-3 hours to properly charge a gaming laptop but when games are being played on them then these gaming laptops need a proper stable connection to the power source for continuous sessions.

  • Do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops?

Gaming laptops last for quite a bit more than the normal laptops as these machines have huge specs and all the quirks and features of the latest generation. But a normal gaming laptop lasts for 5 years.

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