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How to Clean RGB Mousepad: Best Tips and Tricks


Have you ever thought of washing or cleaning your RGB gaming mousepad? Your mousepad is dirty unless it is brand new. Dust, sweat, and anything else on your hands or circulating about your desk are continually in contact with your mousepad. Whether you acknowledge it or not, it’s usually time to wash the item. But how can a mousepad be cleaned? Is doing so even safe? What cleaning agent should you use on a hard mousepad or one with RGB LEDs?

The cleanliness of your Mousepad might be a problem for everyone who uses a computer at home or work. A mousepad can deteriorate and get soiled over time. Your dresses can be damaged by the frequent up-and-down movement of your wrist, hand, and mouse on the Mousepad. If you want to keep your mousepad in better shape, you must clean it out. You will find all the information about cleaning the mousepad in this article.

What is an RGB Mousepad?

An RGB mousepad is a mousepad that has three different colours, red, green, and blue. All these colours make you feel more interacted with your games. This enables you to have a separate space for each colour, enhancing your game precision. It also helps to improve your gaming focus and performance.

The Appropriate Way To Clean the RGB Mousepad

Although, there are many ways to clean the mousepad but you feel you can find the most appropriate way here.

Authorised Way of Cleaning Mousepad

The cleaning procedure is authorised and it helps you to keep the RGB Mousepad free of dust and dirt. Cleaning should be done with great care while handling any wired RGB mousepad. A dirty mousepad can cause any tracking troubles you’ve had when playing games.

Keep the RGB Mousepad Spotless

It’s crucial to avoid immersing a wired RGB mousepad in water, unlike other regular mousepad cleaning. Removing all the grease, oil, and filth that your hands transfer daily to your RGB mousepad. Below are the things you will need to wash the mouse pad.

You will require:

  • soft dish soap
  • hot water
  • a microfiber cloth

Quick Steps to Wash the RGB Mousepad

  • Remove the RGB mousepad’s plug.
  • Warm water and a small amount of mild dish soap should be used to soak the microfiber cloth. Squeeze as much water as you can from the cloth. You don’t have to take the chance of getting water on your electronics.
  • Use a damp, soapy cloth to completely clean the Mousepad from any oil, grease, and dirt. While it’s acceptable to use water to wipe your Mousepad’s edges, avoid doing so on the electronics box (the area where the wire exits the Mousepad).
  • To completely remove all soap residue from the Mousepad, rinse the microfiber cloth, wring it out as much as possible, and use the moist soap-free cloth. Repeat as necessary to ensure that no soap or dirt is left behind.
  • Let your Mousepad dry flat and upright.
  • The Mousepad should be ready for play after a few hours. Please put it back in and start playing!
  • Enjoy your spot-free Mousepad.

A Short Note

If you decide to use sprays, wipes, or other cleaning and disinfecting items on your equipment, please read all labels carefully to ensure safe and effective use for your possessions and your health. Although, we don’t advise the process of cleaning mousepads with sprays and other items, they can be used with great care if you want. It has been already indicated that you should take extreme precautions to avoid getting moisture close to the electronics box where your Mousepad’s cable exits!

The Benefits of Cleaning Your RGB Mousepad

A mousepad can be readily cleaned by following a few straightforward procedures. When done properly, this can:

  • Ensure your Mousepad has a longer lifespan so you can go longer without replacing it.
  • Make sure your mouse can use once more and scroll easily by removing any pain on the Mousepad.
  • Raise the threshold of the Mousepad’s damage, preventing rips or tears from getting worse.
  • Increase your mouse’s precision as much as possible, and make sure it can travel freely.

What Makes a Mousepad Dirty?

Consider your actual use of an RGB mousepad. You move your hand and wrist over the pad while rolling your mouse up and down. Everything from dead skin to grime will occasionally accumulate on the hands of even the cleanest people. Your hand and wrist start to sweat just from holding and using the mouse, which means that the Mousepad is gradually absorbing your sweat.

With every movement, the dirt on the Mousepad will travel around because your mouse can have all kinds of dirt and debris stuck below. Therefore, you now understand why a mousepad might become dirty and grimy after frequent use.

Even simple activities like snacking or drinking soda close to your Mousepad can cause it to become soiled. You might be surprised by how simple it is to get stains, dirt, and even ash from cigarettes on the Mousepad. As you use it, this becomes increasingly ingrained in the Mousepad, which restricts how freely your mouse can move. Naturally, you want to take every action possible to avoid that problem.

Is Washing a Mousepad Safe?

Most mousepads are constructed of two materials: a foundation made of rubber or rubber composite and a cloth overlay. Usually made of polyester, nylon, or microfiber, these materials are safe to wash in soap and water. Of course, rubber is waterproof by nature.

Normal mouse pads are completely safe to wash because they are water-safe materials. Additionally, you can safely wash them in a washing machine. Although we can understand if the thought makes you uneasy, many PC users have washed their cloth and rubber mouse pads without experiencing any negative side effects. In reality, non-electronic pads from Steel series and Glorious PC Gaming are safe to put in the machine, according to both companies. Avoid using hot water and drying them because heat will quickly deteriorate rubber.

In other words, most ordinary mouse pads may be safely cleaned with soap and water. Only uncommon materials, some hard mousepads, and any pads with electronics or RGB lights are exceptions.

Can it be Challenging to Wash an RGB Mousepad?

It can be challenging to wash an RGB mousepad because water quickly damages the delicate sensor that changes the colour of RGBs. Therefore, only wash the Mousepad if it says it is safe to do so on the box. If not, clean it with anything else because washing can also damage the Mousepad’s surface if it is made of cheap material.

What To Do When Washing the RGB Mousepad?

It’s not always easy to clean a mouse pad. If you use an ordinary washcloth, you can leave behind water stains or scratches that eventually cause harm to the mouse. You can’t just clean mouse pads in any way; you need to know what kind of surface you’re working with and whether the pad is made of cloth or rubber.

A deep internet investigation revealed that there aren’t many resources available to teach me how to clean an RGB mouse pad without causing damage. Because of this, I decided to experiment and learn how to clean it myself.

So after doing some research, I decided to do this, and it worked out nicely for me.

Some cleaning instructions for mouse pads include soaking the entire pad in a tub or sink, which is great for a thorough clean but won’t work for an RGB mouse pad because it contains electronics.

Unplug the RGB Mousepad

Unplug your RGB mouse pad before using it for cleaning tasks because it’s better to be safe than sorry. This will shield you from any potential electrical shock that might happen when you wash it. To clean your mouse pad, use a cloth or sponge. Remember that the mouse pad surface could become scratched, so take extra care when cleaning it.

Use a Sponge, then Wash With Warm Water.

Warm water and a sponge are used to clean the mouse pad. Any dust particles that may have accumulated on the mouse pad’s surface will be eliminated. If possible, you should also apply alcohol to the mouse pad while you rinse it. This will freshen the mouse pad’s scent in addition to cleaning it.

Whether the mouse pad’s surface still appears unclean, check to see if you need to repeat the previous steps until the mouse pad is free of any dirt or dust.

While rinsing the mouse pad, you can spray it with warm water and alcohol if you have a spray bottle.

If you have a toothbrush, you can use it to clean the mouse pad’s corners and other difficult-to-reach places. Again, use caution when using a toothbrush to avoid damaging the mouse pad’s surface.

Use Your Hands to Apply Soap.

Using soap and your hands to wash is often the most effective method. All parts of the mouse pad’s body are easily accessible by hand, which gets rid of any bothersome filth that might be there. Be careful to scrub it with a little pressure, but not too much, otherwise, it will risk damaging the mouse pad’s surface.

Don’t Scrape the Stitching and Edges.

Scrubbing around the edges and the RGB module should be done cautiously to avoid damaging the stitching and shorting out any components. Keep in mind that the stitching holds the mouse pad in place; if you attempt to force the stitching open, it could come undone or, worse yet, damage the RGB of your mouse pad.

Don’t Let Any Water Infiltrate.

Try to rapidly wipe it off with a towel if water gets on or around it so that water cannot go inside. You probably wouldn’t want the water also to damage the RGB lights in the mouse pad.

Get Rid of soap, Dab a Towel Wet.

After I had finished cleaning, I dampened the pad with a damp towel to remove all of the soap. You can use a dry towel to clean the pad once it has absorbed some soap.

Dry it Off

Allow your mouse pad to dry naturally, or use a medium-speed air blower to hasten the drying process. You can use it again after it has dried. Before re-plugging it into your computer, ensure it is completely dry. You should be able to use your mouse pad once more after the drying process is complete.

Guidelines for Cleaning Mousepad

Small to big mouse pads are available, and some even incorporate a keyboard. To avoid dirt and germs building up on them, they must be cleaned frequently. Too much soap, water, oil, or abrasive items could harm your mouse pad. Therefore, you should avoid using them.

Suggestions to Maintain Your Mousepad Tidy

  • Use baking soda to get rid of odours and stains, or physically wash your new gaming mouse pad to give it a thorough cleaning.
  • Please do not wash your mouse pad in the washing machine despite how enticing it may be. The rubber cushioning underneath can get distorted, and the fabric might rip.
  • Do not, however, how tempting it might be, wash your mouse pad in the washing machine. By doing this, the under pad could separate from the fabric, or the fabric could tear.
  • Don’t use hot water

Useable Cleaning Material

It can be laborious and time-consuming to clean. Before selecting the best cleaning solution, you should consider your options.

Every form of cleaner and its various needs can be satisfied by something, from harsh chemicals to natural herbs and oils.

Useable Information About Cleaning the RGB MousePads

Many of you must have many questions in your mind regarding the cleaning of RGB Mousepad. I have given plenty of information that could be useful for you. The following answers can be proved helpful. 

The Final Verdict

RGB Mouse Pads are attractive to use; they enhance the usability and gaming experience as compared to using a mouse directly on the surface of a table. Mousepads are essential to use.  Some people choose a smooth surface over one that is textured. Although there are many advantages of a RGB Mousepad, it must be cleaned because it gets dirty once it is used on a daily basis.

It is not necessary to wash the Mousepad right after you buy it but it must be cleaned after a few days of use. Additionally, it is not easy to wash a mousepad but it can be cleaned by following a few instructions and using the right equipment. If you don’t wash your mousepad, it will get germy over time and it can also affect the functioning of your mousepad. So, what are you waiting for? Go and clean your mousepad if you have one. 


The surface on which a computer mouse is used is called a mouse pad. They can have a smooth or a rough surface and are often constructed of hard plastic. Due to the additional colour features, gamers frequently use RGB mouse pads. These mouse pads are simple to use and simple to clean. But before cleaning your mouse, you might need to unplug it. Using a wet towel when applying your soap while installing RGB lights on your mouse pad is crucial. The RGB lights can be protected from harm and may live longer. A lot of soap could damage the LED lights, so be careful not to use too much. Overall, it is necessary to clean the mousepad and it will be wise to use a cloth to clean it instead of soaking it into the water.

What is the simplest way to clean an RGB mousepad?

Remove the RGB mousepad’s plug. Warm water and a small amount of mild dish soap should be used to soak the microfiber cloth. Wring off as much water as you can. You don’t want to take the chance of getting water on your electronics. Use the damp soapy cloth to thoroughly wipe the mousepad to remove any oil, grease, and grime.

Can I use alcohol to clean my Mousepad?

Unplug your hard pad, such as a Razer, RGB, or QCK mousepad, if it contains USB ports before cleaning. Warm water or alcohol can be used to clean the mousepad. Spraying screen cleaner on the microfiber cloth can also be used as an alternative. Please clean up the Mousepad’s surface by wiping it. You must focus on the spots that you want to clear while using the alcohol on your mousepad.

Can I Blowdry mousepads?

I merely use A4 paper for a day while my mousepad dries after I wash it. Glue it to the front of a large fan or a hair dryer. In my experience, using a hair dryer causes the shape to slightly warp. So I simply let it naturally dry.

Should MousePads be Washed?

Several times a year, or if it gets very soiled, you should wash your Mousepad. If you use your pad frequently, especially every day, washing it periodically will prevent it from becoming overly germy. The pad should be wiped as soon as something is spilled to avoid stains.

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