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A Simple Guide on How To Make Your Laptop a Gaming PC


5 Best Handpicked eGPUs out there perfect for conversion of your Laptop to a Gaming PC prepared by TechyWired just for you guys. Do check it out!

Gaming has seen a great boost right from the start of the 21st century. Games are being developed at a faster pace than ever. In that matter, a gaming PC has been the best partner for the gamer. The whole setup vibe and RGB lights will surely make the whole gaming environment very interesting. 

If you are stuck with your boring run-of-the-mill conventional laptop and want to know how to make your laptop a gaming PC, then you have just come to the right place. We have prepared a simple guide just for you which you can follow and convert your laptop to a Gaming PC.

First, you need to understand the simple fact that you are not alone in this matter. A huge amount of people out there who are passionate about gaming are looking for similar answers just like you. If you already own a gaming laptop that has a high-end processor and a powerful GPU then conversion to a proper gaming setup is not so difficult but if you are equipped with a modest laptop with a modest setting then this guide will dig you out a perfect solution.

Now we shall start with an overview of all these pieces of equipment and how you can make your device a full gaming powerhouse. Here is the list of the 5 best eGPUs handpicked by our experts via proper research just for you.

Best 5 eGPUs for the conversion of Laptop to Gaming PC


Akitio Node Titan Thunderbolt 3


Akitio Thunder 3

Razer Core X

Cooler Master MasterCase EG200

Now let us explore the world of the above-mentioned eGPUs. eGPU is the basic step towards the conversion of the conventional laptop to a gaming PC.

Akitio Node Titan Thunderbolt 3

The Node Titan is regarded as a beast among external graphics processing units. It simply converts your conventional laptop into high-performance gaming, video content creating, and graphics workstation. It simply does not cost you the moon and will deliver you the best overall performance of a power-packed customized PC. 

This machine simply connects with your conventional notebooks with Thunderbolt-3 enabled. Limitless opportunities are created with its addition. This machine supports all the latest graphic cards from well-reputed houses like AMD and NVIDIA.

Akitio Node Titan Thunderbolt 3 gives you speed and performance in all dimensions right from the word go. A mind-blowing speed of 40GB/s. Setting this machine with your device is quite simple and easy. Akitio stands at the top of the eGPU pyramid as this allows its users to upgrade at any time by simply removing the latch of this device and installing the latest graphic card.

The main highlight of this machine is delivering a high-performance gaming environment to the users so that they can lay their hands on the AAA Gaming titles. Akitio has kept a stable source of power and an efficient cooling system for its users to experience long gaming and content-creating sessions with their same laptop.

Overall this machine can deliver you the world while staying low on the budget. Here is the list of the highlight features of Akitio Node Titan Thunderbolt 3:


  • High-end Graphics delivered
  • A huge Power Supply of 650W
  • Compatible with Latest Graphic Cards from NVIDIA and AMD
  • Solid and sturdy Design
  • Enhanced gaming and content creation
  • Portability
  • Efficient Cooling Mechanism


Did You Know?eGFX and eGPU are not the same, eGFX is the whole Graphic Processing Unit which connects externally to your normal Laptop for excellent gaming performance. While eGPU is the Graphic Card which is installed within the eGFX module.


GIGABYTE AORUS is a leading technology in the gaming world. It is dubbed as a gaming box. There is a silver lining for you if you are short on the budget. This machine will simply convert your linear conventional notebooks to a high-powered gaming PC

GIGABYTE has certainly brought their top-tier product to the market just for you. This machine certainly helps you conquer the gaming world with the placement of high-performance Graphic cards from NVIDIA and AMD. 

This machine will deliver you immersive gaming graphics which are only available if you are using a high-speed gaming laptop or PC.

GIGABYTE AORUS will surely give you a huge advantage of customizing according to your gaming appetite. This machine will perform for you right from the word go. All of the graphic-infused gaming titles are now possible with your conventional notebooks with this eGPU. 

Thunderbolt 3 is employed for the connection purpose of the device and laptop with a high rating of data transfer. The main highlight of this device is its cooling mechanism, which works wonders while performing huge power tasks. The RGB lighting is embedded in the base of the structure for delivering the gaming vibe.

Overall build quality for this device is quite solid and sturdy. Meshing is employed in the design for better airflow. Here is the list of salient features for this device:


  • High-end Graphics delivered
  • Excellent Cooling Mechanism
  • AAA game titles are now possible
  • Compatible with the latest AMD and NVIDIA Graphic Cards
  • Solid and Sturdy overall design


Akitio Thunder3

This device from Akitio holds a great name. This device will surely convert your conventional laptops to a gaming PC. If you are working with a limited budget and you are crazy for gaming graphics then this device can deliver you the moon. Games that were never possible for you to play on your laptop now become possible and you can experience the detailed graphics. A dedicated second screen option is available in the Akitio Thunder3. A proper high-end screen will deliver you the High definition results and pixel detail more accurately than ever. 

The whole installation phase of this device with your laptop is quite simple and easy. This machine is equipped with a thunderbolt 3 and two USB-C ports for an efficient flow of work. This machine works magic when used with Macbooks. Overall you can get an amazing response from your pedestrian graphic laptop with Akitio Thunder3. 

Here are some of the great features of this device:


  • High-end Graphics 
  • AAA games are now playable
  • Strong and Sturdy Design
  • Efficient Cooling Mechanism
  • Equipped with Thunderbolt3 and USB-C port
  • Latest Graphics Cards compatible
  • Budget-friendly Machine


Razer Core X

Razer Core X Thunderbolt 3  is a fine-tuned eGPU from Razer house which will convert your linear conventional laptop to a gaming PC, just by simply connecting it to your laptop. If you are looking for a gaming experience and you are stuck with your conventional laptop then you are in the need of Razer Core X. 

This comes equipped with slots for adding Graphic cards from NVIDIA and AMD house. A huge power supply of 650W  is there as well for powering the graphics card embedded in this machine to deliver you the ultimate gaming graphics. 

You don’t have to rob a bank for purchasing a Gaming PC with top-of-the-line specs when you can simply transform your normal notebooks into a gaming PC standard. All of the high-end games are now possible with such power and with a modest budget as well. 

It comes with an option of two colors whichever suits your persona and style. This machine from Razer works marvelously with your laptop and all of the heavy tasks like content creation, editing, and gaming become possible within moments.

This thing works magic simply with your laptop and it’s quite easy to employ and use as well. If you need an improvement and want to excel in the fields of gaming and content creation and are stuck with your conventional laptop then this is the machine just for you.

Here are some of the top-of-the-line features for this machine:


  • High-end Graphics are now possible
  • AAA games within reach
  • Efficient Cooling Mechanism
  • Equipped with Thunderbolt3 and USB-C port
  • Compatible with the latest Graphic cards from AMD and NVIDIA
  • Low-budget
  • Available in 2-universal colors


Cooler Master MasterCase EG200

Cooler Master MasterCase EG200 is considered to be one of the best eGPUs out there. MasterCase EG200 has easily performed very well according to the requirements of your appetite. eGPU Master Case EG200 will convert your simple pedestrian conventional laptop to a gaming laptop by raising the level of Graphics. This eGPU encapsulates high-end graphic cards from NVIDIA and AMD.

eGPU will surely work great with your simple laptop and will boost the performance of your GPU as well. A solid Thunderbolt 3 connection helps to achieve the speed. Overall design and chassis for this machine are quite sturdy and solid and do not accumulate a large amount of space on your desk. 

This eGPU from Cooler MasterCase EG200 comes equipped with an efficient cooling mechanism to vent out the heat during heavy-duty task operation. AAA games are now possible on your simple graphics laptop and these graphic details are only possible due to the presence of the latest graphic cards from NVIDIA and AMD.

This eGPU does not cost you diamonds, it’s just a budget-friendly device and will give you the ultimate customized PC experience at a modest price. Another feature is the built-in hard drive dock for you so that you can have extra space available to store and create content. It is one of the smallest and most compact design eGPU in the market.

Here are some of the best features of MasterCase EG200:


  • High-end Graphics are now possible
  • AAA games can be played now
  • Efficient Fan Cooling
  • Thunderbolt3 and USB-C ports are available
  • Compatible with the latest Graphic cards from AMD and NVIDIA
  • Low-budget friendly
  • Strong, compact, and sturdy design overall


Buying Guide for eGPU: TechyWired Recommendations

Now we have come to the end of this article, we have elaborated a great deal of the eGPUs out there in the market. We have already explained to you quite a list of eGPUs. We have handpicked the 5 best eGPUs to make your laptop a gaming PC and highlighted their features which are available just for you which lets you have a complete experience of converting the simple modest notebooks of Mac and Windows to a full working gaming PC just by simply plugging it.

Our experts have spent hours of research and thoroughly exploring the web for these amazing devices. If you are still not clear about the selection of eGPU then here is the final guide just for you to help in making a concrete decision.

Best Buy Overall

If you are looking for the best buy overall then Akitio Node Titan Thunderbolt 3 is the perfect choice for you. This thing is a beast and will simply convert the conventional notebooks from pedestrian level to a high-performance graphics-oriented PC. All of your gaming desires will be fulfilled just employing this device on your laptop. Our experts rate this machine as the best buy overall as it holds the best features possible for any eGPU.

Best Performing eGPU

If you are focused on performance while buying one of the external GPUs then Razer Core X is the best device for you. This machine works wonders with your conventional laptop and our experts have completely gone through the spec sheet and the juice this machine has got. Our experts have extrapolated internet reviews on different forums regarding Razer Core X and this machine has performed very well with mac and windows laptops.


  • What eGPU stands for?

It stands for the external GPU which is required when you are a graphic nerd and want to update your laptop to a gaming PC without spending a large amount of Cash

  • Does eGPU have SSD or HDD slots?

Yes, eGPU does support hard disk slots for extra storage and provides a huge amount of extra space for the user to fully update their simple laptop to a customized PC.

  • Do eGPUs support the latest graphic cards?

Yes, all of the latest eGPUs from Razer, Akitio, and Cooler Master are all compatible with the latest graphic cards from the AMD and NVIDIA house.

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