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A simple Guide on How to Turn a MacBook Pro into a Gaming Laptop


A perfect guide from Techywired to start gaming on your latest Macbook with simple changes which will deliver the best gaming experience on your Apple Macbook.

Apple products are usually considered to be the market top-tier products that have excellent design methodology, slender, and sturdy build quality. While gaming laptops are always performance-intensive and require a high-performing chipset CPU along with a high-powered GPU. However, a gaming niche requires a dedicated line of hardware configurations that help to play all the games at maximum settings.

Generally, MacBooks are designed for conventional usage and considered as a style statement for quite a time. A large number of people around the world use these great machines for their normal usage. In simple words, these MacBooks are not available for gaming purposes. Let’s get this straight if you want to convert your MacBook Pro to a gaming laptop then this is the article for you guys.

2 ways of Converting Your Mackbook to Gaming Laptop

If you want to turn a MacBook Pro to a gaming laptop then here are the two ways out there:

  • GeForce Now
  • Use of eGPU

Now as we have provided you guys with 2 points on how to convert your MacBook pro to a gaming laptop, let’s clear some queries first

Why Is Gaming on a MacBook Bad?

This is the question which is the reason you have come to this article in the first place. Gaming laptops are not your simple task-performing machines. These have dedicated lines of hardware configuration which are designed to give out the best results for the gamers. Conversely, MacBooks are designed for other purposes and these bad boys are not even marketed based on gaming.

One thing which is worthy of mentioning just for you guys is the ability to upgrade your MacBook is quite an impossible task. Apple has designed their laptops mostly inappropriate for further enhancements and if you still want to upgrade them you will need to spend quite a buck on your desire.

Apple MacBook Pro Focus

Apple has become a brand of high prestige for the audience. All of its products, mainly laptops, are designed according to software optimization. These machines are designed to focus on performance-based tasks like content creation and working on apps.  If you guys are wondering then why bother to start gaming on such a machine. The main reason behind this query is that they don’t want to switch to gaming laptops and want to stick to the interface and feel of the MacBook overall.

Did You Know?Apple Arcade is the platform with +200 classic and arcade games with vivid graphics, explicitly designed for gaming in Apple products.

Games that can be played on MacBook Pro

A MacBook Pro is not all about the cons, there are some of the pros as well regarding gaming in this machine from Apple. Our experts have finalized a list of entry-level games which can be played smoothly and lag-free.

  1. Fortnite
  2. PUBG
  3. Minecraft
  4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  5. Metro Exodus
  6. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  7. A Total War Saga: Troy
  8. Baldur’s Gate 3
  9. Portal 2
  10. The Witness

This list of games has been developed just for you guys via proper research of websites articles and proper gaming channels on different forums.

Now you guys have a proper understanding of the issues, let us start discussing the ways with which you can convert your MacBook Pro to a gaming laptop.

NVIDIA GeForce Now

If you are wondering how to play all the AAA titles from the gaming industry and you got a MacBook pro then you have come to the best place. If you want to experience all the great graphics out there while using the same MacBook then this Cloud Streaming service from NVIDIA is your best option out there. All of the top-tier graphics will be displayed on your screen with access to all the high-end gaming titles. NVIDIA has launched this cloud streaming service for the less fortunate audience who are stuck with their MacBooks and still want to experience the gaming arena. The title for this streaming service is set out to be under the title of GeForce Now.

How GeForce Now Works?

NVIDIA has perfectly launched this special cloud streaming service with the ongoing debate of gaming in MacBooks. This thing works so smoothly and the whole procedure is simple and exciting. Users just have to select the subscription of the service and lay their hands on the high-end gaming experience. All you guys need is a strong internet connection. This cloud streaming service is available for all IOS and android users. You can simply log into your account and start gaming for hours.

What NVIDIA GeForce Now Got for you?

GeForce Now hosts the best GPU from NVIDIA house which can be employed for gaming purposes. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 will upgrade any of your devices to a gaming rig. This service will upgrade your conventional MacBook Pro to support pixels up to 1440p, a higher refresh rate of 120Hz, and a screen result of 4K. Here is the list of the features when you guys select the premium membership of GeForce Now:

  • Higher refresh Rates
  • High-resolution setting
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Ray tracing for ultimate gaming experiences
  • Access to all the best Gaming servers (Ubisoft, Steam, Epic)
  • Longer Gaming sessions
  • Immersive Gaming experiences

All of these features will surely make your MacBook Pro feel like a proper dedicated gaming rig.

Ideal Aspect Ratio for Macs

As you guys are fully aware of the fact that the Apple MacBook Pro has different aspect ratios than a conventional gaming laptop. Now with GeForce’s New cloud streaming service, you guys can enjoy a mind-blowing pixel setting of 1600p. If you go for the premium membership of GeForce Now then you can even convert all your MacBooks to performing gaming rigs.

All of your MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches will deliver you the correct gaming aspect ratios.

Gaming Experience Enhanced

GeForce Now will surely increase your horizon of gaming possibilities. Here is the list of the high-end games possible on your MacBook Pro:

  • CyberPunk 2077
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • HITMAN 2 & 3
  • Half-life
  • CS: GO
  • The Crew 2
  • Sword and Fairy 7
  • Ghostrunner
  • Rocket League

All of these games can be played fluently and without any lag and enhanced ray tracing will surely enhance your gaming experience. What’s the best thing about the NVIDIA GeForce Cloud Streaming service is that it’s a simple transition from a conventional laptop to a full gaming laptop without spending your hard-earned money.

So what are you waiting for now get your access to the membership of NVIDIA GeForce Now and convert your MacBook Pro to a gaming laptop:

Buy Now


There is a huge shift in using external GPUs with your existing laptop to enhance your experience regarding gaming and creating graphic content. Most of the new gamers have opted to use external GPUs which are best for both Windows and macOS. If you are looking for improvement in your MacBook Pro regarding gaming then employing eGPUs is your best available option. As you guys have an idea of a sea of options you get with Windows than Mac when gaming is considered. But with eGPU along with your MacBook Pro, you can simply experience all the gaming world out there.

We have just prepared a simple list of steps that you guys should follow to properly set up your eGPU.

  1. Start with Boot Camp Installation

The first and foremost step of laying hands on this amazing piece of technology is by converting your MacBook Pro operating system to windows. This is the key step for you guys as you want to enter the gaming world as there are far more support and opportunities than on conventional macOS. After the transition of the operating system, you guys have a world of gaming options in your hands.

  1. Selection of eGPU

eGPUs have a reputation to maintain as the market is quite competitive. There are quite a few products that can simply transform your conventional MacBook Pro into a gaming rig just by connecting a thunderbolt to your device. These eGPUs have a dedicated line of graphic card options from respectable houses like NVIDIA and AMD. Manufacturers have partnered with these GPU houses to deliver you their latest and highly efficient graphic cards.

We have handpicked two of the top-tier eGPU devices in the market just for you guys.

  • Akitio Thunder 3 eGPU
  • Razer CoreX eGPU

Both of these are honorary mentioned in the eGPU category as these have high value among MacBook Pro users. We have prepared a simple overview and pros and cons for these eGPUs so that you can make a perfect final decision.

Akitio Thunder 3 eGPU

This piece of equipment is a beast and works magic with your MacBook Pro. This thing holds the space quite efficiently and is compatible with all the graphics cards from NVIDIA, AMD, and Gigabyte. You can simply attach this thing with your MacBook Pro using a USB Type C. The whole setup is so simple yet so satisfying that you cannot believe your eyes for the performance you get delivered by your same MacBook Pro. 

Here is the list of pros and cons of choosing Akitio Thunder 3 eGPU:

Gaming AAA Titles are now possibleQuite a heavy unit overall
Compatible with all GPUs out thereSteady Source of electricity required
Limitless opportunities are also compatible with windows.Few heating issues.

Here is the link for you to go ahead and purchase this bad boy:


Razer CoreX eGPU

Razer has always been at the top with its top-of-the-line products whether it’s their laptops, keyboards, and PCs. This product also follows the same trend and lets you experience speed and efficiency at its best. This eGPU from Razer house supports all the high-end GPU manufacturers and their latest graphic cards. NVIDIA, AMD, and Gigabyte GPUs can be employed in this unit. This piece of equipment will surely outperform your inbuild MacBook Pro graphics and will surely convert your conventional MacBook Pro to a gaming rig instantaneously

Here is the list of pros and cons of choosing Razor CoreX eGPU:

High-End Gaming PossibleA bit heavy unit
Compatible with all GPUs out thereSteady Source of electricity required
Limitless opportunities are also compatible with windows.Few heating issues.

Here is the link for you to go ahead and purchase this beast:


  1. Final Stage: Setting Up

This is the final step of employing your eGPU to your MacBook Pro. This piece of equipment can be simply attached to your device with a USB Type C connector. These eGPUs are designed and oriented to perform right from the start for you and will deliver you the best results which you have never witnessed from your MacBook Pro. A proper connection to a steady source of electricity is required for these eGPU to operate smoothly, inbuilt fans are also there to let the heat sink out of the unit properly.

Techywired Final Judgment

We have organized and researched throughout the internet to list down the ways on how you guys can convert your MacBook Pro to a gaming rig. Our experts have given you the perfect pair of options to select from and satisfy your gaming appetite. If you guys are still not clear to make the right choice then we still got you covered.

  • If you are looking not to spend a hefty amount of cash, then an NVIDIA GeForce Now subscription is the thing for you. You can simply play a large number of games with simple monthly fees. A strong internet connection should be checked from your side.
  • To properly follow the gaming sector as a passion and want to excel in this niche then choosing an eGPU would be the best option for you guys. A huge amount of power is delivered to you while the basic MacBook Pro features and functionality is omni-present as well.

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