iPhone vs. Android? A Mystery Answered Finally!


Buying a new phone is always a tough, tough decision for users due to the availability of competitive smartphone brands in the market. We look into the smartphone phone industry, and we can see remarkable, compelling, and performance-oriented smartphones working on two platforms, including iOS and Android

According to statistics for 2022, there are more than 2.5 billion active users of Android-based operating systems. Android was created and launched by Andy Rubin, and it was freely available for the smartphone manufacturing industry. Smartphone companies, including Samsung, LG, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and many others, use Android as an operating system.

That’s why Android has become a widely used operating system in the world. While on the other end, iOS is a unique operating system by Apple company and it is still being used in iPhones or iPad only. Stats tell that there will be more than 1.8 Billion active users using iOS-based smartphones in 2022.

So, before buying a smartphone, it is quite necessary for users to understand the differences between Android and iOS operating systems. Already active users on both platforms are emotionally and logically attached because it is hard to switch from one Platform to another. Please check out the article to explore about MacBook Pro 13-Inch.

iPhone vs. Android

The article will provide a unique and comprehensive comparison of iPhone and Android. techywired smartphone and software testing team tried its best to compare the features of both iPhone and Android. If you are looking iPhone’s importance in public worldwide please read the following content iPhone 14 Made Maximum Sales in October 2022

iPhone and Android comparative chart

Comparative characteristicsiPhoneAndroid
Release dateJuly 27, 2007September 23, 2008
Security updatesRare security updatesAndroid offers monthly security updates
Close or open-ended PlatformClosed platforms only iPhone and iPadOpen Platform for all smartphones makers
Apps availabilityiPhone users can access apps through the Apple app store contains more than one million applicationsAndroid smartphone users can access more than two million apps which is almost double of iOS. Android applications are available on the google play store.
Virtual AssistantWhile on the other end, iOS uses Siri as its virtual assistantAndroid operating system uses google assistant 
BrowsersSafari is the default browser in iOS Platform supported devices. iPhone or IPAD users can set other browsers as their default browsers, like android devices.Google Chrome is the default browser for android devices or users. There are many other browsers, like Firefox, that also could be used for ad blocking on android devices. 
Latest updateiOS 16 was released on September 12, 2022Android 13 will be released on August 15, 2022.
Active usersthere will be more than 1.8 Billion active users using iOS-based smartphones in 2022There will be more than 2.5 billion active users of Android-based operating system smartphones devices in 2022

Features comparison iPhone vs. Android

iPhone has iOS, a unique operating system that facilitates users to pin their favorite applications that Android doesn’t allow to pin. Although a status bar also runs on the top of both operating systems that provide information such as signal strength, battery life, Wi-Fi status, or any other newly received information such as reminders, emails, and messages.

Both operating systems use touch interfaces that have a lot of things in common such as pinch & zoom, tapping, and swiping. iPhone and Android screens boot to the home screen, which is similar to the computer desktop. However, an Android home screen contains rows, icons, widgets, and others. It can auto-update the latest information regarding news and other information. At the same time, iPhones only contain app icons and rows.

iPhone vs. Android features comparison

iPhone featuresAndroid features
1. Lock the screen gallery and switch
2. Photos shuffle and style live activities API
3. Recover deleted messages
4. Stylized date and time
5. Lock screen linking and suggestion
6. Smart search suggestions and correction
7. Compact phone calls
8. Emoji colors 
1. Protect sensitive data in the Private Compute Core
2. One-time permission
3. Improved media controls
4. Unified Device controls and payments
5. Stronger mic and camera access controls
6. Keep your precise location private
7. Privacy permissions at a glance
8. Priority conversation 

Advantages and disadvantages of Android

Advantages of Android

  • Applications outside the google play store can be loaded
  • Android phones allow users to load outside google play store applications
  • Hardware options for android users
  • Android-based smartphone hardware is innovative, including battery sizes, processors, RAM, and storage options. For instance, Android brings many innovations, including bendy phones, fingerprint screens, selfie cam popups,

 An expandable storage

The storage of android smartphones is expandable. Many smartphones have an android operating system that supports the functions of attaching a memory card to get extra space to save files, applications, and many other important files.

Widget feature

The widget features of Android are much better than iOS. Android users can access information with minimum tabbing and scrolling. Widgets also allow android users to get information of whether forecasting, the latest news updates, and many more. Widgets also enable android users to control media conveniently.

Diverse phone options

The android platform is being used by diversified smartphone-making companies. So customers purchasing android base smartphones can avail more options in brands, storage, RAM, processor, and battery.

Disadvantages of Android

Hardware quality is compromised

Android is an open platform for many smartphone brands to use as an open source or operating system. So, the android user is getting a mixed quality of hardware, including battery, ram, storage, and processor, as compared to iPhone.

A Google account is a must for android users

People using android smartphones need a google account to install applications, download files, and do any other activities. All you need is a google account, and everything is backed by an account because Android is Google’s smartphone operating system

Ads in android applications

Android smartphone users have to bear many ads while using any apps available on the google play store. When you open your android phone’s play store or needed application, there are annoying ads in the form of popups available covering content, etc.

Bloatware applications

Bloatware applications are available on many android phones. It means users will receive some applications pre-installed and can’t be deleted.

Updates are occasional

Android-based smartphones usually users receive updates in high-cost smartphones only. While low-budget android device holders receive minimum or no updates at al., Android occasionally has security updates available on smartphones. When receiving no updates then, user data on risk and hackers can invade easily.

Advantages and disadvantages of iOS

Advantages of iOS

The interface is friendly even after updates

It is a well-known fact that iOS-based devices, including smartphones, iPad, and MacBooks interface, are easy to handle and compatible with users. The performance and user psychology are matched with the phone and applications interfaces of the iPhone, that’s why iOS base users hard to move on android devices.

iOS allows you to listen to music and type docs: Multitasking

the iOS operating system is strongly built to ensure performance and a user-driven approach. It is pretty simple to enjoy music and conduct non-stop favorite beats without any interruption, even when you are sitting in congesting work environment.

Best Security

Devices based on the iOS operating system, including iPhone and iPad, are more secure than other devices working with another operating system. First of all, iOS, as a unique operating system, is almost close-ended. No external can decode or affect its internal algorithm. So if your smartphone is based on iOS, then it is secure from malicious codes and viruses.     

The efficient way of battery consumption

It is interesting to know that the iOS operating system is only available for Apple. Inc devices. So the company provides the latest and best quality hardware, including chips, storage, and RAM, so battery consumption is very reasonable, and the device doesn’t get heated when consistently being used.  

Disadvantages of iOS

No widget support like Android

iOS, a special platform or operating system supporting only apple made devices, does not support widgets. For instance, apps built for iOS are fewer in number and developed by the teams charging high costs, while Android provides open access to developers, and prices or subscription charges are less for android devices.

Doesn’t have built-in radio and NFC

NFC is an incredible smartphone feature that allows users to communicate between devices. It is very unlucky that iOS devices don’t support NFC. Moreover, unlike Android, iOS devices haven’t built-in radio apps, so they have to purchase a radio app.

The same icons and look even after receiving updates

iOS operating system-supported devices, including iPhone and iPad users, have to see the same icons and app interfaces even after receiving regular updates. The Platform often changes the design or layouts of the applications or home screen style. So, people, those for looking excited and updated look may have considered android devices.

 Security feature: iPhone vs. Android

iOS security is the most powerful and reliable in all perspectives. For instance, this is a close-ended Platform or operating system, so external invasion is minimum. While on the other Android also has increased the security checks through Google updates its system regularly, building Google Play Store more well-systematized and secure from every perspective.

Android as an open source could be considered less secure than iOS being unique, available to only apple products and high-end developers based on the operating system compared to Android. Additionally, an iOS operating system provides regular updates to ensure security. When we run a comparison of iOS and Android, it could be hard deciding which operating system security without digging deep.

iPhone vs. Android: Speed and app availability

The iOS operating system is specially dedicated to only iPhone and iPad only, unlike Android. The apps or games available on the apple store are mostly expensive and efficient to install when we compare them with android games or applications. Android didn’t allow developers openly to come and list the apps, that’s why only quality applications and games with high speed, high cost, and fewer ads are available to use and enjoy high speed.

Although Android users have more options and free apps to install without purchasing options, however, irritating ads are there for them while they are playing games, reading content, and editing photos or videos. The speed of work or content reading obviously becomes slow. If you are looking to explore resetting network settings iPhone read out the article.

The speed of devices also depends upon the hardware used in devices. We know very well that iPhone or iPad are devices made by apple coming with high-quality hardware, including ram, chips, and storage, so the speed of devices high depends upon the quality of the hardware. So we can count on the fact that the speed of iOS-based devices is much more efficient than Android-based devices.

Techywired Final verdict

Millions of people are using both types of smartphones consisting of iOS and android operating systems. It is hard to define which operating system is more user-friendly. Because if you are an Android user, it might be difficult for you to switch to iPhone, and similarly, it is equally hard for an iPhone user to switch to an Android.

The techywired team described a brief analysis to list out information for the users looking for a comparison of iPhone vs. Android. After reading the article, users will be able to figure out which Platform is more secure, user-friendly, and full of lucrative features for smartphones and iPads’. 


iPhone vs. Android is an interesting debate have been covered by many blogs. We, as a techywired expert team, have covered a unique point to let the audience know a comprehensive analysis between iPhone and Android.

The article has covered the overview of iPhone vs. Android and the latest features of both smartphone operating systems. The phase of advantages and disadvantages also clarifies the audience, though, who were looking for a compelling and authentic comparison of iPhone vs. Android.


What is the difference between iPhone and Android?

According to current knowledge of the smartphone industry, it is interesting to know the difference between iPhone vs. Android. Android is an open platform by google adopted by many smartphone companies as their operating system. While on the other end, iOS is also a unique operating system being used in iPhone and iPad devices made by Apple. Inc.

What do you know about the user interface of iPhone vs. Android?

Both operating systems use touch interfaces that have a lot of things in common such as pinch & zoom, tapping, and swiping. iOS allows users to pin apps, while Android doesn’t allow them. Although, a status bar also runs on the top of both iPhone and Android with the things like signal strength, battery, Wi-Fi, or reminders.

Which operating system has more strong security features? Explain iPhone vs. Android.

It would be wrong to say anything about the security features of the iPhone vs. Android. However, being a user of both operating systems, I can fissure out iPhone vs. Android securities. From what I experienced personally, iOS is more secure than Android because iOS is close-ended. And only available for Apple devices.
While on the other end, Android is an open platform widely used by smartphone brands. Apps available on the google play store also contain viruses, ads, and multiple permissions to invade the security of android devices.

What would you suggest to users regarding iPhone vs. Android?

It is an interesting fact that users of iOS are sticking with the iPhone and iPad. They are paying high prices and enjoying the best quality hardware and almost identical interface of iOS, even on upgraded devices or models. iPhone users are fewer in number, but it’s very hard to switch from iOS to Android. However, it is most common to switch from Android to iOS when people are able to buy iPhone devices.

What do you know about the biggest difference between having or not having iPhone vs. Android?

Well, it is a bit tricky question, iOS is a premium operating system only available on iPhone devices. But when we compare the advantages and disadvantages of iPhone vs. Android. We have come to know that although iOS security and useability are much better than android devices. However, iOS has no NFC and radio functions, unlike Android. So iPhone users cannot enjoy NFC or built-in radio. 

What is the most interesting feature liking you most in Apple devices?

I think premium quality hardware gives much better performance as compared to Android because it has mixed hardware quality. The camera quality of the iPhone is better than Android-based devices. FaceTime features are only available on iPhones or iOS base devices; however, android devices can join when iOS users invite them via a link.

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