Nintendo Switch OLED Model Review 2022


Nintendo Switch OLED

  • The Nintendo Switch OLED Model screen is 7 inches
  • Nintendo Switch OLED Model has built multicolor
  • High quality speakers
  • Ethernet port available
  • Adjustable kickstand
  • The screen is best for the portable gaming experience
  • Similar to previous versions
  • Manual direction setup not available
  • No upgrade in TV modes
  • Expensive

If you like to play games on the screen or in bed with a small gaming gadget, the Nintendo Switch OLED model is an exceptional device for handheld gaming systems. During personal review best thing I have noticed in the Nintendo Switch OLED model is that one can comfortably switch on a TV or gaming console screen.

The review’s basic intent is to show readers the possible pros and cons. So, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model review by Techywired stands unbiased to make a clear picture of this Model for our readers.  

Specifications of Nintendo Switch OLED Model

  • Dimensions:            (LxWxH): 9.5x.55×4 inches
  • Customer Reviews: 4.9 out of 5
  • Internal Storage:     64GB
  • Item Weight:         3.33 pounds
  • CPU:                       1GHz Cortex-A57
  • Item model number: HEGSKABAA
  • Processor:               Custom Nvidia Tegra X1
  • Binding:               Video Game
  • Storage:                  64GB
  • GPU:                       NVIDIA Tegra X1

Look and Design

The design of the Nintendo Switch OLED Model is not much different from Nintendo original Switch. Switch. However, during a close comparison and review of the original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch, OLED Models have been noticed.

For instance, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model screen is 7 inches, the most noticeable improvement in design. The screen size of the original Nintendo Switch was 6.2, so Nintendo Switch OLED Model is slightly bigger to make the gaming experience more joyful. The weight of this Model is 422 grams, which is slightly heavier than the original Nintendo.

The accessories are the same as were coming with the original Nintendo Switch. Upon unboxing, you will get two joy-con controllers, two joy-con straps, and a joy-con grip. You will also get a Switch dock and a new LAN port. 

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This Model consists of a 2. 0 USB port and a Micro SD card, also repositioned as it is adjusted behind the wider kickstand, which is quite easier to use.

The fan of the OLED Model is slightly smaller and proficient in exhausting the hot air. Nintendo OLED Model also has a headphone jack like other switch models.  

Nintendo Switch OLED Model performance tested by techywired’s Team

The console testing team has tested Nintendo Switch OLED Model through a real-time gaming experience. For instance, Team tested the console by playing games from the Nintendo e-Shop.

 One thing is important to mention here for all games lovers that games found on the Nintendo e-Shop are not good enough as games found on libraries of PlayStation 5 (PS 5) or Xbox Series X.

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 Although games available on the Nintendo e-shop like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. The gaming console Nintendo Switch OLED Model performance was satisfactory as the game loading time was minimal, and no glitches or lag had been identified.

 While the same games have been tested on the original Nintendo switch, where lag, glitches, and long run time problems had been identified, it usually is most embarrassing when you are playing a multiplayer game with friends and loading long run screen or glitches will kill the enjoyment.   


In many ways, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model is a bigger and better gaming console than its predecessor. You can enjoy the latest games on a bigger 7 inches brighter screen. The price of the Nintendo Switch OLED Model is slightly higher than the origami switch. You can buy Nintendo Switch OLED Model for just $349.99 by clicking the links below.

ModelPriceAvailable at
Nintendo Switch OLED Model$349.99Amazon

What is the difference between OLED Model and the original Switch?

First and foremost, the remarkable difference is the screen size already discussed in this article. The original switch screen size was 6.2, but Nintendo Switch OLED Model has a screen size of 7 inches.

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When we talk about the panel difference, the original Switch has LCD. In contrast, the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model has OLED, which allows users to experience better graphics, multiple screen colors, and many more exciting screen features.

The is no noticeable difference in resolution between the two devices, as both have a resolution of 1280×720. The pixel density of the OLED Model is 209ppi, while its predecessor’s pixel density is 236ppi. The last difference is the price difference. Almost users have to pay $50 extra to buy Nintendo OLED Model.

Final Verdicts

If you love to play games on a handheld device, then OLED Model is best for you to spend $349.99 to hold one of the stunning gaming consoles with bigger and better screen sizes.

Techywired has chosen OLED Model to review for readers. OLED Model has been reviewed in 360 views. We discussed the OLED Model overview, a comparison with the original Nintendo, upgraded specifications, design of the Nintendo OLED Model.


Nintendo OLED Model Undoubtedly breathtaking gaming console with a large display, an updated games library, and a fully functional device no matter where you are sitting and playing games.

The main intent of the Techywired gaming console team testing was to focus on Nintendo OLED Switch OLED Model’s pros, cons, design, and improvements from its predecessor original Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo OLED Model is slightly costlier than the original Nintendo. You just need to spend $50 plus to enjoy Nintendo OLED Model with 7 inches better and a bigger screen.


Is Switch OLED better than the original Switch?

Yes, Switch OLED is better than the original Switch because it has a large display. It was 6.2, but the Nintendo OLED Model has a screen size of 7 inches. When we compare cost-wise, the original Switch is $50 USD cheaper than Switch OLED.

Does Switch OLED is discounted?

No, Nintendo OLED doesn’t discontinue because it is the replacement of existing switches like lite Nintendo, the original Switch, and other switch series gaming consoles.

Can we watch Netflix on Nintendo OLED?

We cannot watch Netflix on Nintendo OLED. However, you can watch any other streaming on your gaming console sitting anywhere when your device is Nintendo OLED with a strong WiFi connection.

Netflix is not available directly on the Nintendo e-shop. But you can somehow execute the process to play Netflix on your console through jailbreaking, but it is risky. It may open the gaming console up.

Can we switch between shows and games while using Nintendo OLED?

Yes, we can switch between shows and games using Nintendo OLED because the device is portable, and the bigger screen allows us to switch and enjoy entertainment. In the future, Nintendo OLED will support Netflix on its e-Shop.

Does the Nintendo OLED price competitive gaming console?

Nintendo OLED is an amazing gaming console to play your favorite games. Although Nintendo OLED Model is a little pricy than the original Switch, at least you have to pay more than $50 for Nintendo OLED Model with 7 inches better and bigger screen. The link is here to buy Nintendo OLED for only $349.99 USD.

What makes Nintendo Switch OLED games console lovers’ first choice?

Nintendo OLED is the best choice and a large gaming console. There are various reasons to consider Nintendo OLED. For instance, Its CPU is 1GHz Cortex-A57
While the Processor is also strong enough to make the device speedy, its processing power is a custom NVidia Tegra X1.

The storage of Nintendo OLED is 64 GB which is a good option for larger games. The screen size is also better. Nintendo OLED has 7 inches screen for entertainment and portable games to enjoy.

What should an alternative to Nintendo OLED be considered?

As the article has mentioned, not much difference has been noticed between Nintendo OLED and the original Switch other than price, storage, and screen size. If you want to save money or are a new user of a gaming console, then you must go for the original Nintendo for a better experience.

What are the drawbacks found in Nintendo OLED?

Although Nintendo OLED is an awesome gaming console with a large and better LED experience, when we look at the performance, design, and specs, no noticeable difference has been identified in devices.

Also, there are various flaws that have been identified, including no remarkable difference from the previous version, we cannot set up directions, and also, in TV moods, no upgrades are available.

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