Tekken 8: Leaks & Details Are Out


At the Playstation State of Play event, the excitement reached an all-time high when it was announced that Tekken 8 will be arriving in no less than a few months. The franchise started in the early 1990s and it gained more momentum in the early 2000s. The fans are very much intrigued to find out what the eighth installment of the famous game, Tekken 8, will be like. 

Who are the developers of Tekken 8?

The game’s developers are Bandai Namco Studios and they have promised a good deal in the form of Tekken 8 to the fans. The developers have kept the story of the game a surprise and so far nothing solid is really known about what the story would be like.

What do we know so far about Tekken 8?

What we know so far about Tekken 8 is that the video of the trailer was shown at the Playstation State of Play event. The reveal trailer seemed quite promising. It was less than two minutes long. It has made the gaming community wait eagerly now. Hara is the Chief Producer and he seems to be quite proud of the trailer for his Tekken Project.

A great insight 

The effects, character models, and backgrounds are the ones that are in-game and remain the same. This is great news for the gamers awaiting the arrival of Tekken 8.

Release Date and Characters of Tekken 8 

So far, nothing concrete is announced however there are chances it will be released in July 2023. There are many characters involved as well. Characters such as Katarina, Fahkumram, and Leroy Smith debuted in Tekken 7 therefore we are expecting new debuts in this franchise extension as well. Tekken is always successful, and last Tekken 7 is an example of that.

Tekken 8 will be available on PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series. However, Nintendo Switch will not have the game available. Gamers have over time started enjoying the Tekken series more as they progress and become newer each time. Fans find themselves feeling quite happy with the news and there are multiple exciting reactions coming these days on social media. People cannot help but gush about the trailer on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Harada has also spoken about how they are working on improving the graphics to the maximum as that is one reason why there needs to be an attraction of Tekken 8 fans towards the game, as with better graphics the whole experience becomes new and on a whole different level. People are waiting to see how the graphics will be improved and how the overall feel of the game will be better than the previous one, which is a tough competition to tackle as it was quite well-loved, and even today a lot of people are playing the previous versions. Tekken 8 is going to be full of surprises since a lot is not revealed yet.

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