Apple Increases the Price of Apps in Certain Countries


Tech Giant Apple has announced that it will increase the prices of apps and in-app purchases on its App Store in certain countries. This price hike will be effective as earliest as October 5, and the new prices will not include auto-renewable subscriptions. Some countries that are part of this new policy include Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Vietnam, and all territories that use the Euro currency.

The founder of the infamous iPhone added that these changes are subject to the new regulations in Vietnam to collect and remit applicable taxes. Once these changes are in effect, it will be up to the developers to change the price of their offered apps and in-app purchases.

These changes might also be because Apple missed its revenue from services in the June quarter, and the decision was made because the App Store is a major source of revenue for Apple. Additionally, app developers have also raised prices over the past year.

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