Best Keyboard And Mouse Games in 2022: Thrilling Games Listed For Your Excitement


The best keyboards and mouse gives you great precision of freedom and movement to target the enemy and win the contest without any mishap. According to my personal experience, it is hard to play games without a keyboard and mouse. 

Many games trendy games can be enjoyed best with the help of a keyboard and mouse. The majority of the games with high graphics and the best quality cannot be played. That’s why we name them the best keyboard and mouse games.

It is interesting to know that during close fight games, the players playing games with the control of a keyboard and mouse mostly win the games as compared to the player who is controlling games with a laptop built-in keyboard, mouse, or touch screen. 

The external keyboard and mouse games allow users to save the built-In keyboard and mousepad for professional work. It is the developer’s choice, the game’s nature, and a number of controls have been defined in the games. 

That’s why game developers release the information to ensure that they develop more specifically keyboard and mouse games. For instance, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Shovel Knight, World of Warcraft, and many more are the best keyboard and mouse games.

Best Eight keyboard and mouse games detailed chart 

Keyboard and mouse GamesFeatures of keyboard and mouse gamesActive links to access keyboard and mouse games here
One: Dragon Ball FighterZ 1. Excellent anime graphics
2. High-end combat and speculating fight
3. 1080p resolution and 60FPS
4. Multiplayer game  
Two: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla1. Epic graphics
2. Cruel fighting style
3. Multiplayer game
4. New exciting features unlocking
5. Players can share their custom raider 
Three: Fantasy Strike1. You can play online with friends
2. Your friends can watch the game progress online
3. Game graphics are epic
4. Controls are easy to learn and apply with a keyboard and mouse
5. Games can be played online with no charges 
Four: Destroy All Humans1. Single-player game
2. Excellent graphics and backgrounds
3. Multi-language support
4. Game giving mindless romp and mass destruction 
Five:  ARK Survival Evolved1. Premium features game
2. Only for the windows platform
3. Mysterious island backgrounds
4. Flying Dragon 
Six: Mega Man X Legacy Collection1. State-of-the-art fight game
2.MultiplayerExcellent graphics
3. Epic controls
3. Mouse and keyboard keys control 
Seven: Ikaruga1. Cooperative mode game
2. Multiplayer and single-player options
3. Graphics are amazing
4. Five levels first three are easy next two are complex and hard to win
5. High-end controls through keyboard and mouse 
Eight: Civilization VI1. Historical featured games
2. Best keyboard and mouse games can be played on pc and other devices
3. Compatible with all devices
4. Tons of combating features 

There are various best keyboard and mouse games in the market you can enjoy.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

If you are looking for the best keyboard and mouse game, then Dragon Ball FighterZ is best for you as it is full of art, tough combat, and design to give you the real feel. Dragon Ball FighterZ theme tells a real story of a rebranded opponent.

It is interesting to know that the auto-combo feature and special moves can be controlled through the best keyboard and mouse. DRAGON BALL FighterZ is based on the famous and speculating animal dragon.

Dragon Ball FighterZ delivers the best-quality animation and easy-to-grasp initial level but difficult-to-grasp fighting gameplay. As I am sure, if you are playing this game with the keyboard and mouse, then it would be a lovely experience to combat with fast and easy controls


  • Excellent anime graphics
  • High-end combat and speculating fight
  • 1080p resolution and 60FPS
  • Multiplayer game

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is another speculative game to enjoy the best combat, graphics, and story the people, especially who love to play fight games with a keyboard and mouse.

The game gives you ruthless combat with warrior dual swords, shields, and axes to win ruthlessly by using a keyboard and mouse. Techywired game testing team has declared Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the best keyboard and mouse game ever on the internet.


  • Epic graphics
  • Cruel fighting style
  • multiplayer game
  • New exciting features unlocking
  • Players can share their custom raider

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Fantasy Strike

This is also mind blowing game giving a complex combatting environment to its players. It is freely available on the company website to play online. Players can enjoy the characters like ninjas, pandas, fish, and dragons. The game is a combo of fantasy and martial arts.

The best thing about this game is that you can enjoy all game controls in a better way with a keyboard and mouse. This is another fantastic keyboard and mouse game available on the internet without any subscription charges.


You can play online with friends

Your friends can watch the game progress online

Game graphics are epics

controls are easy to learn and apply with a keyboard and mouse

Games can be played online with no charges

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Fantasy Strike

Destroy All Humans

Destroy All Humans! It is an amazing game for players who are waiting to play ruthless and cruel character games. Destroy All Humans is a pure classic return of evil aliens. The game is based on alien invasions, plus it is full of surprises, actions, and adventure as players will lose themself on an in-game journey.

Destroy All Humans! Supported with multi-languages including English, Italian, Spanish, French, and many others. In addition, games are single-player, full of adventure, and playable on tablets.

It is recommended that for better controls and fast actions, you have to play the game with a keyboard and mouse. Techywired team declares that Destroy All Humans is one of the epics keyboard and mouse games to unlock its features and enjoy excellent commands.


  • Single player game
  • Excellent graphics and backgrounds
  • Multi-language support
  • A game giving mindless romp and mass destruction

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Destroy All Humans

ARK Survival Evolved

Survival Evolved is an optimized and highly graphics video game for people who love to see dragon flying. The most interesting fact is that it is an excellent keyboard and mouse game that allow users to enjoy epic controls being a player through powerful controls with a keyboard and mouse.

According to play store comments, it is one of the most thrilling, customizable, and combating nature games. During this gameplay, I personally feel that I am stranded on a mysterious island and trying to fight for self-survival.


  • Premium features game
  • Only for the windows platform
  • Mysterious island backgrounds
  • Flying Dragon

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ARK Survival Evolved

Mega Man X Legacy Collection

Mega Man X Legacy Collection is an excellent game for PC. By using epics controls through the keyboard and mouse, you can win the contests. There are multiple series of challenges, actions, and stages you have to cross through great master keys of the keyboard and use the mouse for better and quick actions.

In this game, you need to hunt down evils with the help of a side scroll. The game is awesome and could be considered the best keyboard and mouse games category.


State-of-the-art fight game


Excellent graphics

Epic controls

Mouse and keyboard keys controls

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Mega Man X Legacy Collection


Ikaruga is an amazing game with the character shoot-em-up. The most interesting factor is that you can enjoy better control through the keyboard and mouse, as players can fly and shoot an enemy in a projected style. The game offers you five mysterious challenges as you can combat as a multiplayer or single-player. It’s your choice. Most probably, it is one of the best keyboard and mouse games on PC.


  • Cooperative mode game
  • Multiplayer and single-player options
  • Graphics are amazing
  • Five levels first three are easy next two are complex and hard to win
  • High-end controls through keyboard and mouse

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Eight: Civilization VI

Civilization VI is the pinnacle game full of fun and infinitely. Players can enjoy various contests, adventures, and scenarios to tackle the enemy. The game can be played with keyboard and mouse functions to get stages done effectively.

Civilization VI is listed as the best keyboard and mouse game because only the touch screen didn’t allow to use of full features, controls, and functionalities of the game. The game gives you a new perspective to involves in a strategy to establish an empire and become a king of that empire.


Historical featured games

Best keyboard and mouse games can be played on pc and other devices

Compatible on all devices

Tons of combating features

If you are interested in exploring more and purchasing, please go with provided link Civilization VI

Importance of keyboard and mouse

Best gaming keyboards

Choosing the best gaming keyboard is not easy when you are not already prepared or well-researched in which product is most suitable for you among thousands available in the market. If you are new in the gaming zone and looking best information to know about which keyboard is best for you, don’t worry. Then the techy wired team is here to explain the market’s best keyboards from normal to premium prices range.

Best gaming mice

The mouse is an important output device in the computing world. The best gaming mouse enables gamers to never miss a shot and win the contest by instant clicking. Best gaming mouse available in the market. It is up to the users to select the best gaming mouse matching his or her interest in the gaming experience, and features and, price ranges.

Final Verdict By Techywired

The game industry is flourishing with the advancement of technology. The game development industry keeps user preferences in mind to develop top-notch video games for entry, intermediate, and experienced-level gamers.

Techywired listed the Best eight keyboard and mouse games here in this article. Keyboard and mouse use in games cannot be eliminated because game controls are managed with mouse clicks and keyboard key combinations.


Keyboard and mouse games comprise complex controls and functionalities that can be managed for quick response. The touchscreen response rate is a bit slower when gamers need instant and key-combination action in any video game combat. 

Techywired listed-up eight best keyboard and mouse games for you. The article comprises a chart with active links to access games, top-notch keyboard and mouse game features, and an extensive overview of the games.


What are the keyboard and mouse games?

If you are looking for more controls and precision in games, then you need to attach a keyboard and mouse to your gaming devices. Some games are there can be played through a touchpad or touchscreen. 
Anyhow, most of the gaming features need keyboard keys and mouse control to grasp the players or contests in games. That’s why some games are called keyboard and mouse games.

Can we play a keyboard and mouse game with only the keyboard?

It is logically understood that developers develop games, and the functionalities of the game are controllable through keyboard keys. However, there are some games that can be played best when a PC is attached to a keyboard and mouse to get better performance and quick actions in keyboard and mouse games. 
The latest trend is moving towards touchpads to enjoy games on tablets, smartphones, and other gaming gadgets like Nintendo OLED lite.

Does it hard to play games with a keyboard and mouse?

It is fancy to play games on a keyboard and mouse. Developers develop games. When using a touch screen, it becomes hard to press many keys together, while it is easy on a mechanical keyboard and mouse. That’s why the importance of the mouse and keyboard cannot be eliminated in the gaming world

Do you know the keyboard and mouse are necessary for all pc games?

Yes, it is necessary for pc games to use a keyboard and mouse to unlock full features and apply full controls to ace the contests. There are various mechanical gaming keyboards making gameplay effective. Moreover, it is easy for gamers to memorize game function keys on the keyboard and apply them without any delay.

Does it ok to use a laptop keyboard and touchpad to play games?

Yes, it is ok to use a laptop built-in keyboard and touchpad to play games. But if you are an experienced level player, then you must attach an external keyboard and mouse to enjoy games and save the laptop’s built-in keyboard and mouse. 
It is easy to replace the external keyboard and mouse when they become out of order due to extensive use, while the internal keyboard is expensive and hard to repair or replace.

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