Cocospy Review: The Best Spy App for Android and iOS



  • Features stealth mode. Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • User friendly
  • No rooting is required
  • Possible remote installation on iOS
  • All the features cannot be accessible on both Android and iOS devices.
  • No free trial
  • iOS devices require iCloud credentials.

You might have been wandering here and there, but choosing the best spy app which is cocospy. There are several options available in the market but sometimes it becomes difficult to select the right software. If I recommend, the best way to choose the best spy app for you is to look for its features and functionality.

Before knowing about the best spy apps, let me ask you one thing. Do you know what spy apps are? What do they mean, and how do they work? If not, don’t worry. The article presents complete information about spy apps and lets you know which one is best for you.

Spy apps are used to spy on someone. If you download a spy app on any device, it shares complete information about everything that happens on the device. Although you may know about various apps, Cocospy is the best spying app used by many people nowadays.

Cocospy: What is it?

Cocospy app is one of the finest spy apps that allow you to keep track of your targeted device. It has become an established brand. According to the website of Cocospy, the positive reviews of this app are more than negative ones.

This means it is worth using the app and quite efficient to spy on someone. Once Cocospy is installed on the device you want to monitor, it will keep a record of all the activities being done on the device.

Features of Cocospy

GPS tracking
Check all the call logs
KeyloggerMessage tracker
See browser history
Calendar access
Photos and videos tracking
Sim card info
Access the contacts
Access to social media chats
Availability: Cocospy 
Rating: 4.5/5

Cocospy: Compatibility

It is not more than wasting your time if you purchase an app that does not match the operating system of your device. That is why confirming which app best suits your operating system is necessary.


Cocospy app is efficient for running with the popular operating system iOS. This app can run on all the devices, such as iPhones, iPad, and other versions.


Android is one of the popular operating systems and one of the best-operating systems that allow the Cocospy app to run on this system. All versions of android devices can run this app.

Cocospy app: Features

GPS tracking

GPS tracking is quite an effective function of the Cocospy app. It became easy to track GPS locations in an extremely useful way. This feature can be used to see the location of every intended person, such as your children, partner, or parents. This feature is quite useful in that it helps to find the stolen mobile by using the GPS tracking feature.

Check all the call logs

If you wish to track someone’s mobile and check their call logs, it is possible with the copy app that allows you to follow the target device and check all the call logs. All incoming and outgoing calls can be checked through this process. You can access detailed information about every contact, such as their name, phone number, duration, and time of the calls.


The key logger of Cocospy is useful to detect all the words typed by the next person on other apps. To keep it simple, you can see every word typed on the other device. It does matter if it’s your child, spouse, or another person. This feature is pro-like. It can detect chats and even passwords.

The most useful functionality of this feature is that you can also read the typed words in the incognito window. However, it takes some time to do so, but it does not disappoint you.

Message tracker

Many people prefer to use spy apps to keep track of the other person’s messages. It is one of the most commonly used features among all other features. For example, you can see the messages of your friend, lover, husband, or wife. This feature is available on all spyware, but the specialty of Coocspy is that it helps to read the message, which the other person even deletes. In short, the next person cannot hide anything from you.

See browser history

It is wrong if you think no one can access your browser history. People can see your browser history and even check others’ browser history. The Cocospy app helps you check the entire browser history of the intended device, including seeing all the visited sites by that device. This is amazing if you wish to track your kid’s browser history.

Calendar access

It may seem unusual to access someone’s calendar, but people may use this feature because they take interest in watching the calendar and all the events marked on it. Although it is not a common feature if you want to see what events the other person has saved on their device, this feature is incredibly useful.

Photos and videos tracking

Photos and video tracking is one of the beneficial functions of the Cocospy app. You can access the pictures and videos of the other person. With the browser history and keylogger, you can see your child’s online activities. Sensual content is normal to receive from other people in the modern era.

You can easily share your videos and pictures via different social media apps, but keeping track of all the activities your children perform on their cell is necessary. This is quite easy to do by the Cocospsy app as it gives you access to the gallery of your child’s device, and you can check the photos and videos that their device contains.

Sim card info

Sim card info is a feature of the Cocospy app that keeps you updated if the other person has changed their sim. You will get a notification once the other person changes their sim.

Access the contacts

Now, it is easy to see and access the contacts saved on the device using the Coocspy app. You have to click on the address book to see all the contacts. The option of Address book is available on the left side panel. It shows all the numbers of the contacts and their names. You can also check the state of the contacts if saved.

Access to social media chats

Although it does not seem right to see and read the social media chats of other people, it is quite a useful feature if you want to keep track of the social media chats of your children. Suppose you are curious about reading the chats of your partner. In that case, it is not difficult now as Cocospy helps you track all their social media accounts, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Pros and Cons

1. Features stealth modeEasy to use
2. Reliable
3. User friendly
4. No rooting is required
5. Possible remote installation on iOS
1. All the features cannot be accessible on both Android and iOS devices.
2. No free trial
3. iOS devices require iCloud credentials.

Final Verdict

Cocospy is considered a legit spy app best for Android and iOS. This app keeps track of each activity performed on the other device. For example, if you want to keep track of the call log, messages, and browser history, it is quite easy with the Cocospy app.

It is an appreciated app that is useful for spying on other devices. This is reliable to use in all situations you are curious about. In simple words, this app is worth purchasing.


Cocospy not only works well for Android and iOS devices, but it is one of the most demanded apps in the market. Once the installation process of this app is completed, you start receiving notifications of the intended data. If you are doubting the reliability of this device, you can install it to your device and test all of its functioning.

It Is recommended to install this app on the systems you want to keep track of, such as your children’s or spouse’s mobile. All the information that you get via notifications is truly reliable and accurate. In simple words, this app is worth it as you can access other people’s messages, calls, contacts, and browser history.  


What is Cocospy?

It is a spy app that helps you to keep track of the data of the devices that you want to keep track of.

Is Cocospy free?

Unfortunately, you cannot get this app for free because it is a paid spy app.

Does cocospy require any jailbreak or rooting?

No, cocospy does not require any jailbreak or rooting.

Can I get a free version of cocospy?

You cannot get any free version of cocospy app, but it provides a free demo account. You can take advantage of a free demo account before purchasing it.

Is the Cocospy app reliable?

Yes, the Cocospy app is reliable when monitoring iPhone and Android devices. The app works in stealth mode and functions properly.

Can I see deleted messages on Cocospy?

It is possible to see deleted messages while using this app and access all the sent and received messages.

Is the Cocospy app legal to use?

If you use it as a parental app, you should not have any legal concerns about this app. This app’s features are justifiable, especially if your child is underage or involved in any unethical activities.

Is Cocospy safe?

Regarding the safety of Cocospy, I am happy to tell you that this app is totally safe. As mentioned earlier, the positive reviews of this app are more than negative ones.

How effectively does cocospy work?

Cocospy works quite effectively and fetches all the information silently from the other devices. The information that this app can easily fetch includes:
Messages and chats
Browser history
GPS location

Does the purchase of Cocospy show on the bank statement?

No, its purchase does not show on the bank statement, as this is a spy app.

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