iPhone 14 Bug Calls 911: A Threat Response from iOS Feature


The iPhone 14 can easily be called one phone that has launched with multiple bug-related controversies. This means that even previously there have been reports of the phone bringing a lot of trouble to the users because it would start shaking when TikTok or other apps would be used. However, this time one can say the bug could have been useful because it really did try to take care of the user, one may say! 

The bug enabled the iPhone to call 911 thinking the user was in a crash because he was on a rollercoaster and the detection seemed to be that of a crash. If someone is screaming, the phone may start thinking there is trouble and especially when an impact is also combined with it on top. People are divided over the issue with some thinking this is essential and hence not doing much about it, however, the rest feel like this is quite a hassle for them as well as they cannot guess when their phone will randomly just call for help when in fact it is not needed at all.

What is the iPhone 14 Feature related to Crashes?

The iPhone 14 has a new Crash Detection feature that can detect when a vehicle has an accident or crashes and can hence call 911 for assistance if after 20 seconds of the impact the user has not responded.

However, emergency responders are bothered by the fact that it starts calling even when people are screaming on rollercoasters. This can be quite a waste of time for the responders who are waiting for legit calls otherwise. An apple watch would do the same. This can be a feature of the iPhone 14 which is becoming problematic because there could be real problems that go unattended due to these calls taking up the time of the responders. 

Can you Inactivate this Feature?

Yes, you can inactivate however what you can do is you can prevent it simply by just leaving your phone at home or asking a friend or relative to keep it while you are on the rollercoaster having fun, that way you can scream all you want and your phone will not detect it!

Go to Settings > Emergency SOS, then turn off Call After Severe Crash in case of inactivation. This can be easily done and will not take much time in fact hence people who are worried can easily avail of this feature.

The good news is that Apple is working on it and has time to work on it because amusement parks will be on a break as fall has approached. However, Apple needs to work on this because thrill seekers often go to amusement parks and this can be an issue.

The iPhone 14 has some great features there is no doubt about that however, some bugs can really bother people and this may become an issue later on when 911 actually tries to help and stays on the line without realizing what is going on, this can create quite a confusion. 

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