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Best Spying Apps for Android and iPhone {2022-2023}


Spying may seem like a very serious word however at the end of the day when it is used for simpler purposes like probably keeping a check on your child, then it is not a big deal.

For such purposes, you need the best spying apps for android and iPhone. It is about what a person decides to do with the spying apps that build the criteria around whether it is ethical or unethical at the end of the day. 

With the ongoing surge in hacking and in technology-driven crimes, spying apps for android and iPhone may seem like a threat, however, these best spying apps for Android and iPhone can also have a lot of pros when used for suitable purposes and not illegal ones.

Illegality can land you in a lot of problems and hence you can end up in prison, therefore, one has to be careful if the spying app is being accessed by any friends from the phone.

List of the Best Spying Apps for Android and iPhone

The list for this one is definitely long as there are so many of them that it may be hard for you to decide which is the best spying app for android and iPhone however we have chosen all of them which are best for you and using any of these would fulfill the purpose. 

These apps will help you spy on a partner who you may think has been unfaithful, that is not illegal after all! The following apps are the ones that are being widely used at the moment. They have great ratings and also great reviews which is a sign that these apps can be easily used without any worries. 





5/5 4.8/5 4.4/5 4.3/5
  • Best & Perfect Phone tracker

  • Tracking Location

  • Tracking Call logs

  • Instagram Activty monitoring

  • Access Whtsapp Messages & Activity

  • Access Snapchat Messages & Activity

  • Best Spying app for Android

  • Best Spying app for iphone

  • Monitor every keystroke & every tap

  • Monitor Pics being shared and received

  • Do it all without being detected

  • View Search History

  • Most powerful phone monitoring software

  • Best Screen Record Feature

  • Invisible while you see their activity

  • Texts, social media chats & pics

  • Bank-grade encryption to keep your personal data, & your family’s, protected & secure

  • Incredibly affordable at less than $1 per day

  • Best Spying app for Android in 2022

  • Best Spying app for Android in 2022

  • 24/7 Customer Care team

  • Whtsapp, Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat Monitoring

  • Search History Control

  • Advanced Cell Phone Tracker

  • Perfect Spying App for Android

  • Perfect Spying App for iphone

  • Whtsapp, Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat Monitoring

  • 24/7 Customer Care team

  • Affordable and User Friendly

  • Best Location Tracking and Live Updates

  • Virtual Screen recording Feature

  • Full Stealth Mode Enabled

  • Parental Pro Feature

  • Stealth Mode Available

  • Monitor all Android and iPhone digital and audio communications

  • Monitor everything that happens on a PC or MAC

  • More monitoring features than any other

  • No Hassle Remote Installation Service

  • FREE Mobile Viewer App for Android and iPhone

  • Used for Parental Control and Employee Monitoring

  • Affordable Prices and easy access

  • Featured in World-Leading Forums

  • Track location and record all activity

  • Invisible Mode

  • Protective Features Enabled

Out of the multi-hundred apps mentioned in the world wide web, we have chosen for you the top six best spying apps for Android and iPhone to make it better for you to choose!


mSpy is quite popular amongst people who want to ensure that they are finding a secure way of spying. This is one of the best apps for parents as they track the best way to secure their child in this harsh and unforgiving environment. This can make sure the children also know there is someone who is keeping quite a check on them. This is for sure one of the best spy apps for Instagram.

mSpy is rated as one of the best spy apps for iPhone due to its list of amazing features which hold a high ground among the competition. mSpy helps you achieve full control while being in stealth mode. Users have rated this the best spying app for iPhone due to its functionality.


  • The best and perfect Phone tracker out there due to the great reviews that it has received
  • Tracking the places where the particular person visited and planning makes it easier to catch a lie
  • Tracking of Call logs to ensure that all calls received are 
  • Social Media calls, messages, and chats
  • Review all the texts and messages of personal aspects
  • Access the pictures and videos and other media
  • Limitless access to detects.
  • Best spy app for iPhone.
  • best spy apps for Android.
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This one is definitely known for its amazing work. With this one, you can also track the GPS location of the phone which is quite a spying technique on its own, and hence it has the top title for best spying apps for android and iPhone. This is by far the best spying app in android and iPhone as well for the case of call logs, multimedia, and tracker.

With so many features under its umbrella, this is by far the best spying app for iPhone users. Playstore for android has also rated this as the best spying app for android as well. This is a groundbreaking app for every parent out there to keep a check on their beloved. One of the high-rated spy apps for phone tracking.


  • Monitor Phone Calls and Messages which are of even Private Aspects
  • Access Social Media chats and archived messages as well
  • Keylogger expert analysis
  • Effective and efficient location activity.
  • Monitor Online Activities like never before.
  • Best spy app for iPhone.
  • Best spy app for Android.
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SpyBubble is definitely one of the trusted best spying apps for Android and iPhone because it does not add a lot of scrutiny as to the identity of the person involved. This can make sure people can feel safe while doing the spying as the probability of getting caught is next to zero! The developers have focused on this and they are very proud of their final product.

Users have rated this app as the best app for spying on iPhones and Android as well. Parent do need this amazing featured spy app for iPhone in order to be vigilant for their children.


  • Record Calls when needed and you can hear the recorded videos perfectly alright 
  • GPS Tracking is done accurately and can show the location of the phone even if you lose your phone somewhere 
  • Stealth Mode is very accurate and is a plus
  • Best spying app for iPhone.
  • Screenshot Capture makes it very easy to show some proof later on
  • Remote Camera Access makes it very easy for a person to see the minute details.
  • Best spying apps for Android.

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It can bring about a lot of help when a person wants to find out about the calls and messages of another person. It gives accurate details and hardly any glitches are reported hence making it one of the best spying apps for Android and iPhone. Glitches are very common otherwise in apps therefore one has to decide on their app very carefully.

Android Authority has rated this amazing app as the best spying app for iPhone.


  • Geofence Alerts are a great feature and are not present in every app
  • Call Tracker makes sure even the calls that last for a few seconds are properly scrutinized
  • Social Media Spy is the best one there due to the increase in social media communication these days
  • Track Browser History to make sure parental control is at its best
  • Stealth Mode is also the most accurate of this app
  • Best spy app for iPhone.
  • Best spy app for Android.
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There have been no bugs reported about this app and it works equally well with Android and iPhones both. Hence, it has over time climbed up the ladder of best spying apps for Android and iPhone. These phones cannot be easily accessed by just any app because they are very secure phones on their own therefore it takes very good apps to break the cycle.


  • Online status indicator (track when the user is online) and this can be very helpful in case someone says that they are not using their phone and then they are seen online
  • Real-time reporting for Androids can be extremely useful in terms of real life because it makes it more efficient to find out what is happening.
  • Best spy app for iPhone.
  • Youtube monitoring is especially great for parental control.
  • App activity tracking is also great for parental control at the end of the day.
  • Best spy app for Android.
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It gives live access to many different features such as calls, messages, GPS, and other apps. In terms of social media apps, this is the best spying app for Android and iPhone. Social media is the main mode of communication for so many people and there are a lot of talks done there that one would not do on calls or on texts otherwise therefore this is one thing.


  • Real-Time Dashboard which allows a better look at what is happening during the time. 
  • Access to GPS, Photos, Videos, and Calls which makes the scrutinizing very efficient.
  • Best spy app for iPhone.
  • Location Tracking can also make you see if your phone is stolen or simply lying in the room somewhere. 
  • Online activity tracking can give minute-to-minute updates of what the person saw.
  • Best spy app for Android.
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Techywired Final Verdict

These apps are definitely very useful in terms of spying for purposes that are legal. This makes it easier for people to stop questioning their gut feeling and simply find out the truth more easily than not. This will relieve a person in case they feel like they were right all along and yet they turn out to be wrong then they can at least settle and feel relieved about their suspicions.

This can also often be a very good phone-finding technique when one loses their phone or in case it gets stolen, so this is a part of security for some people too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can spying be harmful even if you are not doing something wrong?

This will not land you in the wrong place until and unless of course there are against moral acts involved in the middle. Immoral activity can become a very big issue in terms of law and therefore such apps should only be used for concerning purposes and not for hacking purposes, or something else which is immoral and also wrong in the eyes of the law.

Are the best spying apps for Android and iPhones also usable on other devices?

Well, it depends some can be used however for most the part these are best for Android and iPhone only. However, one can download these and try to use these on other ones too depending on whether they will be supported on those systems. However, it is better if one sticks to the apps that are designed for certain software.

How do you know if you are being spied on and what are the signs?

You can find out if you are being spied on if for example you are being tracked and you feel it, for example, if a person keeps wondering how their ex-partner knows about their whereabouts, then they should check their phones if their phone is glitching quite often or something of the sort. Do they hear weird sounds during calls, or whether their apps are being accessed when they do not seem to be accessed from your phone? Then this becomes quite an issue and people find it odd yet do not question it.

How can a spy app be removed from Android?

Well, one simply has to go to settings and uninstall the app to ensure that no one finds out what they have been up to the entire time. This is easy to do and once you uninstall an app then it cannot be installed back on its own.

Is the internet important to be spied on?

No, it is not necessary to have the internet if you are being spied on and other means may be used to transmit information therefore one cannot just feel like turning the internet off is the solution. 

Which is the best spy app for iPhone 2022?

mSPY is the best spy app for iPhone as it delivers a bunch of amazing features for the user to explore and get the spying going on.

Which is the best spy app for android 2022?

EyeZY is the best app for android smartphones in 2022. This is due to its amazing affordable scheme and user-friendly features and user interface which rank it high above others.

What is the best spying app for iPhone?

mSPY is the best spying app for iPhone. Parents have shown a huge amount of trust using this amazing app.

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