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  • Keylogger
  • Location tracker
  • Monitor all social media apps
  • Data cannot be exported
  • high cost plans

mSpy is a good option if your goal is to monitor your kids’ activities and keep them away from inappropriate material. It’s also an amazing tool for parents who want to know what their kids are doing on their phones. In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about mSpy review so that you can decide if it’s right for you or not.

What Is mSpy?

Installing mSpy on your target device will enable you to spy on it remotely and see what is happening. The information provided by this service includes details on calls, IMs, social media interactions, whereabouts, tracking, and other activities. Notably, the program operates entirely incognito in the background, shielding it from the target phone’s tracking capabilities.

mSpy Review-Working

If you want to install an app that can track various parameters, you should go for mSpy. This app is one of the most popular monitoring apps and has great customer service. The installation process is very simple: enter your credentials and start using this tool immediately without hassle.

mSpy can bring you access to all information on the target phone after installation, including incoming and outgoing calls, location monitoring, social media usage, instant messages, and much more. All this data is collected by mSpy and added to your internet dashboard for simple monitoring. We have prepared a great mspy review just for you guys to understand the work.

The ability to monitor over 2 million devices. You can also use this service for Android and iOS devices and Windows and macOS computers. We have prepared a great mSpy review just for your help.

You can track basic information like IMEI numbers and device ID numbers and more advanced metrics such as call logs or messages sent from the phone’s browser window; this allows you to see whether someone has been sending inappropriate text messages or taking photos without permission.

Features Of mSpy-Review


How it works


Manage Calls
  • Record Phone Conversations

  • View the list of incoming/outgoing calls

  • Check the call duration
Track Text Messages
  • Check text messages

  • Sent/received files

  • Review the multimedia files
Social media monitoring

  • Track Facebook

  • Track Messenger

  • Track Snapchat

  • Track Tinder

  • Track Instagram

  • Track Whatsapp and Twitter

GPS Location Tracking
  • Track Locations with GPS

  • Set the safe zone (home, school) locations on the phone

  • Set alerts when someone tries to reach out to the safe zone
Control Apps and Programs
  • Check on the installed apps

  • View apps

  • Block unwanted apps

Record Screen

  • Record screens

  • By logging in to your mSpy control panel, you can check WhatsApp. Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Monitor Internet Activity
  • Control the internet activities

  • Block useless or unwanted websites

Read Emails

  • Monitor incoming/outgoing emails
Access Contacts and Calendar

  • Verify each person is added to the phone’s contact list. Observe each event as it occurs on the phone’s calendar

Pricing Details-mSpy Review

1 Month Plan

3 Month Plan

Annual Plan

$48.99/month for 1 month $28.00/month for 3 Month $11.67/month for 1 Year

Manage calls

Within your control panel, you may view a list of all incoming and outgoing calls made from the target device. You can view the call duration, names (if any), and overall call count.

You can still see the history even if the phone’s owner deleted their call log. That is fantastic! a great feature highlighted in the mspy review.

Additionally, you can choose to block all incoming calls for a specified length of time or a select group of contacts or numbers. You can adjust this in your dashboard, for example, if you don’t want your kid to make calls between 11 and 7 am.

Track Text Messages

All incoming and outgoing text messages from the monitored phone can be tracked by mSpy. The time, text messages, and phone numbers will be displayed on your dashboard. This feature holds a high ground in mSpy review.

You can also view deleted text messages on the target device, just like with the call log. Tracking messages will go beyond your expectations as our mspy review has suggested.

A mobile monitoring tool called mSpy may be installed on your target phone to allow you to watch their mobile actions remotely. The software provides data on calls, social media activity, instant messenger tracking, whereabouts, and much more.

  • Facebook: Messaging and call tracking
  • Instagram: Track the status of posting pictures
  • Snapchat: Keep tracking the snaps and pictures that are being sent.
  • Twitter: Tracking Online tweets
  • WhatsApp: Keep eye on chat groups, online profile
  • Tinder: Tracking the ongoing chats and contacts

GPS Location Tracking

One of mSpy’s strongest capabilities is GPS tracking. A phone’s position may be quickly determined within 20 meters if you utilize the built-in GPS.

A map showing their whereabouts over a specified period is also available. If the phone cannot receive GPS signals, you may alternatively monitor it via wi-fi. A perfect tool to track location according to mSpy review from Techywired.

You may create restricted zones for the target cell phone using this feature. There is no restriction on how many zones you may create. The system will automatically keep track of the duration and frequency of each zone visit.

Additionally, you may instruct the phone to send you an email notification when specific zones are entered and vacated. We have rated this feature in the mspy review a 5-star.

To protect their children from a distance, parents might use this tool. They can establish a “safe zone” around their home, their child’s school, and other places they frequently go. The parents can be immediately notified if the youngster leaves one of these zones.

 Control Apps and Programs

A list of every app installed on the target device will appear on your dashboard. Access to the app can be blocked or allowed. By doing this, you can ensure your children aren’t utilizing any potentially dangerous applications. One of the best features in mspy review.

Record Screen

mSpy begins recording the screen as soon as it detects a change in an app, such as text written in Snapchat, once it has been installed on the target device. This covert Android screen recorder is one of the finest since the target is unaware that changes are being recorded. A great feature with unlimited possibilities in mspy review.

 Monitor Internet Activity

With this tool, you may determine which websites the monitored device accesses and which pages this individual has saved. In addition, the software may alert you when a browser searches for a certain set of terms. Parents who want to monitor what their kids see online can use this feature. This feature performs excellently for parents according to the mspy review from Techywired.

You may also block certain websites whether the target phone uses Chrome, Safari, or the default Android browser. A top-of-the-line feature in mspy review.

Read Emails

All incoming and outgoing email messages are seen in a log file on the dashboard using mSpy. You may find the sender and recipient’s email addresses, the email’s timestamp, and its contents. Even if the target person deletes emails, you can still see all the data, like the call and SMS text logs. Reading emails is the highlighted feature in mspy review.

Access Contacts

Names, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses are visible using mSpy. Furthermore, you have access to the target mobile’s calendar and schedule. You can then view all calendar entries, scheduled tasks, and scheduled meetings. Access to contacts is the key feature in mspy review.

Pros And Cons -mSpy Review

Pros of mSpyCons of mSpy
Keylogger: The key logger feature of mSpy is one of its best features because it provides comprehensive information about what the children input on their smartphone keypad. This great function recognizes offensive words and alerts parents. Therefore, this cutting-edge feature aids parents in understanding the type of talk their child is having. No supporting data can be exported from the target phone: even though people frequently desire to do so for legal reasons. The mSpy program does not offer an option for exporting data.
Advanced tracking: The most effective location monitoring tool is mSpy, which also offers a more sophisticated Geo-Facing function that lets parents follow their children’s real-time locations. Additionally, it details the locations the kids spent the whole day visiting.High price: Because mSpy is highly pricey, people prefer using alternative surveillance programs. Its entry-level service, which costs $29.99 a month and only lets you monitor one device, has a limited feature set.

Final Verdict-mspy Review

Parental controls like mSpy allow parents to monitor their kids’ online behavior. Additionally, mSpy can shield your kids from online teasing and abuse.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section if you have used this app. We appreciate hearing from you.


How to install mSpy on iOS?

For iOS, there is no need for installation. You must supply the target device’s iCloud login information. The target iOS device will be connected to your mSpy account, and the synchronization will begin once you enter the iCloud credentials in your Control Panel. If 2-step authentication is enabled, physical access to the iPhone can be necessary.

How to install mSpy on Android?

Using the login information from your welcome letter, place the order and access your Control Panel. To download and install the application, adhere to your panel’s directions. You must root your device to use Premium mSpy features. Our support staff can walk you through the simple process of rooting.

Where can I see the information from the device?

Once mSpy is configured on the target device, the data is instantly presented in your own Control Panel, accessible from any browser.

How often is the information updated?

The information will be delivered if you use mSpy on iOS within 24 hours of completing the most recent backup.
According to the Update Interval you have chosen in the Control Panel, you can anticipate receiving updates if you have mSpy on Android.

Can I change devices without changing the subscription?

Yes. You can change to a different device within the same subscription without incurring any additional costs if your child’s phone has been misplaced or you’ve purchased them a new one.

Will I be notified if the app is uninstalled?

Yes. If the program is deleted from the device, you will be notified.

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