BMW Developing its own Voice Assistant, Using Amazon’s Alexa Technology


BMW and Amazon confirmed that BMW is going with its virtual voice assistant using the same technology as Amazon’s Alexa, and it will integrate its voice assistant with the help and collaboration of Amazon. The Vice president from both firms confirmed.

Since 2018, BMWs have been equipped with Amazon’s Alexa, making it possible for drivers to perform voice commands on the road. However, the company has revealed it would go further, employing Amazon’s fundamental Alexa technology to create its speech assistant.

Amazon’s Alexa Custom Assistant, a tool that allows car companies and gadget makers to create virtual assistants using the company’s Alexa technology, will be used to create the voice assistant.

Stephan Durach Commented on the BMW Amazon Partnership That

“The Alexa technology will enable an even more natural dialogue between driver and vehicle so drivers can stay focused on the road. This will bring the digital experience to an entirely new level.”

In 2018, BMW started leveraging Amazon’s Alexa to implement smart speech functions into its infotainment systems. A growing number of models are now seen walking the runway with the digital assistant. The two firms said on Wednesday that they would be expanding their cooperation at Amazon’s 2022 Devices & Services Event with its next-generation infotainment systems, including an Alexa-based assistant designed with the driver in mind.

Dave Limp, Senior Vice President at Amazon, Commented on Alexa’s Incorporation in BMW as

“This cooperation with BMW is a great example of what Alexa Custom Assistant was designed for — to make it faster and easier for companies to develop custom intelligent assistants for virtually any device, without the cost and complexity of building from the ground up.”

The as-yet-unnamed assistant will be built on top of Alexa’s Bespoke Assistant, “a complete solution that makes it simple for BMW and other companies and device manufacturers to establish their custom intelligent assistant customized to their brand personality and consumer demands.” These features “will enable an even more natural dialogue between driver and vehicle,” according to a press release issued by BMW on Wednesday. For example, the vehicle’s assistant could send a warning when the battery charge is low and then reserve a charging slot at the next off-ramp or preemptively schedule regular service with the local dealership.

For now, voice assistants are an important part of the Automotive industry, and almost all firms are incorporating voice assistants in one way or another. Some firms use other giants’ voice assistants, and some are tilting towards their own. The same thing is with BMW, Since 2018, it has been using Amazon’s Alexa but has now decided to come up with BMW’s voice assistant. Its name etc. is not confirmed yet and will be announced later.

Alexa now has a new built-in automobile function called Roadside Assistance that will put you in touch with a real person in case you need assistance with things like summoning a tow truck or changing a flat tire. BMW has also announced intentions to develop its next-generation voice assistant utilizing the Alexa Custom Assistant solution, further strengthening its relationship with Amazon. Easy-to-use natural language controls are a priority for a car manufacturer.

At Amazon’s yearly Devices and Services launch, Geman car manufacturer said today that Alexa would be the brains behind the company’s next-gen in-car voice assistant technology. Since the introduction of its Intelligent Personal Assistant in 2018, the German manufacturer claims that voice interactions have gained increasing importance. A growing number of car manufacturers are putting resources into voice assistants so that drivers may control their vehicles hands-free.

Many people may be wary of using digital in-car assistance that relies heavily on Alexa because of privacy concerns. When you consider that many individuals don’t even have an Alexa in their homes, it’s easy to see why adding it to people’s vehicles would be unnecessary. Both have said they would protect customer data, but they haven’t specified how.

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