Amazon Allows Sellers to Email Maximum Numbers


Amazon has always thought out of the box. It keeps wanting to expand by ensuring the concentration is on what will work for them and what will not. It gives the right to third-party sellers to send emails to people who have purchased repeatedly or more recently. This is being done to improve marketing tools and expand them.

Before this, Amazon only allowed sellers to send marketing emails through its systems of it and only the customers who were following their brands. However, now that condition is no more, and it has opened new avenues in the shape of limitless emails to customers despite whether they follow or not. 

Amazon’s Tailored Audiences Tool, What Is It?

This new tool, Tailored Audiences, respond to sellers’ requests in multiple manners to market to those who have already bought something before.

According to Amazon, the point is to send dedicated customers “reminders of things like your hot deals or your new product launches,” as Carla Vernón, a vice president. She is heading the consumable category. 

Reactions to this News

Some have described this move as too risky because the tool will work even though customers do not opt to follow a specific brand for themselves. California has filed a suit (anti-trust), saying that Amazon has forced suppliers and sellers to engage in anti-competitive pricing terms. People often keep tabs on the way Amazon is managing its affairs. Since it is earning so much and going so much in profit, people want it to be more answerable more often than not. This move will help third-party sellers who feel limitations are unnecessary for them and should not be.

More Marketing Tools that Amazon has Announced at the Conference

There are a few more marketing tools that were announced at a conference in Seattle by Amazon. 

  1. It has introduced that it will be funding Buy with Prime ads on Instagram and Facebook to ensure there is involvement in the program of direct-to-customer sites. 
  2. Any brand registered with Amazon Brand Registry can answer relatable questions, which can be used later when someone else has the same query.

Amazon had recently come under attack when its workers claimed that it does not pay them enough, and the gas prices are taking a hike, making it tough for the workers to manage. There was some increase given to a few of them. However, many were left unheard. There are instances when it does tend to irk people; however, for most of the part, it had helped people manage through COVID-19 times when everything went online, and commerce was also otherwise going down.

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