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Warhammer 40K: Darktide Dregs & Scabs Best Character Details


Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is an upcoming game based on four players. This game publishes and developed by Fatshark. All four players must fight masses of enemies in the enclosed depth of the hoard city. This game will be available on a limited platform, including PC and Xbox series. But this amazing article is all about Darktide Dregs and scabs.

Player character classes are the more appealing characters of this game, including Veteran, Zealot, Ogryn, and Psyker. You can also find multiple enemies in this game, but Darktide dregs and scabs are the special variants of enemies. They are stronger than other soldiers and considered specialists to deal with powerful melee and ranged.

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If you want to get familiar with these enemies, you just need to enter the Psykhanium. In this game, you can find The Meat Grinder mode; this mode will be available for you when you reach Trust Level 2. This mode will allow you to see various enemies and their characteristics. Click on the enemy; the name will appear right in front of you.

Remember, in Psykhanium; all enemies will not be unlocked at once; you just need to gain more trust level to see new foes. I can say that; new opponents will appear when you reach a new trust level. It is important for the gamer to recognize each enemy because, during the game, you have to kill a certain number of opponents in multiple achievements and tasks.

As for my information, there is no such rule about which map you need to focus on for specific enemies; you can meet them at any stage. But it is obvious that when you reach a higher level of the game, you may face more powerful enemies. A particular type of enemy is easy to hunt, but when it comes to dregs and scabs, they are more powerful and provide a tough time for you. Let’s see in detail about the Darkside’s Dregs and Scab’s enemies.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Price & Available At Amazon

Warhammer 40K: Darktide game is not released yet, but it will be released soon. However, its pre-purchase version is available in the market. Its price is $39.9 on Amazon. Check out the Best Deals on games this Black Friday. If you want to enjoy Draktide Dregs and Scabs killing, then click on Buy Now!

GamePriceAvailable At AmazonRelease Date
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide$39.99November 30, 2022

Who are Darktide Dregs?

Darktide Dregs are a certain type of enemy in Warhammer 40K: Darktide. You can find them across the different missions in the Darktide dregs killing. Typically, they are identified by cut-like clothing attire. Most of the time, you will see them in yellow cloth or some part of the cloth will be yellow with few other accessories, including headwrap or robes. These darktide dregs can be in the form of bombers, shotgunners, and snipers. In the arena, you can recognize them by their lighter armor.

A Closer Look at Darktide Dregs

Dregs are the main opponents in the Darktide; these are a themed enemy in the game. They work closer to the scabs. You can find Darktide Dregs in yellow dressing that is consistent with the entire mission. These are enemies with some special features, such as Trappers, Snipers, Shotgunners, Ragers, Rangers, Bombers, and many more. Further, you can find them in yellow clothing, topless, or green gunk to honor Great Unclean One.

The appearance of these Darktide Dregs is not similar; their presence will be changed according to the dregs’ specialties. Even though there is no specific map for Dregs, you can find them on each map, but it depends on the decision of the AI manager on how they brood enemies on a certain level. But it is very clear that you might not find dregs in each mission of the Darktide. Killing all of the Darktide Dregs and scabs helps you win in every situation.

Further, you can find these enemies with their appearance and behavior modification, such as a dreg rager will be topless, but you can find some pipes on the body that empower it. Similarly, when it comes to a scab rager, it has heavily armored and always runs at you with two axes.

They can also damage modifiers differently. A Scab rager is the most difficult to break. In comparison, the scab version has higher armor with more vulnerability to empowered specials. For example, the chainsword, force special attack, or other anti-armor items.

So you can find the different behavior of each specialist. But Darktide allows you to test it for free in the Meat Grinder mode to find the difference between each type of enemy. Another important piece of information about these Darktide dregs enemies; you may face them in weekly missions. Most of the time, players have to kill 750 dregs using melee and ranged weapons.

If you want to encounter these enemies, you need to use the specific weapons required to kill a particular enemy. This method will help you to kill enemies quickly. You can find some Master-Crafted and Militarum quality weapons from the weekly shop of Darktide.

To kill the dregs, you also need to complete the Penances, which will help you to kill the specialist dregs per enemy army type. As you progress within the game for difficult missions and encounter new enemies, you have to complete these Penances naturally.

Who are Darktide Scabs?

Scabs and dregs are the two main themed enemies of Darktide. Scabs are enemies that are considered a traitor to Imperial Guardsman. These scabs are dressed with armor and decorated with chaos-like symbols with spikes on their skulls or armor. These flat best, wearing plated geezers run at you with no helmet. These scabs are the most dangerous type of enemy in the Darktide.

A Closer Look at Darktide Scabs

These specialist enemies come with trappers, ragers, maulers, gunners, and other special-themed enemies. But still, these scabs are different from dreg enemies in terms of armor and toughness profile. In most areas of the body, these scabs have armor. Scabs tend to be a bit stronger in the initial level of the game because you need a flak vest melee to kill scabs easily. When you reach a higher level in the game, you will have powerful weapons that can easily target the flak-wearing scabs.

You may also need to complete a particular task and fight with scabs; even some weekly missions require you to kill the Scab using melee or ranged-themed weapons. To encounter these Scabs, you need to get a Min-maxers; it is a good weapon to kill the scabs. It will help you to complete the weekly missions.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Ratings

Warhammer: Darktide FeaturesRating Reviews
Gameplay 5/5100
Quality of Characters 5/588
Plot 4.4/597
Weapons 4.9/590
Overall Graphics 4.9/5100

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Features 

TypeEarly Access
PlatformPC, Xbox Series X & S,
Mode PlayedHard
Players4 Players
GenreAdventure Games, Fighting Games, First Person Shooter
Available At Amazon


Warhammer 40K: Darktide is an upcoming adventure, fighting, and first-person shooter game. This game comes with amazing characters, including player classes, allies, and enemies. Darktide dregs and Scab are the most difficult-themed enemies. These enemies are specialists in various types, such as trappers, ragers, maulers, gunners, and many more. You need special melee and ranged weapons to kill these enemies. However, common dreg enemies have less armor, so they are easier to kill than Scab.


Can you play Darktide right now?

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide will be released on November 30, 2022. Until this game is not available, you can book this game from amazon. Because soon it will be released.

Who are the main enemies of Darktide?

Dreg & Scabs are the key themed enemies of Darktide. These enemies are specialists and come in a certain dress. You need good weapons to kill these dregs and scabs.

What is the dressing of Darktide’s Dregs?

Darktide’s Dregs are identified by cut-like clothing attire. Usually, you will see them in yellow clothes, or at least some part of the cloth will be yellow with a few other accessories, including headwrap or robes.

What is the dressing of Darktide’s Scabs?

Darktide’s scabs are dressed in armor and decorated with chaos-like symbols with spikes on their skulls or armor. They have no hamlet on their head and wear plated geezers.

Which enemies are more dangerous: Darktide’s Dregs or Scab?

Usually, Darktide’s Dregs have less armor, so they tend to be killed easily. The Scab is the most dangerous enemy of the Darktide.

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