How the Apple Watch Series 7 is Compared to Series 8 & Other


Apple watch series 7 and 8 are grabbing the attention of the audience these days. Many of these two watches remain, but there are some differences worth considering before buying one of these models.

The larger display in Apple watch series 7  enhances the experience for the buyers. The challenge was to make the big screen and have a huge impact on the customers, which fulfilled the audience’s expectations. Apple watches series 7 is the most durable Apple watch ever built.

Apple Watch Series 7 & 8: Processor, Storage, and More

In 2021, Apple used a 64-bit dual-core processor in the apple series 7, also launched in series 6 but with the S7 name. This year, the Apple watch series 8 and Ultra came with the s8 64-bit dual-core processor.

The numeric name is just changed while the processor is the same as the apple watch series, along with the performance. There were no claims about the performance advancement in the recent 8 series.

Apple does specify that the S8 series is 20% faster than the S5 chip. If the user is coming from series 3 or 4 to Apple watch series 7 and 8 then there is a jump in storage to 32GB. The SiP/Processor in Apple watches series 6, 7, and 8 is the same; the numeric number is changed.

Both Apple watch series seven, and 8 have ultra-wideband U1, and storage is also the same 32 GB. Apple Watch Series 7 has 5.0 Bluetooth, but series 8 has little advanced Bluetooth 5.3.

Apple Watch Series 7 & 8 Case and Display

Apple watches series 8 comes in the same size that launched with Apple watch series seven with 45 and 41mm cases. The display of the Apple watch series seven is the same as series 8, which is 396×484 pixels, 45mm model. The brightness of apple series 7 and 8 is also the same as 1000 nits.

Both Apple watch series seven and 8 have an always-on display. Apple watch series 7 has the sapphire crystal front with steel models and not with aluminum. Apple watch series 8 also has the same sapphire crystal front.

Apple Watch Series 7 & 8 Battery Life and Charging

Apple watch series seven has 18 hours battery life standard, and so does series 8. If the watch has a low power mode, then both apple watch series seven and 8 of 36 hours. The charging time of both apple watch series seven and 8 are 0-80% in 45 minutes.

There is a major change in the Apple watch ultra with the biggest battery, which is 36 hours of standard battery life and 60 hours of extended battery timing with low power mode.

Apple watch series seven and 8 almost have similar features with slight changes, but the apple watch ultra has proved to be more worth it because of the large battery.

Apple Watch Series 7 & 8- Key Features

A new feature in apple watch series 8 is not available in apple watch series 7. Apple watch series 8 is a temperature sensor that advances cycle tracking and hardware to detect car crashes. Both watches have fall detection and emergency SOS which work great for apple watch users.

Apple series 8 starts from $399/$429 while apple watch series 7 goes with a discount. Apple watch series 7 feels like series 8 for many customers with two main changes, crash detection temperature sensor with advanced cycle tracking.

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