iPhone 14 Made Maximum Sales in October 2022


Apple has even outdone itself with the production of the much-in-demand iPhone 14 which reached maximum sales in the month of October. It has been much in demand and people are looking forward to buying it as the days pass, with the demand only growing and not lessening in any way. In 2022, iPhone 14 sales reached their peak in the month of October.

How much have handsets seen an increase in the sales of iPhone 14?

With over $500 per unit prices, there has been a 60% increase in sales this month. Foxconn is Apple’s primary iPhone 14 assembler and Apple has requested them to move some models to Pro to meet demands that are really high. There have been no order cuts received by any component makers in the supply chain of Apple.

This has increased the market share quite a lot and Apple is definitely feeling at the top right now. This means that the iPhone 14 is definitely quite a hit and definitely not a miss! People are loving the features and enjoy them. They are enjoying the specs to the max. The build is quite concrete and that is very essential for a phone that is being constantly used and can at times be worn out.

Hence these factors about the phone are quite durable and people definitely want to use it more and explore it, because Apple at the end of the day is such a brand that attracts people just by the name of it. Apple has guaranteed good services and people have left good reviews about the phone. The reviews state how the phone is already a fan favorite.

Maximum Shipping

There is maximum shipping happening and there is a fear of devices running out from stores with the way and how fast the sales are happening. This has been the factual indication of the demand for the iPhone 14 because this has been the pre-ordered model’s first wave. This had been the case with iPhone 13 as well and the pre-orders first wave had caused many sales.

The iPhone 14 has a lovely design and many new features however the display is the same as the previous model and it uses the chip as well that was used by the previous model. However, one can say the camera features are definitely newer. Its battery is bigger and is a larger version which has replaced the previous phones that were not so large in size.

The iPhone 14 has had its fair share of controversies as well. One can easily say that it landed in hot waters when people started complaining that the camera starts shaking when using any apps on the phone. This was quite a problem because Apple users love using apps however they were not able to do so easily. Furthermore, it was also recently slammed by the OG app founders for favoring Meta and removing their app.

The best part is that there are significant differences in terms of performance between iPhone 13 and 14 and hence one can say that it is easy to be simply saying that users need a proper upgrade and want to feel the differences because they upgrade every few years and also upgrade at a cost which is quite high compared to the previous one, hence they need to see proper upgrading.

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