1.2 Million Hefty Credit Cards Details Have Been Compromised On To DarkWeb BidenCash Website


Bidencash, known as quite an unfamous dark web carding marketplace, has announced the details of at least 1.2 million credit cards for no price at all. These credit cards were stolen and are now fully compromised.

There is a file contained on the site that has details for 1.2 million credit cards that have an expiry date of 2026 at the maximum. Beginning with 2023, the expiry date of the credit cards ends in 2026. This seems to be too much at stake given that so many cards may hold quite a number of transactional power!

BidenCash has Released Personal data as well apart from credit cards

Well, that is not all that BidenCash has leaked. Apart from credit card details what else has been leaked are the details that can cause havoc in a person’s life if used the wrong way by a criminal mind!

Social security numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, bank names, addresses, victims’ names and so much more have been leaked when it comes to a person’s details being compromised on BidenCash.

The credit card details were also leaked onto other carding and hacking websites. Different forums began sharing the details and even though the cards are from all over the world majorly the United States of America seems to be affected by it. It holds the most users of credit cards that have been compromised! This is really something one needs to be careful about! 

How can one protect themselves from such scams?

Staying safe from such scams would definitely include firstly ensuring that you are keeping your details completely secure yourself and that you are also using a bank that is keeping your details safe and secure no matter what. This is an essential aspect of ensuring that people who are not close to you are not aware of any such details about you. People should also avoid calls that are actually more about scams and less about some actual business.

There may be times when you get calls that could actually be about how much they can help you with some business planning and they ask you for details or at times they pretend to be from your bank and ask you for details. They could send you emails and pretend that your bank account will be blocked if you do not instantly send back the details that are required, such scams can really be problematic and before you know it you will end up losing quite an amount that you would have otherwise kept secure.

Credit card scammer groups have now become very common and people should be looking out for such groups. Often people join them to learn how carding is done. Such forums are being led by major hackers who know the minute details of how hacking is done.

This makes them capable of being very dangerous and hence one should not think these people are anyone’s friends! They can scam you the first chance they get, which is why people often put parental control on the internet to make sure their young children do not come across such problems. Such people tend to brainwash the younger lot a lot pretending to teach them a skill and instead teaching them scamming to ensure they start promoting such work for them.

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