Tesla is Ready to Unveil its Optimus Robot on September 30


Tesla’s team is trying to put its sources into robotics, and they have got a deadline to reveal the human-like robot. The CEO of Tesla introduced the concept of the Optimus robot in 2021 on AI Day.

He said that the idea of the robot was friendly and helped people to avoid physical labour. Elon Musk posted on Twitter about the deadline for the Optimus Robot’s revelation. The company is increasing the plans for robots through planning time and job listings.

There are more than sixty job listings in the Autopilot & Robotics on the Tesla website with titles like Tesla Bot/ Mobile Robotics- Autonomy Internship. The posting says that the company is on to build a path for humanoid bi-pedal robots to automate repetitive tasks for logistics or manufacturers.

Optimus Robot Details You Should Know

Elon Musk’s team in Texas is now working on their ambitious plans to make thousands of humanoid robots known as Optimus robots or Tesla Bot. They want to expand to millions around the world so that people can get help in physical labour. More buzz has been felt since Elon Musk announced the expected deadlines. The company is having more internal meetings on robotics and also the Optimus robot.

The Optimus robot is an illusion of the benevolent and strong leader of the Autobots in the Transformers series. Tesla is facing doubt as their determination to make the robots for factories, homes, and other purposes would justify the expense and effort of their company.

Shaun Azimi, the lead of NASA’s Dexterous, told Reuters that the idea of self-driving cars was not an easy task to accomplish. “Self-driving cars haven’t really proved to be as easy as anyone thought. And it’s the same way with humanoid robots to some extent.” Elon Musk promised 1 million robotaxis by 2020 at an ‘Autonomy’ in 2019.

Goals of Optimus Robot

The new robot by Tesla Optimus robots has goals to serve the industry and will be in firms’ personal factories. Elon Musk also said in a TED speech that Optimus robots will be reachable to all purchasers worldwide. The thousands of Optimus machines were initially performing terrible jobs, but later, the envision got better.

In the future, the Tesla Bots and Optimus robots will take tough roles and make the transition to the mass client market. These Optimus robots will be used as assistance to serve to cook food, care for aged people or mow the garden.

Elon Musk has also talked about the potential of the Optimus robot like buddies and serving people. When people asked Elon Musk about the robots as romantic partners, he stated that they might make a robotic catgirl. It’s most likely inevitable. I imply I did promise the web that I’d make catgirls. We may make a robotic catgirl,” Elon Musk stated.

Elon Musk has also stated that the Optimus robot will help increase the income supply. Hopefully, the Optimus robot prototype will be revealed at “AI Day” on September 30.

Still, Elon Musk and worldwide robotization are facing scepticism. Critics doubt whether they will be able to occupy the stage and the robots will reach the factories and houses.

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