World’s First Combined Solar- Hydro Plant


Certain parts of Australia are extremely bright and have a lot of sunlight waiting for the people. It is always a good idea to make the world’s first combined solar-hydro plant in such a place where there is maximum sunlight and also a place that looks forward to betterment, so what can be better than Australia?

Which Company has Taken the Initiative to Make the World’s First Combined Solar-Hydro Plant in Australia?

The company involved in making the world’s first combined solar-hydro plant in Australia is called RayGen Resources. It has gotten massive funding to make the plant which has 3 MW/50 MWh. It is expected to be the first of a kind as per the words of ARENA. It will be costing very less comparatively given that it is actually the largest or at least one of the largest plants in Australia. Energy giant AGL is on board and checking if the route towards completing the project is undertaken correctly by the Liddell facility which is soon to retire. 

What is the Process of Creating the World’s First Combined Solar-Hydro Plant in Australia?

There is a green paddock that was done the work of building 1092 heliostats and these have mirrors that are catching the sunlight and are focusing on four towers. The sun shines and there is too much brightness from the collectors to even be seen, the heat when it is at its maximum can even go to the point of steel melting. 

The towers have very expensive solar modules which will create power out of sunlight.

What Are The Different Points of Views About the World’s First Combined Solar-Hydro Plant in Australia?

“It’s two-for-one. You make a lot of electricity and a lot of heat,” says Lasich, RayGen’s founder. “You’re selling power in the middle of the day when prices are rubbish and the grid is congested,” says Mosley, RayGen’s chief commercial officer. “You cannot right now run a grid off green energy. We would see that happening globally if you could”.

“As we get a system that has more and more solar in it, the case for alternatives that have somewhat different characteristics that can balance out the role of solar becomes stronger,” said Quiggin who is an experienced economist at the University of Queensland.

Solar energy in the form of the world’s first combined Solar-Hydro Plant in Australia is showing to be a promising one and people are looking forward to this given that everything turns out as it is planned to turn out in the first place. This means that a lot will be going into the planning and many people and different companies may be involved in the execution. Solar energy is about to become a hit when it comes to the world with the bills going way up high, people are looking forward to feeling better about their choices by choosing solar over bills. Let us see how Australia manages this.

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