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Hermes has been reaching milestones when it comes to being the fashion guru in the industry. However, it is now testing new waters by entering Web3. It has filed an application for a trademark that covers NFTs, known as non-fungible tokens. It also covers Metaverse and cryptocurrencies. A complete flip from what Hermes is known for, but excited aren’t we?

Trademarks acquired for Hermes Plans for Metaverse

The trademark covers downloadable software to store, manage and view NFTs, cryptocurrencies, digital collectibles, virtual goods, etc. Hermes is now a trademark holder for the featuring of virtual goods and retail store services in general.

Hermes has decided to do online shows in a virtual reality environment. These trade and fashion shows will be one of a kind and will be easier to manage in today’s times when people are still struggling with the idea of living in the fear of COVID-19 being spread. This provides a safer environment for fashion lovers. Hermes is looking forward to bringing a different experience to its loyal clients.

How Will Hermes Plans for Metaverse be in Favor of Luxury Brands Around the World?

Hermes’s plans for Metaverse will hundred percent be great for the fashion world and luxury brands involved in the fashion world because it makes fashion go global in a more realistic way.

However, what is there to note is that Hermes is not the first one to enter the world of technology and in fact, prior to Hermes taking this step, there was a fashion week that implemented this tactic. The Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week took place in the start of 2022 and it consisted of virtual runways, which saw brands such as Elie Saab, Estée Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, and Etro participate.

Future of Sales Boost Resulting from Hermes plans for Metaverse

Dune Analytics has said that brands on top such as Gucci, Nike, etc have made sales worth $300 from NFTs. There is now quite a chance that there will be an immense boost in sales for Hermes as well. Hermes is already leading its way in the fashion world. 

It is predicted there will be a boost resulting from Hermes plans for Metaverse. Metaverse has got to be the new upcoming realization that everyone is having all at once!

Hermes being a leader in the fashion industry and rare models of the auto industry will surely boost up the think tank to lay out the Hermes plans for Metaverse.

Fashion and Metaverse

Now Fashion has become borderless with time as clearly there is so much of a presence through Metaverse that there are fewer physical limitations which previously used to be an issue for everyone. 

This way there can be more exploration. Fashion is generally limitless and the physical boundaries earlier were making it very difficult for brands to keep up with the kind of demand that there was, because being in different places at the same time is possible. However, with virtual reality, fashion is everywhere and becoming more and more accessible.

Fashion and technology are both essential parts of the world and when they combine, then it becomes even more interesting because each benefits the other in a perfect manner. Therefore such merging should be essential and one should encourage these kinds of combinations. At the end of the day fashion is something the world cannot live without, and technology is also taking over more and more day by day. This is great that now that the two have combined fashion lovers can also become technology lovers and vice versa. Hermes plans for metaverse also helps the junction much more than expected.


Q. Is Hermes expensive?

Yes, Hermes is generally expensive and is considered a luxury brand. However, it still has a very strong base. $8,500 to over $300,000 should be the price range one should be expecting when buying a Hermes bag.

Q. Is Hermes entering Metaverse because it is trending?

It could be the case because definitely Hermes likes to follow the trend as that is what Hermes is all about. It is a fashion brand after all and it likes to be up to date with trends when it should be.

Q. Are Hermes and Meta partnering up?

No they are not partnering up. Hermes is entering the Metaverse world separately and Meta has nothing to do with it. Meta is creating it’s own VR headset these days, called Project Cambria.

Q. Should Hermes start making different types of bags?

Well, the public seems to be liking the way Hermes is handling their fashion so there is so far no demand for them making different types of bags. Their totes are highly loved.

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