Meta VR Headset: All Set to Launch on October 11th


Meta does not shy away from making important announcements sooner than later. The new announcement has VR fans at the edge of their seats, as they cannot wait for the new headset to be introduced by Meta soon. Meta is uncovering its much-awaited and high-end headset on the 11th of October later this year, sharp at 1 PM ET. The company, which was previously called Facebook, seems ecstatic to introduce the headset to the world. This is the official date and time launched for the Meta VR headset.

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, confirmed in August last month that the Meta VR headset is in the final stages. He again verified his claims by posting a picture on Tuesday which fully brought in the realization that a new high-end headset will soon be on the market. He was seen trying out the Meta VR headset experience with the headset, which is called Project Cambria. There are high expectations from the headset and people are thrilled with the announcement.

Features of the Meta VR headset

As per the CEO, there will be facial and eye tracking included in the headset. It will also include a color passthrough. The graphics will be quite close to reality and there will be a new world the headset could offer its users. 

Users are looking forward to seeing what Meta has to offer with the upcoming launch. Mr. Zuckerberg said, “When you’re on a video call you don’t actually feel like you’re there with the person. To me, what virtual reality unlocks is that it really convinces your brain that you’re there [in person]”.

Who will the Meta VR headset cater to?

The headset will be catering to the businessman more than it will cater to the student or the gamer however at the same time the point remains that it can be used by all, who have a Meta VR headset. The CEO has an emphasis on “social presence” and believes that this is about connecting people. This is about ensuring that presence is given despite there being no physical connection there. This really is the future!

Comparison to Oculus Quest 2 (in price, in features)

The new Meta VR headset’s screen will definitely have a higher resolution than the Oculus Quest 2. However, there will be a definite difference in price as well due to the difference in features. The Oculus Quest 2 is $399.99. Whereas, the price of the Meta VR headset is rumored to be higher and at least $800, even though the exact amount is yet not disclosed. With the prices of Oculus Quest 2 going higher, there is a chance the price of Cambria will go high too. 

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However, in comparison to Horizon, the two devices mentioned above will be more popular. Horizon Worlds, the metaverse app of the company, has received criticism over its quality of graphics earlier. Zuckerberg is looking forward to giving users a better and more thoroughly created experience this time around.

The conference on October 11th

The conference will be revealing more important news related to the Meta VR headset, which is currently the topic of discussion among technology lovers. Technology has now become so interesting that people seem to be finding themselves looking for new and better headsets and experiences. This year is seeing more technological successes than ever before.


     Q. How much is Meta worth?

  1. Meta is worth $444.41B. It has a huge client base. The company started with Facebook and has now ventured into multiple other businesses. It is earning through massive profits and is now looking forward to expanding itself further.

     Q.  How can I contact Meta?

  1. You can contact Meta through these numbers 1 (855) 879-3967 (U.S.) 1 (781) 575-4340 (non-U.S.). Meta is quite active with its customer service and remains to be loyal to its clients in terms of responses. So one can always reach them on these numbers.

     Q.  Does Meta stand for something?

  1. Yes, it definitely stands for something. It stands for the most effective tactics available. Most people do not know this and they believe that it is just a word whereas it has a complete meaning which is quite related to the company’s work. Facebook , Instagram and Whatsapp are now under the name of Meta.

     Q.  Is Facebook now Meta?

  1. Yes, Facebook and Instagram are now Meta. It is less known as Facebook now and the company has changed its name in order to expand itself further. Mark Zuckerberg is looking to explore virtual reality with this new name.
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