Google’s Acquisition of Mandiant Completes, Worth $5.4 Billion


Google has struggled to improve its security for a long time and has been dealing with Mandiant to acquire it. In March, this deal was disclosed, and started the acquisition process, as Google is to be through several different processes and permissions.

After getting permission from the Department of justice and foreign regulators, google continued the process, and now it is disclosed that the acquisition has ended.

Both Google and Mandiant have a deep history of dedicating themselves to set the standard for security in their respective industries. Google has developed several of the most advanced and safest computer infrastructures over the last two decades.

These innovative security features are available to Cloud Based customers and partners, including state-of-the-art thre­­at intelligence, zero-trust architecture, and global-scale analytics for security services.

Mandiant is recognized for offering exceptional frontline experience.

It is an industry-leading advanced threat and is a recognized first response to the world’s major cybersecurity events. Mandiant’s services are well-known for assisting major businesses and organizations in 22 countries in preparing for and responding to cybersecurity crises.

In the announcement of the closing acquisition worth $5.4 billion, the CEO of Thomas says, “The completion of this acquisition will enable us to deliver a comprehensive and best-in-class cybersecurity solution.

We believe this acquisition creates incredible value for our customers and the security industry. G-Cloud and Mandiant will help reinvent how organizations protect themselves and detect and respond to threats.”

According to the CEO of Mandiant, “Combining our 18 years of threat intelligence and incident response experience with G-Cloud’s security expertise presents an incredible opportunity to deliver with the speed and scale that the security industry needs.

Mandiant is driven by a mission to make every organization secure from cyber threats and confident in their readiness.”

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Analyst’s opinion on Google and Mandiant acquisition

Neil MacDonald, a Gartner analyst who keeps a close eye on the cloud security market, concludes that the company is putting together a solid security operation thanks to this year’s purchase of Siemplify.

According to MacDonald, “the Mandiant acquisition is yet another clear indication that Google has been serious about growing revenue in its division — which is a part of G-Cloud business unit.”

He continued by saying that the purchase will help the firm’s security case, particularly with prospective clients who may be wary of moving sensitive data to the cloud.

“By enhancing its security skills and brand recognition as a security provider, Google also gains by removing security as an obstacle to the use of GCP.”

Google Acquisition and Maindant Brief History

Mandiant has made its second significant organizational transition in a little over a year due to this purchase.

Last June, Mandiant and FireEye revealed a separation that resulted in selling a FireEye product line and brand to private equity company Symphony Tech Group for $1.2 billion. This split reversed FireEye’s purchase of Mandiant in 2014.

An email sent to Mandiant employees by the CEO indulges as “G-Cloud recognizes the capabilities Team Mandiant offers and appreciates the unique approach we bring to today’s cyber security battle.

They see an opportunity to embrace and invest in what we have created to help advance their commitment to making the world safer.”

We can sum up in a way that google is very serious about security, especially cloud security. It has been trying to improve it for a long, and its acquiring mandate is one of the initiatives that shows that google is quite serious about its cloud security.

Just for security, it signed a $5.4 billion deal with Mandiant, among the highest deals made for online or cloud security purposes.

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