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Harvard engineers have developed a solid state battery of high reliability. The lab of Xin Li, an Associate Professor of Materials Science at Harvard’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, has some dedicated engineers who have spent quite some time developing a solid state battery. A solid state battery is quite efficient and can be charged in less than five minutes (three minutes, to be precise). It also has the capability of 10,000-lifetime cycles alongside the charging convenience.

This has received a grant from Harvard’s Office of Technology Development for Li’s startup Adden Energy, Inc., and is exclusive in nature. This can create cells with better reliable performances and is helpful for the future of electric vehicles.

The Work that went behind the Making of Solid State Battery

Li, Fred Hu, William Fitzhugh, and Luhan Ye were the founders of Adden Energy. This was a great startup and a great effort. “If you want to electrify vehicles, a solid state battery is a way to go; we set out to commercialize this technology because we see our technology as unique compared to other solid state batteries. We have achieved 5,000 to 10,000 charge cycles in the lab in a battery’s lifetime, compared with 2,000 to 3,000 charging cycles for even the best in class now, and we don’t see any fundamental limit to scaling up our battery technology. That could be a game changer”, said one of the founders. 

“Electric vehicles cannot remain a luxury fashion, literally the ‘one percent of vehicles on the road, if we are to progress toward a clean energy future, and the U.S. won’t have a used-car market if EV batteries last only 3 to 5 years. Technology needs to be accessible to everyone. As we’re doing here, extending the lifetime of the batteries is an important part of that,” Li said.

How is a Solid State Battery useful in the Future, and who is looking forward to it?

Such batteries save a lot of time as they have more durability, making it easier for users to find their way into a world of relief. There is no fear that the battery may just stop working; it gives further stability. The high thermal stability makes it better for the future and adds a perfect combination for the next generation. One can easily say that the functional applications are much better than the rest.

Tesla is currently working on a solid-state battery solution, and this may come as a surprise to some. Still, it is no hidden fact that clearly Elon Musk is focused on bringing the best to the people in terms of future-friendly technology. Therefore, the future seems to be here already for sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you make your batteries last longer?

Batteries can last much longer when properly used and not overly burned out. Burning out means that your battery is overused and overheated. Keep it cool and steady as that will surely increase its life. Once you see the warning signs, it is better to either get your battery fixed or replace it because one should not take risks when it comes to vehicles.

What are the signs that your battery is slowly dying?

Your battery may become worse if there are signs that it is about to turn bad; for example, it becomes sluggish. Often in the morning, you have to keep trying to start your car, but it does not work. This is a sign that your car is not working well due to battery issues. There will be inconsistency in the starting of your vehicle.

Does Harvard do research?

Yes, and Harvard supports research to the point that it arranges to fund as well because the point of Harvard is to educate the masses fully. Education is fully done by certain research and forming a better group of researchers focused on resolving an issue related to the future. There will always be a good and a point of view, and Harvard tries to assess and see both.

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