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Can I Play Games on a Non gaming Laptop? Get To Know About All the Games You Can Play


What a great time to be a gamer when you have all the technology maxed out to deliver you the best of both worlds. Gaming has become a proper profession and more influx of audience is dropping as well. Gaming laptops and gaming PCs have seen a great change in the design, hardware, and overall build quality. This blog will surely give you the right direction regarding playing games on a non gaming laptop.

Games of this new era have become so engulfed with graphics that forced the gamers to adopt the change. But if you are stuck with your conventional linear laptop then we got you covered. We have prepared a proper guide just for you guys to just answer your simple question “Can I play games on a normal laptop?” 

The conventional laptop is all about the CPU and RAM while a gaming laptop is a different section of laptops. If you are a gaming fan and want to explore the world of gaming then we got you covered in this article. Our experts have researched the whole internet just to bring the games which can be played on your normal laptop. So sit tight and get your gaming mojo on!

We have listed down some of the amazing games which you can play on your non gaming laptop.

Games Just for You

Here is the list of games that our experts have properly researched and which will suffice your gaming appetite. All of these games have all the quirks and features which you guys want from the gaming. This list of games will get installed on your device without any hassle and will run smoothly under the medium settings.

Games for normal LaptopGame DeveloperBuy it!
Unreal GoldEpic GamesGOG
SteamWorld HeistSteamSteam
Diaries of Spaceport JanitorSteamSteam
Fallout: New VegasSteamSteam
Scythe: Digital EditionSteamSteam
SkyrimBethsada Game StudiosAmazon
FortniteEpic GamesFree Download
Need For Speed: UndergroundEAAmazon
Tomb RaiderCore DesignsAmazon

Tips and Tricks to Start Gaming

So, above is  the list of games that can be played on your simple conventional laptop. Here are some of the few tips our experts have gathered just to start the gaming adventure on your normal laptop.

Onboard Integrated Graphics

A pure gaming laptop and a gaming PC have the best combination of a powerful CPU along with a dedicated GPU as well. This deadly combination gives them the boost to tackle any difficult task ahead of them. 

Now for in your case, conventional laptops have a modest CPU from Intel and AMD house, they lag the presence of dedicated GPU instead these conventional devices come equipped with integrated Graphics Cards. These integrated GPUs have the muscle power for sure to tackle all the previous generation gaming. These integrated graphics will surely help you alot to play games on a non gaming laptops

Gaming is not all about having the perfect high-priced GPU and CPU installed on your device when you can experience it with simple intelligence. Many of the games are out there which can be installed perfectly on your device without any error and can be played under medium settings to give you the bang for your bucks. Integrated Graphics from Intel and AMD are quite capable of delivering you the moon under modest resolution.

Tweaking with the Settings

Let’s be honest you don’t have the urge for high-end graphics. When you have accepted this fact, then there are a few simple steps you need to follow to play all the games you want on your normal laptop. After you have successfully installed the game, go to the in-game settings and lower down the res and fps for the gameplay so that you don’t overload your integrated GPU. This simple step will cost you nothing and you will have a smooth, streamlined, and lag-free gaming experience overall.

This simple tweaking with the graphics of your desired game is a gateway to perfect gameplay. This step opens up a gate for all the games that you can easily install on your device and have great gameplay in the end. Higher fps and anti-aliasing features will lower the overall pace of the game on your device and should be dealt with care for fluent gameplay.

With these simple tweaks and alterations you can always enjoy games on a non gaming laptop for quite a long time.

Update Your laptop

Updating your device with time will surely your gaming experience. A laptop with its drivers not updated will never be able to deliver you the best results. Integrated drivers from Intel and AMD in your device must be updated from proper sources. Your operating system whether it might be a Windows/Mac should definitely be updated as well.

These are some of the few tips and tricks which are of gold dust importance to play games on your normal laptop. So now let’s start the discussion about the games which you can play on your device without breaking a sweat.

List of Games on a Non gaming Laptop

Here is the list of games which our experts have carefully curated just for your ease and leisure. So sit tight and immerse yourself in the gaming world with our detailed description.

Unreal Gold

A shooting game of its era with terrific gameplay. This game is considered to be the flag bearer for all the shooting games out there. The employment of Unreal Engine from the developer back in those days is a perfect example. With a range of 47 missions for a player to have the experience of ultimate gaming. This game will get installed and run smoothly on your device for sure and here are the system requirements for this game:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows/Mac Supported
  • Minimum processor of 1GHz
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 3D-Graphics Card enabled
  • 200 MB of storage space

SteamWorld Heist

A great game for your laptop indeed. Amazing gameplay, visual graphics, and bouncing of bullets and lasers from the walls make this game very interesting and immersive. Overall characters and story of this game are quite interesting as well. Installation of this game is quite simple and does not require any external assistance at all. 

It’s a perfect example of what you can play and have the same gaming experience as others with a gaming laptop or a gaming PC instead. Here are the system requirements for this game:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows/Mac supported
  • Minimum processor with 2GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • Intel HD graphics supported
  • 320 MB storage space

Diaries of Spaceport Janitor

An open-world gaming experience for you guys. This game is quite addictive and lets you explore the spaceport with different characters inside of it. This game is all about collecting the trash distributed among the spaceport and you have the purpose of collecting it for incineration purposes. The overall feel and vibe of this game are quite retro and quite like Minecraft as well. This game lets you explore the bazaar collect stuff and clean the whole area. The title of this game explains itself quite clearly. This game will work great on your simple laptop and here are its system requirements:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows/Mac supported
  • Dual Core Intel/ AMD Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • AMD Radeon HD graphics
  • 512 MB storage space

Fallout: New Vegas

A single-player game for shooting game enthusiasts. This game holds high prestige among professional gamers. This game revolves around the sin city Las Vegas, under the devastation of the nuclear fallout and you have to protect yourselves from everything else. Multiple missions with immersive details and addictive gameplay wait for you. This game lets you hang in there for hours in your seat. Developers for this game have meticulously designed the gameplay for maximum involvement of the player. This can be installed and played on your normal laptop here are the specs required for this game:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows/Mac supported
  • Dual-Core Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce graphic card
  • 10 GB storage space

Scythe: Digital Edition

A great game from Steam that lets you vibe deep into the 20’s era. This game hovers around the aftermath of the first world war and everyone is out there to conquer the mainlands to show dominance. There are 5 houses in this game with their skins and fighting style. Mechs war machines help you to win the operation and conquer the land for your house. Addictive gameplay with decent graphics as well. This game lets you design and customize your character as well. Strategies play an important role in winning the war overall.

Here are the minimum requirements for a laptop to experience this gaming adventure:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows/Mac supported
  • Dual-Core Processor with 3 GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • Intel HD graphics
  • 2 GB storage space


One of the great RPG open-world games of its time. More than 10 years have been passed since the release of the game from the Bethesda studios. This game lets you complete the quests to go through the whole story with excellent graphics and storyline as well. You get to select and customize skin variants. This game had the best graphics of its time and the whole story is so immersive lets you feel the whole scenes experience to another level. Here are the system requirements for this game:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows/Mac supported
  • Quad-Core Intel/ AMD processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • Intel/AMD integrated graphics supported
  • 6 GB storage space


A great game that has taken the world with its awesome gameplay and open-world interaction. Games of this genre have been the talk of every gamer and everyone wants to immerse themselves in it. The huge variety of skins and amo lets you play the game with joy and adventure at the same time. Epic Games studio has excellently established this game in the community and made it much easy to install and play on any device. Most of the gaming channels of the gamers have generated a huge amount of young audience with Fortnite gameplay videos.

Here are the system requirements for this awesome game:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows/Mac supported
  • Intel Core i3 with 3300 MHz processing speed
  • 4GB RAM
  • Intel/AMD integrated graphics supported
  • 16 GB storage space
A Fun fact:Fortnite is one of the best games out there for amatuer gamers, a guy named Bugha won $3 million at the Fortnite world cup.

Need For Speed: Underground

A great game that lives up to the legacy of the family. Every gamer of this world has gone through the phase of playing Need for Speed in their life. This racing game has always been the dream of every racing enthusiast. This game has involved so many graphics and the overall feel of this gameplay is quite amazing and realistic. Nfs underground has a special place in the hearts of the gamers that is why this is on our list of games from our experts. Here is the list of minimum requirements for this game:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows/Mac supported
  • Intel / AMD
  • 128MB RAM
  • Graphics enabled
  • 2 GB storage space

Tomb Raider

A great adventure game from a respectable house of Core Design. This game is equipped with excellent graphics and all the quests have been infused with the immersiveness that the player interacts with the environment as well. Many missions in the game involve the player to another level with the whole gameplay and interactiveness. This game holds a high value among gamers. Here are the system requirements for this game:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows/Mac supported
  • Intel / AMD
  • 4GB RAM
  • Integrated Graphics
  • 12 GB storage space

Techywired Final Verdict

Now we have to the end of this guide and we hope that we have properly answered your question of “Can I play games on a normal laptop”? Well, our experts have mentioned all the quirks and bits required for any normal laptop in order to play the games of your choice. 

Our experts have created a list of games as well which can be played on your normal laptop. This list of games involves all the genres of gaming and helps to deliver the same gaming experience as you get with your gaming PC, yet with your customary laptop.


What happens if you play games on a non gaming laptop?

Nothing alarming happens when you start gaming on a normal laptop. But there will be a slight drop in the overall frame rate and games will run on low and medium graphics.

Can I Play High-end Games on a non gaming laptop?

No, you cannot simply play high-end games on your non gaming laptop. All of such big game titles require quite a lot of specs such as premium GPU, CPU and high value RAM.

Do Gaming Laptops overheat?

Yes, gaming laptops do overheat as gaming is high intensity tasks and all the equipment are working at their optimum settings for seamless gameplay. Gaming laptops have dedicated air flow channels and cooling mechanisms as well in order to maintain a moderate temperature.

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