Are Wired Keyboards Good for Gaming? Best Advice


In order to perform well in games, you’ll surely need a gaming keyboard. There are a variety of gaming keyboards to choose from. Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, are primarily used for gaming. Furthermore, gaming keyboards can be both connected and wireless. However, the majority of gaming keyboards are wired.

As a result, you may keep this specific question when shopping for a gaming keyboard. Why should gaming keyboards have to be wired? Is it possible to game with a wired keyboard? So no need to rush since we’ll address these questions, as well as everything else you need to know about this topic, today. So lets get straight to the question are wired keyboards good for gaming or not?

However, wireless technology has progressed significantly and can now compete with their wired equivalents in terms of performance. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your own gaming demands and, of course, your bank account.

Therefore, look at the following entire content of this post so that you can decide whether a wired or wireless keyboard is preferable for gaming or desk jobs.

Tips on How to clean your gaming keyboardUse a proper microfiber cloth for the cleaning purpose.Employ a small but efficient vacuum cleaner which will remove all the dirt effortlessly.Monthly cleaning procedure should be followed for a clean gaming keyboard.

Why is there a Wire with Gaming Keyboard?

The polling speeds are faster and the input lag is lower with wired keyboards. Wired mechanical keyboards are among the best-performing gaming keyboards. A wired keyboard is the way to go if you don’t want to worry with latency, interruption, or battery life.

The vast majority of gamers who aren’t worried about cords in their system utilize a wired gaming keyboard. 

Although wireless keyboards can save you money by removing the cord, they take up space of your personal gaming furniture.  Furthermore, wireless technology was susceptible to interference and, of course, ran out of battery. But things have changed quite a lot as we are moving forward in the years of technology.

Pros of Wired Gaming Keyboards

Here is the list of pros of acquiring a gaming keyboard for your gaming rig.


The advantage of using a wired keyboard is its robustness. There’s really no reason to believe that, unlike with the wireless alternative, there’ll ever be any form of interference. Despite the fact that wireless technology has evolved significantly, I nonetheless believe that cable is ahead in quality of handling the latency issues. but we still give this thought to the wired gaming keyboard.. 

Price & Build Quality

Another advantage of using a wired keyboard would be that, because these keyboards were there at the start of the whole scene, manufacturers have refined the aesthetic and design with time. Designers have the ample amount of time  to figure out how to save money while still giving the consumer a well-designed keyboard at a cheap cost. As a result, I believe the wired keyboard is the real winner in the overall build quality and price tag.

Cons of Wired Keyboard

So let’s just move on to the most noticeable cons of the wired gaming keyboards: 

Accept the Cord

A major downside of the cable keyboard is that if God forbid some kind of accident happens and they do occur, and your precious little cord that connects the keyboard to the computer, gets damaged somehow you have to buy a new one. This major con seriously damages the whole scenario of your gaming vibe and routine. Buying a new one is the ultimate solution to this problem.

Limited Motion

The basic disadvantage of having a wired keyboard is the limited mobility and you can never enjoy gaming on your couch. Nowadays games are being played in every age group and sticking to a chair is not possible for all of them. So lets be honest and fair about it you got limited motion back of your mind always.

So now we have established the pros and cons of the wired gaming keyboard. Let’s grab the wireless keyboard and explore the pros and cons of acquiring a wireless gaming keyboard.

Pros of Wireless gaming keyboard

Here are some of the main advantages of the wireless gaming keyboard. Our experts have gathered the best benefits just for you guys so that you may have a crystal clear intent.


The portability is one of the main advantages of utilizing a wireless keyboard. If you’re going on a trip, you can easily transfer the keyboard from room to room or carry it with you. There is a list of reasons which is why you need to get one of these wireless gaming keyboards.

Easy to use

Wireless keyboard whether its gaming or not lets you experience the ease and portability at its best. You can move around the whole domain of your gaming setup by laying on the couch and gaming through your big HD screen. You can always employ your wireless keyboard with your TV screen as well to hop around apps and perform all the necessary functions quite leisurely. 

Cons of a Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Now that we have established some of the pros of the wireless gaming keyboard, let’s just dive into the world of wireless gaming keyboards.

Low Battery Life

The wireless gaming keyboard also has a disadvantage in terms of battery life. Most of the wireless gaming keyboards come equipped with a battery pack which supports the whole RGB functioning keyboard. Rechargeable batteries lasting upto 5 hours in these wireless gaming keyboards. Most of the brands have updated this cycle for battery for more than 6 hours but still there is a long way to go.

High Latency

Gamers of this era are highly competitive and want everything to be best around themselves. Performance does get affected when you don’t have the proper set of gears around yourself to accelerate during the gaming adventures. Gaming while using wireless technology holds a few bumps which are latency and lag. When distance gets increased between a gaming PC and wireless keyboard from a modest manufacturer then there is a huge probability of having high latency issues.

The Overall Price factor

When we are discussing wireless gaming keyboards then we have to address the elephant in the room which is the “price tag” of these tech marvels. Let’s be honest about it, you are going to spend on something else than a keyboard for your gaming passion. Wireless gaming keyboards do have the best specs out there but when the budget comes into the scene everything gets changed momentarily. Wired gaming keyboards are easy to grasp and have a huge variety under modest budget which is the simple truth.

Final Verdict: Techywired

It is a true fact for the gamers that wired gaming keyboards are best for gaming. As our previous heading leads to the conclusion of having the budget of acquiring a wireless gaming keyboard. Wired gaming keyboards have all the features of the new generation of peripherals but nowadays as twitch and steam have become a powerful platform for all of these gamers they need to maintain a profile. All of these blingy and colorful peripherals are out there to make a strong statement among their fans.

It is entirely up to the gamer to choose between a wired or a wireless gaming keyboard. Both of these keyboards have their own pros and cons at the same time but it all rests on your personal preference. If you guys want the freedom and want to play the games quite leisurely and have all the quirks and features of the latest tech wear then wireless gaming keyboard. If not, then acquiring a conventional wired gaming keyboard will be the solution to your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wired keyboards better for gaming or wireless?

Yes, wired keyboards are better for gaming as there is no lag and latency error with them. Wireless gaming keyboards have the quirks and features of all the latest tech but this technology still requires to gain the trust of the gamers in the future.

Do pro gamers use wired or wireless keyboards?

Professional gamers have laid their trust on the wired keyboards rather than wireless keyboards. Wired keyboards have trust and performance with no lag and high latency error which is the reason why professional gamers have laid their trust on these wired keyboards.

Are wireless keyboards as fast as wired?

Wireless keyboards work pretty well when used in the vicinity of the gaming rig, the distance between the gaming PC and wireless keyboard induce latency and lag errors within gaming.

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